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Highly recommend
October 28 | 2015
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I promised to write this review 2 years ago, and because they did such an amazing job and I got into business school, I am just now finding the time to do so (fellow grad schoolers will understand)! I literally would not have gotten into any of my chosen schools without Stratus Prep. GMAT coaching with Jim helped me raise my score by 100 points, and Shawn and Samantha were enormous aids, helping me focus and articulate my goals and providing an actionable roadmap to reach them. They are very knowledgeable about the particulars of the application process as well as the unique personalities of each school, and are both supportive and honest, which is important during what can be an emotional process. While in retrospect I probably did not need to purchase a multi-school package, as I am a strong essay writer, the peace of mind of knowing I had someone to answer all of my questions at any time was invaluable (none of the attendant guilt of constantly bothering friends), and I do not regret spending the money. Thanks, Stratus Prep team!

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