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Great help!
December 27 | 2016
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I decided to work with Aringo after I talked to several admission consulting firms and almost all of them gave me hints that I "should consider executive or evening MBA program" as I have "over 8 years of experience". Michelle from Aringo was very friendly and after a great 30-min free consultation we agreed to work together. I am very glad I worked with Aringo, as I applied to three schools and was accepted to all three. Two of them gave me a scholarship. I decided to buy 10 hours package from Aringo and I was in control of how we are spending those 10 hours. I was paired with consultant and he really helped me to think about very important questions and be ready to write them in the essays as well as tell those stories during my interviews. He always gave me food for though and it helped me to dig dipper and to differentiate myself during application process. I highly recommend Aringo if you are about to apply for a business school!

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