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  • 13 recorded video sessions featuring comprehensive instruction on every aspect of the GMAT 
  •  5,000+ practice questions 9 full-length computer adaptive tests (CATs) featuring full-length, scored Integrated Reasoning sections 
  •  160+ total hours of instruction and practice 
  • Only Kaplan offers the Official Test Day Experience  
  • Comes with the following books: GMAT Premier: Course Book Edition, GMAT Pocket Reference, GMAT Noteboard Booklet and Pen, and Complete Start-to-Finish MBA Admissions Guide
  • 2 hours of one-on-one time with a GMAT expert
  • GMAT Math Foundations - Self-Paced ($299 value)
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GMAT Course Review
Terrible Course
June 07 | 2017
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     By arenddd 0 0
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Location: Online

If you are looking to score above a 700, look elsewhere. The material is incredibly shallow and gives a basic overview of the exam. It is also a lot more expensive than alternative courses and I would not recommend. I started studying with Manhattan which I would definitely recommend, at least over Kaplan.

They do give some material which is helpful, like 9 CAT tests, however there is little support for improving upon what you are getting wrong. A more detailed analysis would be helpful in determining what you should study. I am generally a good test taker, got a 4.0 in college, so I'm not bad at studying. I think the material that Kaplan gives is just not useful. Look elsewhere.

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1 Commented by JenniferAtKaplan on June 17, 2017
Hi, arenddd. I'm sorry you are not satisfied with your Kaplan course. We measure our success by our students' success and take feedback like this very seriously. I want to make sure you are fully aware of the resources available to you and the options available to continue to raise your score and get your full value from your Kaplan course. Your CATs give you a breakdown of the content areas and question types you should focus on to improve your performance. Each CAT includes a full explanation of every question, as do the Qbank and all course sessions. Your course includes access to both live and recorded episodes of the GMAT Channel, each of which is designed to dive deeper into specific content areas. The GMAT Channel also includes sessions specifically designed for harder test content.

In addition to the GMAT Channel, the Self-Paced PLUS course includes the opportunity to take a full-length Kaplan CAT at an actual GMAT testing center. Kaplan's partnership with Pearson VUE lets you have the full GMAT experience -- going through official GMAC check-in and security processes; taking the test in a room with other test takers; and experiencing all of the sights, sounds, and stresses of the actual GMAT -- without worrying about the score. This realistic practice is key to obtaining your very best GMAT score, as there will be no surprises when it actually counts.

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GMAT Course Review
Kaplan GMAT review
July 29 | 2015
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     By harshbinani1 0 0
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Location: Online

Hi - I found the GMAT course offered by Kaplan to be comphrehensive however I think they are overpriced.

The practice exams are not reflective of the actual difficulty level in GMAT exams and I would recommend Manhattan exams over Kaplan

Having said that the course material offered by them is great and covers all aspects very well. The online self study options are also well worked and the tutors I worked with were very helpful and reached out to me on a regular basis to check how I was doing.

Overall I had a great experience with the course offering except the practice exams.

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