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MAC Approved is a trusted advisor to prospective top-tier MBA program candidates  and has helped clients to be admitted into the world’s most elite business schools. Our strength lies in our consultants who are former top-tier MBA program Faculty members, former MBA admissions committee members and all are top-tier MBA program graduates. We allow you the opportunity to speak directly with our top-tier admits.

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Very Happy in the End
August 27 | 2014
4 out of 4 people found the following review helpful
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     By Anonymous 28 8
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Yes - got into all

I worked with Denise, from MAC Approved, during my application process.

While conducting my due diligence on various consulting firms, I was initially disappointed. My first experience was with a representative from another firm. I felt that the call was rushed and that the rep did not truly review my profile before making a judgement on my application's potential success and failure. The representative discouraged me from applying to my top choice and instead attempted to encourage me to make my backup option my top choice. Moreover, the rep suggested a few other alternatives that were much lower ranked and not options I ever considered or would have desired attending. I left this interaction feeling discouraged and began to question my own application success.

I decided to continue looking at other firms, and soon after met Denise and could not have been happier. Denise spent the time reviewing my profile as a whole and spent a significant amount of time discussing my options. Ultimately she encouraged me to apply not only to my initial choices of NYU Stern and Georgetown, but to consider applying to Booth and Kellogg. I was accepted at all the schools in which I applied. Moreover, I was very happy with Denise as a guide through such a stressful process. Denise took the time to really connect with me as an applicant and review every part of my profile. We worked together to brainstorm on ideas and highlight those strengths identified to put my "best foot forward."

For anyone looking to hire an application consultant, I would strongly suggest taking a look at MAC Approved and to work with Denise.

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     By mb001024 0 0

I worked with Denise from MAC Approved during my application process in Fall 2016.

Not only was Denise a wealth of knowledge regarding the MBA application process, but has been a great mentor for me, teaching me skills that I know I will not only bring with me into a graduate program, but to my professional career as well. She was an incredible resource for me during the rigorous application process from start to finish. She is passionate about this work, and it is noticeable the minute you start working with her. She brings this passion, along with a sense of humor and amazing work ethic, and is truly dedicated to every aspect of your application – from information sessions, to essays, to interviews.

My MBA application had its own share of strengths and weaknesses, my weakest point primarily being my GMAT score. Denise helped me to tailor my application to highlight my strengths in other areas – academics, work experience, etc. – so that my application was not overshadowed by that one weaker component. She focuses on every aspect of the application to make sure it is as well-rounded as possible, and I was amazed, very proud, and confident with the final application I submitted with her guidance.

I would highly recommend Denise to anyone who is looking for an admissions consultant who will truly be invested in their success. The amount of care and effort that I experienced was incredible. She has an amazing attention to detail and looks at every part of the application – things you would not even guess schools are looking for. Additionally, her interview preparation will ensure that you are more than prepared for whatever schools may ask you. I can safely say that I was not thrown off or unprepared by any question during my interview – mainly due to the amount of preparation and confidence that Denise instilled in me through intensive mock interviews and preparation. Lastly, Denise’s personality will keep you motivated, optimistic, and confident throughout this process, which is a roller coaster ride and can often be very difficult.

Denise has not only been an admissions consultant for me, but a friend and a mentor that I know I will stay close with in the future. I cannot thank her enough for everything she has done for me. I would highly recommend MAC Approved and Denise Handa to anyone looking for a passionate and invested admissions consultant.

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