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Our Best MBA Admissions Consultants have assisted several 'unconventional' candidates in gaining admission to top MBA schools. Our MBA consulting team has carefully developed the candidate experience to extract the best out of you. We are excited to hear your story and lead you to your dream school. We believe every applicant is unique and has a unique purpose with an MBA. Book a free MBA consultation call with MBA and Beyond.

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June 19, 2022

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Reflective and Effective

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I kick started my application with a tight timeline in R2 because of retaking GMAT. The call with MBA and Beyond gave me confidence when I was so exhausted with GMAT. The process of "self-discovery" guided me to rethink my stories and the hours' calls with Saagar (my consultant) helped me to choose the most convincing stories for the application.

Saagar and the team helped me streamline the process and, most importantly, helped me in a very efficient and effective way esp interview mocks. This was my first application - Saagar's honest feedback when the essays / interviews mock were not well-prepared and encouragement when we improved helped a lot. I then was able to assess where I was and where I should focus on. The experience also indeed helped me re-discover myself and be reflective as a person.

All in all, I got admitted. Thank you team for the help! Would recommend MBA and Beyond.

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June 06, 2022

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The Right Guidance to ace the INSEAD Application

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My focus was on European B Schools and INSEAD in particular and Saagar was one of the only consultants I spoke with that had an in-depth understanding of the nuances of the process in this region. He took time to understand my background, strengths, and goals, and worked with me to narrate a compelling story through my application. He provided insightful and honest feedback and guidance on all aspects of the process from CV building, written essays, and video essays, right up to the interview. He was very prompt in his responses and follow-ups, patiently working on multiple revisions with me. Saagar has been instrumental in my getting successful admits from INSEAD and other top European Business Schools and I would highly recommend him.

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May 23, 2022

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After attending numerous rather dull consulting sessions with a variety of MBA consultants, I stumbled upon MBA & Beyond through GMATClub reviews and decided to give it a shot. My initial session with Paridhi was very structured, she spent an hour just to understand my professional/personal journey along and my professional ambitions, instead of just jumping to my GMAT score and shortlisting schools. By the end of the session, Paridhi gave me a realistic list of schools that suited my goal.

The MBA&B journey structure is incredible. They use a comprehensive and systematic information gathering approach where in a candidate is given a list of questions which require a lot of introspection and thought, this not only helps the mentor/consultant to understand the candidate better but also helps the candidate reveal his/her inner qualities.

Post the content gathering stage, The consultant steps in and analyses the information gathered and creates a strategy framework and a timeline to target school applications. My consultant/mentor, Shweta made sure to define target deadlines for all schools - which helped me focus and tackle each application one at a time.

To start an application, the first step was always to co-brainstorm and understand which aspect of my life would fit well in which question and once an approach was finalised, we went on to create a first draft – This approach helped me introspect and detail each aspect of my life without thinking much about the word limit. Once the first draft was ready, the essays would go through numerous live reviews where Shweta would help me in adding new ideas, editing, and redrawing until a final draft would be ready. The thing that stood out the most was that the consultant was never in a hurry to draft an essay, an essay would only be finalised until Shweta and I both agreed on its quality – Irrespective of the number of reviews an essay had been through.

MBA&B follows a very systematic & sophisticated approach with each of their candidates - Their consultants/mentors go out of their way to help you understand yourself and extract an exciting/interesting story out of your life. None of the sessions have cap time limit, the sessions go on till a consensus is reached and both the candidate and mentor are satisfied.

Lastly, I would recommend MBA & Beyond to any aspiring MBA candidate who wants to get into the school of their choice – As they have helped me get into mine. ( IESE, SDA B & ESADE)

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May 13, 2022

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highly valued help


As I just got admitted to INSEAD, I'd like to share my experience with MBA and Beyond that helped me build my application.
MBA&Beyond tool to enter into your 'self discovery' is very well made and really help to dig into your stories, success, failures, goals etc.
The consultant that worked with me, Saagar, really helped me to structure my thoughts and put the best of me into the application. I found it very difficult to respect the word counts of the essays and Saagar has been very helpful to organize my ideas and summarize them in the essays.
Finally, Saagar gave me very useful tools for the interview process and the many mocks we did together put me in the best condition to pass that exercice.
Thanks to MBA&Beyond I not only got my dream school but also learnt a lot about me and how to highlight the best part of my profil and clarify my goals

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May 11, 2022

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Good Attention and 1-1 counselling


I took their 1 school package and aimed for my most ambitious school (LBS). They helped me work on my applications and essay by connecting me to an LBS student who was able to provide me with a direction for my essay, we took a good 2-3 months to craft my essay and I got constant assistance. They have a beautiful online platform that helps in introspection, (a 5 on 5). Even though I got a rejection from LBS, I am sure we put our best foot forward and I am at peace with the rejection. They were quick to respond to my queries and even extended additional support when I got interviewed at another school.

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May 05, 2022

Joined: Jul 27, 2021

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4 Admits with GMAT Waiver (and scholarships)


I am someone who comes from a non-traditional business background and I did not have any idea about the admission process for US schools. My biggest concern was that I was applying to Top US B-schools with a GMAT waiver. When I tried to reach out to MBA admissions consultants, I was rejected by them as I did not have a GMAT score. But I am glad I found MBA and Beyond in time for getting the guidance and support I needed for my journey.

The most important thing for any consultant is to first believe in the applicant’s story and work together. A few things which set them apart from other consultants in this industry are, that they work with applicants regardless of the filters (Low/no GMAT, low GPA) and bring value to their application through a very unique process through the content gathering phase. This allowed me to look into my own profile through different eyes and my consultant was amazing in navigating through my stories to define my fluid profile.

My consultant had a structured framework for me and that made me feel comfortable as I did not have to burn out during the process. Another important aspect for me was not doing the process by exchanging emails or commenting on a word document. My consultant was always on a zoom call and we brainstormed together, reviewed together, and edited together. This was a huge thing as we always remained in sync to move forward.

The framework is very streamlined and my consultant was great in navigating me through each element of the application one by one without overwhelming me. Also, he was very good at translating my non-business work into a resume and action-based stories which ended up getting me 4 admits from Top US schools with a GMAT waiver along with the 40% scholarship at Ross School of Business.

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May 04, 2022

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Remarkable Experience With A Great Thought Partner

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When I started contemplating my MBA plan, I soon realized that the application journey was a long marathon and I would need support from an experienced runner. Thus, started my hunt for the best consultant who could guide me in the process. I had the following criteria in mind:
1. Admission consultant who has graduated from a top B school and has been through the application journey.
2. Admission consultant recommended by candidates who successfully made it to my dream schools (LBS, INSEAD).
3. Admission consultant following a structured and well thought-out process.

Shantanu and the team fulfilled all the criteria above and beyond (true to their name!). That’s how my application journey started with Shantanu and the team at MBA and Beyond. Right from the first introductory call to the content gathering, essay drafts, mock interview preparation, and scholarship strategy, Shantanu’s feedback was always on point and extremely helpful.

I applied to two schools (LBS and INSEAD) and was very fortunate to receive admits from both schools. Without Shantanu and the team, I wouldn’t have secured such an outstanding outcome. I would wholeheartedly recommend Shantanu and the team to anyone seeking guidance for admission to top business schools around the world.

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April 03, 2022

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An introspective, iterative and ultimately, effective process!


MBA & Beyond has designed an effective multi-stage process that ensured that I reflected deeply on my mission, values and my need to do an MBA. This ultimately also helped in sharpening my choice of schools. Since I was pursuing a second MBA, I had to be doubly-careful in making this choice, and I am happy to state that the first stage of the process helped me in narrowing down my target schools.

In the second stage, I worked with Judy, who was able to guide me with great clarity on the adcom expectations from an MBA essay. Thanks to her suggestions, my answers changed from platitudes to concrete answers that explained my candidacy more holistically. Shantanu's suggestions further sharpened my answers.

Judy and Shantanu also took mock interviews that helped me in understanding opportunity areas for me to work on. With the work that we collectively put in, I have been able to secure an admission into the Stephen M. Ross School of Business.

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March 17, 2022

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Great Experience, Shantanu is an amazing advisor.


When I started my application journey, I thought I could do it on my own using all the material available online but I quickly realized that I needed help. A lot of it.

From the very first session Shantanu and his team did their absolute best in trying to bring out the best in me. From his detailed approach in crating a story to tweaking my Letter of Motivation in a way that will highlight what makes me unique.

Our sessions really helped me discover my own strengths and how to sell them. The "content gathering" process will be helpful for me for a long time.

Shantanu really creates a cordial environment during his sessions and yet manages to push you find more out of you. I couldn't have asked for anything more. I cannot recommend Shantanu and MBA and Beyond enough.

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This reviewer has not participated on GMAT Club but it is a REAL person and a REAL review. GMAT Club has verified this test-taker's identity through GMAC/Pearson Vue Score Reporting system and confirmed that this reviewer indeed took the GMAT, is unique, and has not submitted multiple reviews.
December 02, 2021

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Shantanu, a perfect mentor and friend.


When I was looking out for MBA consultants, the most important consideration for me was that my consultant should provide me with the necessary time and attention throughout my application journey. From personal experience, I know one may feel lonely and de-motivated during the process. You need a mentor and a friend who can guide you. For me that person was Shantanu. I had signed up for MBA & Beyond roughly 5 months before the deadlines. Having sufficient time at my disposal helped follow the structured process of “content gathering” and unravel some of my best stories personally and professionally. According to me, it is the most important step of the application journey and MBA & B’s unique value proposition. Shantanu used to schedule regular calls and provide tasks to be completed before every call – an approach that suited me and helped us to be on-track. A successful “content gathering” process eventually translated to powerful stories that I could use for my essays, LORs, and interviews! MBA & B’s support helped me get my admit at Darden. I would end by sharing a realization I have now that the journey has ended – it’s not all about getting an extremely high GMAT score. Your candidacy is judged on different parameters and GMAT is only one of them. Striking the right balance in all areas is the key.

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