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myEssayReview offers a dedicated, personalized, and affordable consulting service to B-School applicants. With three decades of experience in India and the US, Poonam Tandon, myEssayReview owner, founded this venture in 2011. Since then, Poonam has helped hundreds of students get accepted into their dream schools in the US ( Kellogg, Booth, Darden, Wharton, Haas, Duke, Columbia, Kelley, Emory, Tuck, Yale, Rice, UCLA), in Europe (LBS, HEC, INSEAD, IESE, Oxford, Cambridge, IE, Imperial etc.), and in Asia (ISB, HKUS, NUS).

Poonam has also helped many students get accepted into undergraduate programs, specialized Master's programs and Ph.D. programs. Overall, Poonam has reviewed over 9,000 essays written by students from all over the world. Also, her students have won over $12,536,800 in scholarships.

No matter where you are located, myEssayReview can help you create a stellar application that will earn you admission into your dream school. Learn more about myEssayReview.

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reviewer identity verified by score report
     By PrashantT 0 0
Consultant: Poonam Tandon

 I signed up for myEssayReview after trying a professional advice from another consultant that failed to bring interview call from Oxford.
The journey started with 1-hour brainstorming session based on the material I had prepared. During this hour, I could see alarming gaps in the story I had prepared. Based on her experience, she could isolate the problem areas in my long experienced profile. Along with problems, she also provided valuable advice on forming a relevant and comprehensive account of my story.
The process from thereon was well defined and we took one document at a time, starting with resume, moving on to one essay after another. She has time-tested methodology for conducting material review that makes most of her and the client’s time. It was remarkable to see such professionalism without losing the sight of the goal and gradually moving towards that. She also helped with video pitch and ensured there is no duplication across any material. As a result, I could use the word limit to maximum advantage.
 The best part with her is that she takes most of the pressure out of you so that you can think in a direction and eventually reach that near perfect application that will ensure a call from the college. In order to prepare for interview, Poonam provided valuable suggestions, deep insights on interviewer expectations and also directed to her successful students’ interview experiences.
I applied to Imperial, UK and Mannheim for MBA program, received interview call from both. Thanks to Poonam for giving necessary guidance for putting together the coherent picture of my longer work experience. 
Wish you good luck and great success with MBA applicants.

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reviewer identity verified by score report
     By Param23 3 5
Consultant: Poonam Tandon

Title: I applied only to one school, Kelley, and I received the admit offer last week. Thanks Poonam for all your help.

I signed up for myEssayReview because I was impressed by the positive reviews on the GMAT Club and the quick turnaround times offered by Poonam.

The 1 hour brainstorming session was very productive and eye opening since it highlighted things that I could include in my essay. Since I had only one essay of 500 words, it was challenging to fit all the required information in the essay. However, with Poonam’s expert guidance, we were able to highlight all the relevant information within the prescribed word limit. Additionally, her expert guidance highlighted the right stories, and more importantly, the content within those stories was the highlight of my application experience with her.

Word limit was the most challenging part of the application. With Poonam’s guidance and restructuring suggestions, I was able to trim down my first draft of 1500 words down to final draft of 500 words without losing any key parts of my story and message. Poonam’s qualifications and experience reflects in the services she provides. ‘Less is more is an approach I have learned working with Poonam, and I will employ this in other areas of my life, too. Using this approach, she was able to concisely summarize my essays and LOR.

I had signed up for school package, so Poonam helped me build a strong résumé and edited my letters of recommendations for grammar and structure. Apart from that, she took pains to rewrite the sentence structures wherever necessary, hence conveying the overall message in a concise and relevant manner.

Regarding turnarounds, my case was unique since I was not operating under a deadline. From the start, we had a mutual agreement of not adhering to strict 24-48 hours turnaround time. Despite this agreement, whenever I needed a quick review of something, Poonam never disappointed and provided here expert comments within the timeframe.

Soon, I am going to begin my MBA at Kelley. I am very happy with the services provided, and I would recommend myEssayReview services to the prospective applicants.

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reviewer identity verified by score report
     By GMAT808 0 0
This review is for: myEssayReview Essay Review
Consultant: Poonam Tandon

I, like most MBA applicants, was in the market for an admissions consultant. I explored another consulting service, which was great in its own right, but was over my budget especially for the service I was looking for, which was strictly essay review.

I stumbled upon myEssayReview by reading reviews on GMATClub. Based on all the good reviews, I figured I'd give myEssayReview a try. I contacted Poonam to schedule an initial assessment. During our assessment, she gathered information about my profile and gave me some recommendations on the schools I should work on first. After our assessment, I decided to go with the 2 essay review package.

One of my main takeaways from my interactions with Poonam was how quickly she reviewed and returned my essay back to me. It typically would take her 24-48 hours to follow up with me. Her edits were very thorough, helping me with my syntax, fixing grammatical errors, and helping me choose the most powerful stories and connections based on the essay prompt.

She reviewed each of my essays about three times each, each time tidying up my story and tweaking a little here and there to make sure the final draft was as perfect as possible. She carefully made sure the organization and structure of my essays flowed in a logical manner and trimmed the superfluous "fat" to make them fit the 750 word limit.

Overall, I highly recommend working with Poonam. I can only speak for her essay review services, which was exactly what I was looking for: affordable pricing and high-touch, personalized consultation.

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reviewer identity verified by score report
     By SVTTCGMAT 32 74
Consultant: Poonam Tandon

I would recommend ‘myessayreview’ for anyone who wants to get admission from top business school.
As you all know, after giving the GMAT, the next important step for any B-school admission is the school essays. I initially tried writing some sample essays, and after reading them, i realized I have pretty bad writing skills. I zeroed in on 'myessayreview' after reading all the reviews on Gmat club. Poonam is excellent in editing the essays. I had applied to 7 schools, I got interview invites from 5 schools, and converted two of them into admits (ISB, UW Foster).
We started off by building résumé. Her initial guidelines/ template helped me compose a decent first draft before we started refining/ polishing the résumé. I really liked the way she used different action verbs for each bullet point and focused on the impact I made on my organization. This helped us create a strong résumé that effectively showcased my profile .
We then picked up essays. From the beginning, Poonam’s recommendations helped me to answer exactly what the essay prompt was asking. All her inputs helped me to select the right story for each essay. After working with her, I understood that even though the essay prompts of different schools look similar, they are not. As a first-time applicant, I didn’t think about the flow of the essay. Thanks to her edits/ guidelines, all my essays looked great after her final review.
She is excellent at reducing the word limit of the essay without losing the impact. For some essays, she amazed me by trimming down more than 100 words without sacrificing any essential elements of the story. The turnaround time was always less than 24 hours. I even remember that she refunded part of the fee for one essay as she finalized the essay in only one edit.
Don't expect her to write your essays, but she will guide you at every step of the way and help you submit the best essay. The other advantages of working with Poonam/myessayreview are you will work directly with her and the price for the services is inexpensive compared to all the other admission consulting companies.

I was very happy with her services and the results. Along the way, I improved my writing skills. Thanks for everything, Poonam.

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reviewer identity verified by score report
     By Atomicat 0 0
This review is for: myEssayReview Essay Review
Consultant: Poonam Tandon

I decided to sign up for myEssayReview services because of many reasons. First, Poonam is highly experienced and by choosing myEssayReview I could work directly with her. Secondly, a lot of positive and detailed comments from previous candidates made me feel confident in choosing her. And lastly, the price is reasonable and far less expensive than other consultant companies.

Although my spoken English is not so good, the one-hour session I had with her went along smoothly. We exchanged information about my background/ motivation; Poonam soon drew an outline for the service procedure and timeline of my application, and provided a lot of useful suggestions I have never thought of. She was not only concerned about details but also watchful on big picture. All the guidelines she suggested related closely with my motivations and career goals. Besides, she kept a great balance between the stories. I made a big mistake when drawing outline for the video essay. Poonam soon addressed all the invalidities and helped me improve a lot in the 2nd version. Besides, she gave me very useful tips on improving my first video essay.

I would say, Poonam’s editing is super effective. Poonam can always find ways to trim the essays without affecting the contents. In the final version, we were able to meet all the word-limits with no problem. Poonam corrected my sentence structure punctuation and grammar errors and helped me choose the right words. At first, I felt she is a bit strict but soon realized that it is highly necessary. With her expertise and dedicated revisions, my essays improved significantly, and I was more than satisfied when we had the final version of my essays.

Poonam’s response time is faster than what is mentioned on her website. I could always get the reply very soon, sometimes even within a few hours. Yes, from the beginning to the end she always got back to me on time. That is why we could effectively meet the tight deadline.

I am accepted by my dream school. Tons of thanks Poonam for your consistent help during my application process! As I say it has been my best of luck choosing to work with you, and I would definitely recommend myEssayReview to other candidates.

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reviewer identity verified by school email address
     By CZ 0 0
This review is for: myEssayReview Essay Review
Consultant: Poonam Tandon

I saw a post on FB that recommended MyEssayReview services. After that, I immediately went to the website and saw a bunch of good samples and good reviews. I had a strong intuition about positive outcome the services could provide, so I requested for free consultation meeting.

We had a very strong first discussion, and it solidified my desire to use the services. We spent about 30 minutes on a call and Poonam first introduced herself, and then explained her services and the standard process of essay review. Lastly, she gave me tips and tools to start writing and we reconvened a few days later. The one hour brainstorming session was also very positive. Poonam was able to adjust my thinking to how I would approach each essay. I realized that my initial idea of how to approach the essay was all wrong.

Poonam’s suggestions / pointers were all very straightforward and extremely helpful to follow. Also, each essay I started with a brainstorm, and she quickly pointed me in the right direction and helped me craft a succinct and powerful essay which answered the question in its entirety. The structure and framework help was invaluable; my initial drafts were all over the place and skirted around answering the question. With a few minor adjustments, she brought the essay to life, increased readability, and guided me in the proper direction regarding what needed to be added to fully answer the question.

For editing, I would give her 10 out of 10. Through multiple drafts (6 iterations on my 2nd essay) her advice was invaluable and helped me focus and rethink how I should properly approach the problem (what was working, what wasn’t working). Regarding turnarounds, I was the one who missed the 24 to 48 hour turnaround times which happened a handful of times. She never missed a single one, and they were usually well in advance of the timeline. On average, it was closer to a few hours.

I am extremely happy with the services and would recommend this to anyone who needs guidance with properly formulating an essay. Although I was ecstatic that I was done with the process, it was bittersweet as I thoroughly enjoyed our back and forth iterations and feedback, comments within the documents.

I am accepted by the MBA @UNC. I began classes last month and am really enjoying it. It was great working with you, Poonam! I am very happy I went ahead and used you.

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reviewer identity verified by score report
     By mbajourney1 0 0
This review is for: myEssayReview Essay Review
Consultant: Poonam Tandon

I found Poonam on the web and checked out her sample essays. I typed grad school sample essays online and sample essays on myEssayReview were the first ones that showed up. It was very kind of her to show on website how the applicants should structure their essays. The sample essays made me decide to use Poonam's service. I read one sample and found it very structured and easy to read.

Communication is the key to understand a candidate. The one hour initial skype call met my expectation and helped me think as a writer. Poonam patiently listened to my story to understand my background. She was very quick to response and always in a professional manner. It was very easy to understand her note. She was willing to listen to my feedback and edit until we both were satisfied. I knew there was a problem with my essays but couldn’t figure out quite right. Poonam’s suggestions guided me through my thinking process and helped me with the flow of my essay. Her suggestion of presenting my story in chorological order worked very well.

Despite the fact that we had only five days to meet the deadline, and she was travelling, Poonam really pushed me to finish the application before my deadline. My overall experience of working with her was great. Thank you Poonam for helping me
to get into an MBA program ! Best of luck!

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1 Commented by anchal25 on August 17, 2016
Hi There,
Thanks for the feedback and Congrats for your admission.
If you dont mind, can you share which school you went into with how much Gmat score?
reviewer identity verified by score report
     By Sam700 0 5
Consultant: Poonam Tandon

I first came to know about myEssayReview in a forum of GMAT Club . I went through the testimonials of many people, who were greatly benefited by the services that they received. The success rate was really high and looking at the success stories of people who made it to their dream schools with the help of these services, offered by Poonam ma’am, I found hope. Also, when I went through the profile of Poonam ma’am, I was really impressed and was confident that, I’ll surely be in good hands if I take the help of someone who is so experienced and great at her job, like Poonam ma’am.

I first requested for free consultation meeting. The half hour discussion gave me knowledge about things I didn’t know till then. Poonam ma’am reviewed my resume, provided her honest assessment of my profile and encouraged me to pursue my dream of getting an admission in my dream school. The free consultation was an enriching experience for me.

We started working and Poonam ma’am scheduled a skype call to discuss the essays and résumé. Even though the initial scheduling of skype call didn’t work in my favor due to power cuts at my place, Poonam ma’am was patient with me and re-scheduled the meeting twice. She clarified all my doubts very patiently. Also, this was the time I put my trust completely in Poonam ma’am. I would rate this session as a 5/5 as it really provided me valuable insights.

I had trouble with choosing the right content, as I didn’t have much exposure in writing essays that have an impact. I was scared in the beginning. But Poonam ma’am, very kindly, advised me, encouraged me and boosted my confidence. The sample essays were a great help initially, as they helped me to write the essay in a proper and valid framework. I was not up to the mark in telling my story, Poonam ma’am’s suggestions helped me dig deeper and brainstorm ideas to present an improved draft next time. Poonam ma’am’s edits after every draft transformed my essays into something that spoke for themselves. Whenever I had difficulty in dividing the content into paragraphs, she offered very helpful suggestions and made my essays more effective.

Also, following the word limits was the most difficult part for me. The content which I wrote was always out of the word limit. Poonam ma’am, patiently went through all the details, and then identified the key points that could stay in the essay. The other details were paraphrased very wisely by her, so that all the important details were present in the essay by the end of the editing process.

After the final editing was done, I was really impressed and amazed at the final version of my essay. It was greatly polished with rich vocabulary and proper grammatical sentences. Poonam ma’am did a great job in making the essays more effective and impactful with the right words at the right places, also making sure that the essays were within the word limit. Poonam ma’am never took more than two days for getting back with the edited version and valuable suggestions. The editing process was quick and efficient.

The overall experience with Poonam ma’am was really enlightening and positive. All through the process, I felt that I was in great hands. The help I received is priceless. Throughout the process, Poonam ma’am has been a wonderful coach and a mentor who went above and beyond to ensure my success at my dream school.

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reviewer identity verified by school email address
     By parusrinivasan 0 0
This review is for: myEssayReview Essay Review
Consultant: Poonam Tandon

My husband a Kellogg grad had previously used Poonam's essay review service with success and on his recommendation I decided to also work with Poonam on my essays.

Poonam is extremely organized, professional and knows what this is about. I'm a new mom and Poonam was quite accommodating to my schedule and my limitations. At the same time, she was forceful enough and pushed me to complete the essays within certain deadlines. The best thing about Poonam's service is that she does not "make up" stuff for you. She is highly ethical and helps you write "your" story beautifully, but it is still "yours".

The process was also highly efficient: Poonam sets up an initial call to understand your background and professional history, and then worked via e-mails on the essay drafts. I liked that Poonam made an effort to get to know my background, rather than slot me into a particular profile.

Poonam makes this quite clear, but just wanted to say that this is the right service for you, if you are willing to put in the work. Poonam will not generate the content for you, which is what I liked about her.

Poonam was highly supportive and offered some great insight even though I didn't sign up for the admissions package. I got into both schools I applied to- Kellogg and Berkeley Haas. Thank you Poonam for all your hard work, support and encouragement and sorry about driving you a little mad with my tardiness in keeping to a schedule.

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reviewer identity verified by score report
     By rhari911 3 6
Consultant: Poonam Tandon

myEssayReview was suggested to me by Rajat Sadana of e-Gmat. I wanted to work with someone who understands an Indian applicant especially because my profile is quite different from other Indians’ profiles. Hence myEssayReview became an easier choice.

In the free consultation, Poonam suggested that I should discuss my passion for making the school education more reasoning- based from the current marks -oriented. She also suggested that I should write about ‘Raising a Mathematician’ that I had co-founded to develop research attitude in Math among school students. The half hour call strengthened my conviction to share my teaching experience and my passion for education. I signed up for one school package, and we started working.

In the initial essay draft, I was more concerned about number of words but realized from your comments and suggestions that I had not articulated my story because I was restricting myself due to word count. So in the next draft, I didn’t worry about the number of words. I was surprised to see that she downsized the essay from 890 words to 750 words without compromising on any key details of my story. There was a huge difference between the first draft and the final essay. Final essay has better clarity and brevity. She helped me build a strong resume that showcased my professional accomplishments, voluntary work, and other skills and interests effectively and succinctly. Her guidelines on the LORs were also spot on. Her turnarounds were less than 24 most of the times. In some cases, she reverted to me in a couple of hours. It was quickest near the deadline. I think the turnaround time was amazing considering the different time zone in which I was located.

Poonam is very professional and knows her work extremely well. The essay edits are very thoughtful and command over English makes a lot of difference to the essays. I am very happy to have selected myEssayReview for my application. I am happy to say that I have been accepted into Michigan State University for Ph.D. in Managerial Accounting with full scholarship, good stipend, and an additional scholarship of $ 4000 given to the best incoming student. Thanks, Poonam.

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