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MER (myEssayReview) offers a dedicated, personalized, and affordable consulting service to B-School applicants. With three decades of experience as an English teacher in India and the US, Poonam Tandon, myEssayReview owner, founded this venture in 2011 to provide highly personalized and dedicated consulting services to Business School applicants. Since then, Poonam, a Ph.D. in English, has supported hundreds of students get accepted into top 20 MBA, EMBA, and other Masters programs in the US, Europe, Canada, and Asia. The fact that Poonam is the only admission consultant who does not possess an MBA degree highlights the extent to which her storytelling prowess and commitment to her clients have helped them stand out.

A full-time consultant, Poonam works directly with each client, and to maintain the quality she is known for, she works with only six clients at a time. Since 2011, Poonam has achieved excellent success with her students, and 90% of them have been accepted into the top 20 B-schools. Additionally, her students have received scholarships (30% to 100%) from prestigious schools internationally. See the complete listing here.

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January 24, 2021

Joined: Oct 13, 2017

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700 Q47 V40

Accepted into Haas, Kellogg PT program. Thanks to Poonam of MER


tl;dr version: I worked with Poonam during winter 2020 on three applications, so far I have gotten into two of those schools (Haas and Kellogg) for MBA and awaiting results from Booth. Poonam was insightful, encouraging, and disciplined in her approach towards bringing out the authenticity and originality in my story within set deadlines. A master of her craft, she was uncompromising on the quality of output and I would gladly recommend her to any prospective MBA student aiming at the world's top schools. Thank you, Poonam, you're AWESOME!

Slightly longer version:
I was introduced to MER by a friend who had recommended Poonam as he had hired Poonam to get into Haas in past.

Intro: We had an hour of introductory chat detailing my purpose, the profile, reasoning for choosing schools and by the end I decided to hire Poonam as well for a 3xschool package.

Essays: Poonam asked me to write about the why behind my dreams and she sieved out the purpose from my life stories to knit together a compelling narrative. I was surprised that how she approached in solving problems in a structured manner while adhering to strict timelines, holding me accountable and setting examples of good quality work through action.
Poonam pushed me when it was required and let me write things I felt were more "me". We had disagreements too but in the end they led to constructive work which in the end only helped me bring out a polished application.

Resume: We went through 1-2 rounds of resume review improving on the overly-engineering descriptions of my experience.

Interview prep: A round of mock interview session, followed by written and verbal feedback. This helped iron out a few issues that I was overlooking. Very helpful in the end calming my nerves.

Follow-up: Poonam followed up about my applications after their submissions and also helped me write scholarship application essays.

I don't do the recommendation things in writing for any service ever, but getting into Kellogg and Haas was my dream and I feel that other's could benefit from my story.
Thank you, MER and Poonam!

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April 11, 2021

Joined: May 24, 2017

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690 Q46 V38

Accepted into ISB and IE. Thanks, Poonam


I came across myessayreview on the GMATmat club. At that point, I had met a few other consultants but I was not satisfied. I had booked a free consulting session with Poonam. A long initial conversation with her was a morale booster for me and soon, I signed up for the basic school package. I started working with her on my resume, which we changed to include certain things and remove unnecessary things to make a one-page resume, fine-tuning it to my satisfaction. Later on, we had two one-hour Zoom sessions meets to discuss the stories where we shortlisted nearly ten stories from my life. We further brainstormed on the stories to be used for different essays. She suggested writing an optional essay to explain my education gap and employment gap She reviewed the drafts multiple times until they were perfectly carved. Her response time was often within 24 hrs. She even suggested a framework for my interview preparation. Overall, she helped me step by step throughout the application process.
First, Poonam is a very good human being. I missed out on many deadlines because of personal issues and GMAT. She understood my issues but at the same time warned me about the delays and consequences, which I faced. Second, she is a perfectionist and keeps refining until the outcome is fine. Finally, she is professional and knowledgeable.
I highly recommend her services!

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February 17, 2021

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I was looking for a professionally acclaimed management consultant to guide me through the INSEAD GEMBA admission application. I then came across MER services on the GMAT Club with good ratings and feedback, and after browsing the MER services website and noting the package prices which I compared to other consultants, I decided to sign up for MER services.

The first counselling session with Poonam was comprehensive, and she spent a good amount of time connecting with me at a personal level and understanding my professional background. She took notes of every detail I shared with her, which was very impressive, and encouraged me to start writing those details in the essays.

The second counselling session was 2 hours long in which we went through all the essays and resume where Poonam explained and made me understand what all improvements I had to make and what all questions I needed to address. She was clear with her approach as to where the stories should fit and where the content should be to the point to address the essay topics. I was impressed when she referred to her notes from the first counselling session and suggested I insert specific stories.

Poonam asked relevant questions to test and made me understand how the essay structure should be and how to make the story flow better. Poonam’s editing skills are very impressive as she used the right words to make the sentences short and to the point, which were grammatically correct. She is so good with sentence structures that she managed to reduce my draft essays of 700 words to 299 words limit.

Poonam was very polite in providing me feedback on my resume even though my resume needed many changes. She explained the purpose of resumes for admissions in business schools compared to resumes made for job applications and what the admission committee would like to see. She provided me with a resume template and a few samples to give me an idea of what a great resume looks like. She made my resume impressive by helping me use the right structure and quantify the content. She included all my achievements and hobbies. With the result, my final resume reflected the essays in a crisp way.

She gave me clear instructions on how to present LOR contents. Her guidance helped me guide my recommenders and make sure that the LORs were in line with my essays and resume to remove any inconsistencies.

Poonam is very good and prompt in answering the queries through email within a day as she respects and values the candidate's time and efforts in finalizing the essays, resume and LORs to meet the agreed timeline. If needed, she is very open to organize a video call to make the candidate understand. She was very prompt in giving a very concise and sensible feedback, and her turnaround time was not more than 24 hours at max. Poonam is very clear about her advice, and she knows what she is suggesting to us to do with the essays. She made sure that the final documents are perfect for submission.

Poonam met all my expectations, whatever I thought of having in my consultant, including the nominal package prices. As a result, I have an admission offer from INSEAD. Poonam is a true professional. She is very knowledgeable, experienced, and humble person. She ticked all the boxes for me as a consultant, and the package prices are great for the services provided. Also, the MER website is an amazing source of information to write essays, resumes, and LORs. I referred to the website almost every time to understand the essay topics.

I consider myself very lucky that I decided to work with Poonam, and fortunately, she had the spot available for me to guide me through the application process.

Without any thought, I will recommend her to other applicants as she has the magic wand to make our essays attractive and impressive for admission in the top business schools.

Thank you very much, Poonam, for helping me to get into the INSEAD’s Global MBA program; otherwise, it was an impossible goal for me. You made my dream come true.

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December 24, 2020

Joined: Aug 12, 2019

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Accepted into Kellogg EMBA Program. Thank you Poonam!

REVIEWER IDENTITY VERIFIED by school email address [?]

I heard about MER services through e-gmat. Browsing through the website, reading, and hearing client testimonials increased my interest in MER services. I felt the free consultation was helpful for both me and Poonam. It was
important for Poonam to understand my profile, goals, and gauge how she felt my candidacy was. At the same time, it was important for me to understand how the process works and establish timelines to stay focused. One thing I liked
during our 1st consultation that Poonam was very clear and straight about her concern with the amount of experience I had and what the programs might be looking for. I really appreciate how honest she was.
With the package I signed up for Poonam was supposed to schedule only one 1-hour session, but since we couldn’t finish reviewing all the essays under 1 hour, she was flexible and kind enough to schedule an additional session. I liked the
way she was prompt, patient in understanding each story/content in the essays, making notes, providing suggestions, and most importantly not rushing through the time. This shows her dedication towards the client.
MIT required 3 essays in addition to Statement of Purpose. We started off with total 5 essays and after detailed counselling sessions, we discussed which essays would be the best fit and how we would want to position them. Again, I
think the key part was understanding my profile and stories clearly and determining the best fit which Poonam has done in an excellent manner. She is a dedication individual. I remember I was having bit of struggle with the SOP, but Poonam’s constant moral support helped a lot. I really liked the final version of SOP and comparing it to my 1 st draft, it was improved tremendously. Without Poonam’s support it would not have been possible.
I liked the STAR approach for essays and the methodology for keeping track of changes/edits in the word document. Also, including comments helped understand the conversation get additional context. My initial draft of resume was mostly technical since I have a technical background. Removing the technical terms and focusing more on projects and accomplishments was important to turn it into a Business School Resume, and Poonam helped me think in that direction. In fact, I plan to stick with this approach going forward.
Also, the LOR guidance she gave helped provide direction for my recommenders. Apart from general essay questions, I had some outstanding questions during my school application and Poonam quickly responded to them without any hesitation. Poonam was very prompt with her reverts and adhered with the 24-48 hours turnaround timeline we agreed too. In fact, due to my work schedule I didn’t meet those expectations sometimes, but she understood and was flexible to adjust accordingly.
Poonam is a great individual to work with, and I would happily recommend her to future applications. Spending time understanding the profile thoroughly, being flexible, patient, determined and most importantly the constant morale
support are some of the qualities for which I would recommend her. She turns the essays into natural story telling making it easier to understand for audiences.
I interviewed with MIT and am accepted into Kellogg EMBA program. Thank you, Poonam, for continued support!

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April 17, 2020

Joined: May 20, 2019

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760 Q51 V41

Accepted by Kellogg full time MBA Program. Thanks, MER


I signed up with MER after reading excellent reviews of MER on the GMAT Club.
MER was also recommended by e-GMAT. In the skype sessions, Poonam Ma’am
discussed my profile, goals and prospects at length. I got a lot of handholding
during tumultuous times as I did not have much exposure in the application process.
She made untiring efforts to finalize my resume in a way that spoke about my
achievements and caliber. Also, Poonam ma’am displayed a lot of patience with up
to 6 edits on my resume.
Ma’am spent a lot of time with me to better understand me as a professional and as
a person. Her inputs regarding my drafts were insightful and crisp that focused on
my goals and virtues. I am sure this helped Ad. Com to better value my candidature.
She was very particular about how cogent my essays were. The structure suggested
by her made sure that there was a flow of information that displayed a timeline and
chronology for better comprehension and understanding.
Poonam Ma’am understood the information handicap I was facing during the
application process. Many a times, upon finding me overwhelmed, she scheduled
calls to help me better understand the situation and the demand of the school
applications. She went out of the way to help me emphasize upon my candidature
given that I have a very unconventional profile (doctor + civil servant). It was a
challenging task to streamline my goals with my chosen path. Poonam Ma’am came
to the rescue. She is a scholar herself. Her command over English in terms of
grammar, punctuation, etc. is unparalleled. I was especially grateful to her to help
me trim my responses to the prescribed word limit.
Promptness is a distinctive feature of MER. The commitments made at the time of
starting the process were always adhered to. The turnaround time of MER is better
than that of many other consultants.
Also, I had a very professional mock interview session with her. The insights
provided at the end of the mock were beneficial. Many of the questions were in tune
with my interview for Kellogg. I am happy to be accepted by an M7 program-
Kellogg. I have already recommended MER to 3 prospective candidates.

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March 02, 2020

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660 Q49 V31

I signed up for a 3- schools comprehensive package with MER for getting better guidance and support from an expert to shape up the resume and write essays. I was happy with the services from day one. The counseling session for school selection was beneficial as she pointed out how various other factors besides the GMAT score range plays a role in shortlisting Schools. After selecting schools, we started working on stories. The initial questionnaire Poonam made me fill out was extremely helpful as it already had all the questions which ultimately provided stories for almost all the B school essays that I applied to.

For all the essays, the initial idea on what to write, how to proceed, and what stories to select through the questionnaire was beneficial in writing the best possible version of my stories. It was beyond my imagination how she helped with the structure and organization of all of my essays and made the story flow so smoothly. MER's editing skills are excellent- not only in correcting my grammar part but also in trimming the essays to the specified word limit. Most of the time I thought it was not possible to remove a particular sentence or reduce the word limit. Still, She edited and reorganized it in such a way that none of my stories were unsaid and yet everything was well within the word limit. The resume building was excellent. In the course of 4 edits, my resume was transformed into a robust one-page MBA resume that highlighted my professional growth, accomplishments, academic career, extracurricular activities, and volunteer work. I liked how she made me write three to four lines for each role and then edited it to just one-liner, making my resume look incredibly professional.

To me, MER is a complete professional when it comes to answering queries. Even though she said she wouldn't get back on weekends, on more than one instance, she replied to my emails even on weekends, which was extremely helpful to me, given my time constraints at work. As stipulated on the MER website, her response time was never more than two days, and at the same time, she never compromised on the quality of work. In many essays, she helped me with mitigating weaknesses, which I did not realize were pulling down my writing. It is those small corrections and nuances that have helped me develop my writing skills in the long run. Initially, I had a tough time making my recommenders take time and write my LOR, but she was very supportive and understanding even when there was a delay on my part. All the corrections and suggestions have helped me submit a great LOR from my recommenders. The mock interview was spot on. The comprehensive feedback on the mock interview, both verbal and written, was constructive in correcting my mistakes before the real one. I was fortunate that the interviewers in the actual interviews asked me only those questions that we had already discussed in the mock interview

I appreciate the professionalism Poonam maintained during the entire duration of this process. Even when there was a delay from my side due to unavoidable reasons, she ensured she did her best to make sure that I submitted my applications well before the deadlines.

Poonam, I cannot thank you enough for your guidance, support, and patience throughout the application process. I have been accepted into Terry School of Business with Scholarships and Assistant-ship worth around $30,000) and Maryland Smith with 50,000$ Scholarship totally for two years.

Without a doubt, if I come across any prospective students, I will recommend MER services to them.

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May 17, 2019

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Admitted into Chicago with a scholarship

REVIEWER IDENTITY VERIFIED by school email address [?]

I wish to improve the quality of my graduate admission essays and increase my competence in graduate school applications. MER services provided a comprehensive package for me to achieve my goals.

The 1-hour skype session was extremely helpful, and Poonam was very professional and dedicated to her job. We went through every single detail in the resume and admission essays. It was efficient and useful to get verbal feedback. The discussion ended up being a 1 hour and 30 min skype session because of the large amount of content. I gained a lot from the session. Poonam sent me several resume templates before the first review, and they were very helpful. This gave me a better idea of the format, font, content to include in a formal resume.

For essays, Poonam gave me a lot of advice on how to effectively use stories to amplify my skills and experiences. The suggestions on the use of words and descriptions are very professional. My profile was much completer and more qualified after multiple edits. I enjoyed the tracking of changes on the content. It made a big difference when you are able to view the pre and post edits. Poonam was very good at guiding me to adjust my stories and the structures of the content to make the entire essay flow better. Poonam guided me to separate long paragraphs into multiple paragraphs, which helped the structure of the entire content to be clearer. The grammar was corrected or improved after the edits.

Poonam was very responsible and was able to revert within 48 hours and the responses were on point and detailed.

Poonam, I highly appreciate your help on my resume and admission essays. It was a great pleasure working with you, and I have certainly learned a lot. I have received an offer from the University of Chicago with a 70% scholarship and I decided to take it. Apart from that, I have also received interviews from the University of Columbia and UCLA, but the final results are not out yet.

I would like to say thank you for all the help and time you have contributed in the application process! I am impressed by your commitment and professionalism.

I will recommend you to other friends or any other graduate school applicants for the high- quality service.

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August 06, 2020

How much time do you have for preparation?

April 26, 2019

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Accepted into Chicago Booth’s EMBA program. Thanks, Poonam

REVIEWER IDENTITY VERIFIED by school email address [?]

I needed help with organizing my ideas into a story with which I can make an impression in the Adcom’s mind. MER did exactly that.

1 hour skype session was helpful to discuss my resume and essay questions and how to highlight my background and experience in those essays that would help me stand out from the crowd. Poonam highlighted my areas that stood out and it helped me focus my thoughts on those aspects while writing the essays. Poonam helped me highlight my strengths in my essays and get all my thoughts in a proper story telling format that would paint a picture in the reader’s mind while reading the essays.

The resume review was very detailed, and I enjoyed how Poonam changed my career jargon terms in the resume to a lay man’s language. Her editing skills are absolutely awesome!! Throughout the process, she very promptly answered any queries/questions I had. Also, the turnarounds were very quick. Because of the pace of turnaround times, I literally completed my whole application in less than 10 days from scratch with a number of edits. I am happy to say that I am admitted to Chicago Booth’s Executive MBA program.

It was great working with Poonam, and I would recommend Poonam’s services for anyone hoping to get help with the MBA application package.

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This reviewer has not participated on GMAT Club but it is a REAL person and a REAL review. GMAT Club has verified this test-taker's identity through GMAC/Pearson Vue Score Reporting system or .edu email address and confirmed that this reviewer indeed took the GMAT, is unique, and has not submitted multiple reviews.
April 26, 2019

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700 Q49 V35

I started my application late and there was only about 3 weeks left before the first school's deadline. Poonam accepted my request although it was a very busy time for her. Throughout the 5 weeks that we worked on 3 schools applications, Poonam always delivered her edits within the promised time.

Since the first video consulting session, she gave me a lot of recommendations on how to improve my resume. She paid attention to details and provide helpful suggestions to make my resume look less technical. Her questionnaires helped me to brainstorm all my past achievements and goals that later greatly helped me when I wrote essays.

Due to the very tight deadline, we didn’t have much time to discuss the content of the essays before I wrote the first drafts. However, Poonam did a wonderful job in organizing the essays and cutting unnecessary words or sentences to fit my essays within the word count. When some points were not clear, she would ask questions and helped me to better convey my thoughts.

I highly recommend Poonam’s service to other prospective candidates.

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April 07, 2019

Joined: Sep 25, 2018

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Self-reported Score:
580 Q44 V26
690 Q48 V35

Best MBA admissions service w/o burning your savings

REVIEWER IDENTITY VERIFIED by school email address [?]

Poonam is hands down the best MBA consultant I have ever come across. She doesn't sugar code anything - she will give it to you straight, which is what you need and why you are paying for a consultant. The initial Skype session was very information, provided helpful advice for my essays and answered questions about the application process. She also knows a lot about the programs I was applying to, which made my essays stand out even more. I particularly liked the initial questionnaire, which asked just about everything about my life. It forced me to write and helped me understand my own story, which helped a lot when during the actual essay-writing process. In addition to the normal editing (sentence structure, grammar, punctuation), Poonam restructured my essays to make them flow better, tried to make them stay on topic by deleting unnecessary sentences, and asked questions to make my essays more complete.

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