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Founded in 2002, EXPARTUS is the first MBA admissions consulting firm to use personal branding as a key part of the b-school application, essay and interview process.

EXPARTUS was founded by Mr. Obinna Isiadinso, a Harvard MBA and Mrs. Chioma Isiadinso, a former admissions at Harvard Business School and Carnegie Mellon University.  

Our book, The Best Business Schools’ Admissions Secrets, has helped over 15,000 people navigate the challenging b-school application process.

Our MBA admissions consulting team has over 40 years of combined experience and includes former admissions officers that have served on the HBS admissions board, one of the world’s top b-school programs. Learn more

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Stanford Bound
August 26 | 2015
     By Anonymous 0 0

I walked into the application process with a respectable GMAT score, a strong (albeit non-traditional) resume, and years of professional writing experience, but quickly found that it takes a trained eye and unique skill set to turn those credentials into the perfect business school application.

Molli and I initially butted heads a bit as I resisted some of her initial edits, feeling that they took the heart out of my writing, she remained patient and understanding until I was fully comfortable that the content in my application reflected myself and my beliefs while also impressing the admissions committee.

I was offered several incredible opportunities and scholarships, but ultimately have found my home at the GSB. The fit is seamless and I could not be more grateful.

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April 24 | 2015
     By cja2015 0 0

Using EXPARTUS was absolutely critical to my applications and I would go as far to say it would not have been possible for me to create the application I wanted without their assistance! With their help I was able to get into three top MBA programs including my first choice, Harvard Business School.

What I liked most about Expartus was the dedication to making sure that your application is the best presentation of YOU! They realize that there is not a uniform one-size-fits-all application that guarantees admission and they will work hard with you to make sure your application is not only the best that it can be but is also unique to your strengths and character. This is not an easy process (there were a myriad of disputes and arguments in my process haha) but Expartus displayed extreme patience with me and the successful end result is a testament to their constant dedication.

Working with Expartus was truly a partnership in every sense of the word. Their help went beyond just prepping my applications but touched every part of the process. Their advice at certain junctures of my process were key to my ultimate success; this includes giving the difficult advice of having to re-take the GMAT, as well as putting me in contact with GMAT experts that led to a 90 point increase in my score! Their help in building strategies around each of my target schools and in interview prep was also invaluable.

I could tell several more anecdotes about how EXPARTUS was crucial to my success (last minute essay edits, resume formatting, the list goes on) but the bottom line is if you are willing to match EXPARTUS' dedication to your application you will ultimately have success!!!

Thank you Chioma!


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     By Anonymous 10 8

I used Expartus for my applications to HSW. I registered with them 2 years back assuming my applications will go out in fall of 2013. However, thanks to a few changes at my work I decided to apply for the Class of 2017 (i.e. a fall 2014 app).

Quick bio here : I work in Private Equity, belong to a highly competitive pool (think India/China Male) and have sub optimal GMAT (20-30 points below average). To add to it, I have a bad undergrad score which does not help, specially for HSW.

Mollie at Expartus was heaven sent, specially given my doubts on if my app was competitive enough. She fully understood my story and took pains to understand complex details about my transcript, my non-profit work etc. Her inputs were invaluable in helping me draft my essays. She has an excellent work-ethic and does not sugar-coat her feedback which is very important when stakes are high. The rest of Expartus team pitched in with feedback when my final HBS essay draft was ready. What I liked most is that, my ideas drove the essay rather than someone trying to over-engineer the inference. 'Be Yourself' is a cliche for the times we live in but that is probably the most important input I got from Expartus. Chioma and Mollie helped a lot in the interview prep and were always available despite the paranoid nature of my queries :)

I applied to HSW, got dings from Stanford and Wharton but got accepted at Harvard which was my top pick. I would credit Expartus for helping me shape my application and would highly recommend the service to future applicants. I loved my chemistry with the team and their dedication to stand up for originality. These guys are absolute rockstars at what they do!

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Highly Recommend
March 27 | 2015
     By Anonymous 0 0
This review is for: EXPARTUS Hourly Service
Consultant: Mollie Wollin

As an untraditional female candidate, I had a compelling story and solid reasons for seeking my MBA. Mollie helped me understand each school's personality and what they look for in prospective students so that I could tailor, tell and sell my story effectively to each program. The process was simple and as stress-free as applying to graduate school can be (still very stressful, but because of work and deadlines, not because of Expartus). Mollie was extremely helpful in keeping me on track, and certainly met my expectations. I am a writer by trade, but was not familiar with the style that these applications required. Mollie reigned me in effectively and was exceptionally helpful in helping me refine my theme for my Stanford GSB essays (I was admitted).

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     By Anonymous 0 0

Using Expartus was one of the most important and critical decisions I made along the application process. Applying business schools can be a painful and difficult process - all the essays, interviews, GMAT...The guidiance and support from Expartus, especially from my consultant Mollie Wolin, made the whole process more fun and bearable! I got accepted into my dream school - Columbia Business School. I knew that would not be the same without the help from Mollie. The investment was the most well-made one for a top business school.

I was referred by a friend who got accepted into HBS a few years ago. I thought the communication with Mollie would not be as easy as I am based in Asia. But the experience totally surprised me! Mollie is really just an email, a phone call away from me. Whenever I asked a question, I am amazed at the speed that she replied me. She would always make time for our skype sessions. She is not only responsive but she is also very friendly and supportive. I had a rough time applying business schools initially with a low GMAT score due to my busy travel schedule. Mollie would help me strategize my apps to put my best foot forward. I was worried as a late applicant since CBS is rolling-admission based. She would motivate me and keep my faith up when I was frustrated. She is a friend when I need a pair of ears. All the prepping before the interviews was also key to the acceptance offer.

When I first applying, I did not see how I could stand out from the crowd. I am really glad that I used Expartus which totally helped to build my brand. I did not go to a top, ivy league undergraduate or with a typical investment banking experience. But Expartus brought out my best and put my application to the next levels. I would not be able to do the same without the help from Mollie and Expartus.

Thank you so much again for all your help Mollie and Expartus! I would highly recommend to everyone to use their service to put your application into the best shape. It totally worths the investment as it will take you to where you want to be in the next few years!

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     By Anonymous 0 0
This review is for: EXPARTUS Hourly Service
Consultant: Chioma

I worked closely with Chioma during the business school interview process. I was referring to EXPARTUS from a friend who recently used their services and was admitted into HBS. I appreciated how honest and valuable every conversation with Chioma was. Having spent countless hours on my own crafting my business school application and setting up my story, in my first hour with Chioma she quickly pointed out elements I missed and ways to re-frame my experiences that significantly strengthened my application. In addition to giving overall feedback, she provided thoughtful and detailed feedback with wording suggestions to every interview question I answered in our mock interviews. A lot of her sound advice comes from the fact that she has concrete, insider experience on the admissions team at HBS - you can really tell. I felt confident heading into my HBS interview and am now happy with the result!

Chioma more than exceeded my expectations and I would happily recommend her and EXPARTUS to anyone who is focused on getting into the top business schools. She really knows her stuff.

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Unbeatable Insight
March 15 | 2015
     By Anonymous 0 0

Chioma and Expartus really were invaluable throughout my MBA application process. I can honestly say that I wouldn't have gotten the fantastic offers I received if it wasn't for their help.

Being based outside of the US, Expartus were recommended to me by a friend who had used their services the previous year. Initially, as I'm sure most people are - I wasn't sure whether it was worth spending this amount of money on admissions consultants - I'm not sure what the general perception is in the US but in the UK it was difficult to get any idea of value and how useful an admissions consultant would prove to be.

Having decided to go with a consultant and choosing Expartus I can safely say that it was 100% the right decision and I could not recommended anyone higher than Chioma and the team at Expartus.

In terms of service they were totally reliable and always available to help no matter how big or small my query was. They were always willing to go above and beyond to help me through every stage of the process and their knowledge of my chosen schools and what each was looking for in the admissions process was second to none.

Most importantly they helped me to discover my brand, what was different about me, and how to communicate this clearly and efficiently. I'm sure everyone had their own challenges to overcome in the admissions process and for me it was really building a clear picture of what was ''unique'' about me and why it would allow me to bring something different to my chosen school. We worked endlessly to put this together, and the help and insight the team at Expartus provided was invaluable.

I would recommend using the Expartus team to anyone considering an MBA consultant. I genuinely do not believe that anyone would put the time and effort in which they did to get to know their candidates. This in turn allowed them to ensure that each piece of work submitted was a true and accurate reflection of myself and helped me to really stand out during the admissions process.

Thanks Chioma and Expartus for all the incredible help.

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March 02 | 2015
     By Anonymous 0 0

Last Friday I received a call from Columbia inviting me to join them! Ashley (one of Expartus consultants) probably knows best how excited I am about this opportunity as she has had to deal with me for some months while preparing the application. Columbia has always been my first choice and I can’t start to express how grateful I am.
I have to say that as much as I regret choosing Kaplan to study GMAT, I on the other hand, could not be happier with Expartus, and especially with my advisors: Chioma and Ashley. It has been an honor working with them.

My application was a challenge and you were not only up to it but excelled at it. You were friends when I needed and advisors (tough and focused advisors!) when it was due. Never did you miss a deadline, forget to wish me luck before an exam or were able to call me if I had a problem. I am seriously impressed by the amount of time you were able to put into this and the excellent outcome. If you at Expartus keep some sort of hit ratio benchmark, I say that mine should count as double! I was a pain because I was too busy to have time to focus as I had to continue working, had a low GMAT and was overall a late and risky applicant. So seriously Ashley, Chioma you are stars!
I recommend this service to EVERYONE
Chioma…thanks so much too! The mock interview was critical, not just for this interview but for many others. The business that you have built is great. I have enjoyed the whole process so much. I never ever knew that “personal brand” was a concept but I can’t be happier that I had the chance to fill that PBA and discuss what my brand is. Hats off Ashley for helping me figure out my personal brand!

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     By HBS2017 0 0

A lot of people ask whether admissions consultants are worth the expense, and it's a good question. I think the answer hinges mostly on the quality of the experience and background that your consultant and his or her colleagues can bring to bear on your behalf. Having used an admissions consultant in order to gain my Round 1 acceptance to Harvard Business School (my dream school!) this past December 2014 (August 2015 intake), I strongly and highly recommend that applicants make use of admissions consultants and I strongly and highly recommend the consultant that I used: EXPARTUS (

The co-founder of EXPARTUS, Chioma Isiadinso, was formerly a member of the Admissions Board at Harvard Business School. The specific consultant who I used, Adaobi Arpino, attended Columbia for her MBA. During the mock interview stage, I did mock interviews with Chioma, Adaobi and with Mollie Wolin, another former HBS Admissions Board Member.

Adaobi took me through the entire application process, from conceptualizing what my brand/application story should be, through developing and refining my resume and essays and finally to the mock interview stage. Over the course of six months, she read each and every line of my application and essays, repeatedly, to ensure that each and every message that we wanted to communicate to the HBS Admissions Board was captured somewhere in my overall package. She was always available via email and mobile phone during the week, we did scheduled check-ins once a week over the telephone and we also met in person during the process, including after I received my HBS interview invitation. She was very friendly (yet always firm and honest), extremely knowledgeable and quite helpful and encouraging, too.

The great part about EXPARTUS is that although I worked with one particular consultant (Adaobi), I actually had the collective wisdom of the broader company behind me at all times. It's pretty cool to open up your work-in-progress application essay and see the names of a few different consultants as "track changes" editors in your document. The EXPARTUS consultants pass your application proofs and admissions essays around to each other, always making sure that fresh eyes are available to review your work. As mentioned above, this continued during the mock interview stage; I went through distinct interview sessions, in person and via Skype, with several consultants and received detailed, immediate feedback from each of them. Chioma's husband (and EXPARTUS co-founder) is an HBS MBA graduate whose professional background overlaps somewhat with mine, and so she looped him in for his insight during my interview prep!

Admissions consultants are expensive, but a) so is business school, GMAT prep, and everything else that matters in this process and b) it's actually worth every penny when your consultants know what they are talking about (like the ones at EXPARTUS). I cannot understate the benefit of having people who do not know you personally provide blunt feedback that leverages their deep singular and collective experience in the industry. EXPARTUS's focus on my personal brand was an extremely helpful way to help organize my thoughts and MY approach from the beginning of the process until the end. We focused on the broader ideas that I wished to communicate to those reading my application and found ways to comprehensively insert these themes and ideas (my "personal brand") into the application. And it worked.

I formally accepted my HBS MBA admissions offer just this week and I could not be happier with the results that EXPARTUS helped engineer!

Feel free to send me a direct message with any questions or comments. Good luck!

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     By Anonymous 0 0

I am a re-applicant and I have got admission from Kellogg, Tuck and Duke with 50% scholarship. I rate EXPARTUS service as 5 stars, absolutely. At the very beginning, I learned of EXPARTUS from one of my friends who managed to get off from NYU Stern waiting list with the help of EXPARTUS. Also in those admitted students’ sharing events, they strongly recommended the book “Best Business Schools' Admissions Secrets” by the founder of EXPARTUS, Chioma Isiadinso. Therefore it was a pretty much easy decision to choose EXPARTUS. Without the help from my consultant, Adaobi, I could not have such a smooth application this year. My consultant have spent many hours talking with me face-to-face or Skype, including weekly call, mock interview, oral English practice. This has not included her offline efforts such as reviewing my essays, responding to my emails, etc.Other EXPARTUS consultants reviewed my final version essays and gave comments. I am sure I submitted a strong application package for all the three schools I applied, as all the three schools offered me admission.

Meanwhile, if I am allowed to tell you three top secrets that EXPARTUS offers for successful application, those are as follow.

1. Well-structured framework for Personal brand audit and recommender management.

For personal brand audit, I wrote a 44-page word document… this process helped me to get to know myself and let my consultant become my closest friend. Without such a thorough audit process, I cannot build very compelling stories. Furthermore, the recommender management process indeed made my communication with my two bosses much much easier. To be honest, I did not really spend much effort to manage my bosses, while they wrote very strong recommendations as my brand champions.

2. Inspiring me to be a better myself

When my consultant reviewed my last year’s failure, she advised me how to improve my plan – such as how to make impact in community service, join & found a Toastmasters Club in my company, participate New York Library conversation group during my business trip to U.S., correct English pronunciations by practicing with online resources, etc. Everything I followed, then I improved. I enjoyed making success because of solid improvements instead of taking shortcuts.

3. Be myself throughout essay writing and interview

I felt comfortable with working with my consultant. Because I can be myself throughout the whole application process, which was indeed great comparing with its opposite side, “over-polished” or over-prepared.. I can tell the stories in the way I like and my consultant prompted me to think further and revise again and again. At the end when the story was tightened up, it was still my story, and the flavor had not been changed. The only difference is that, the story became touching and genuine within limited word counts.

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