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MAC Approved is a trusted advisor to prospective top-tier MBA program candidates  and has helped clients to be admitted into the world’s most elite business schools. Our strength lies in our consultants who are former top-tier MBA program Faculty members, former MBA admissions committee members and all are top-tier MBA program graduates. We allow you the opportunity to speak directly with our top-tier admits.

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Great Services
September 24 | 2014
7 out of 7 people found the following review helpful
     By MrMBA2016 28 8
The reviewer was admit to the schools that they applied to:

Yes - school of my dreams

Having a sub-average GPA and GMAT score, I was very skeptical about getting into my top dream schools. Denise helped me focus on the strengths and positive aspects of my candidacy. Without her sincere assistance, I could never make it Duke with scholarship. Not only that, I got admitted to Tepper and Georgetown, and invited to interview by Ross.

She was always available to help and talk over phone. Due to the time difference, she consistently had to get on phone at oddly times. At a certain point in time, I realized that we are working on 12th version of an essay. She was still patient and supportive, while giving her sincere feedback. Without her, this process would definitely not be as fruitful as it was. Duke was a dream school for me to get into, minding my GPA and GMAT, but dream became true after Denise guided my focus on positive points of my application, the ones I was not aware of if she were not there.

After all, I would like to appreciate all her efforts and recommend her to all MBA applicants.

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1 Commented by phoenixfeathers on July 26, 2015
Hi. Your review is very encouraging. I'm in the process to select an admissions consultant. I have had a bad experience in the past, hence I want to ensure that this time I don't repeat the mistake. I would like to ask you a few questions about your experience, which I believe will help me make a rational decision. Can I please have your email address? Thank you.
2 Commented by MAC on July 28, 2015   Edited on July 28, 2015
Hi phoenixfeathers,

Thank you for all of your postings, however, it is probably best protocol to contact MAC Approved directly and speak with our consultants. We offer a free evaluation at no cost to you.

We understand that you had a bad experience with another consulting firm. However, I am sure MAC Approved can help you tremendously as we successfully placed many candidates.

Best Regards.
3 Commented by RaviR on August 25, 2015
It was the best investment I made in my future. Yes I am happy to share my experience with MAC and Denise. You can send me a PM and I will share my email address.

- Ravi
4 out of 4 people found the following review helpful
     By Anonymous 0 5
The reviewer was admit to the schools that they applied to:

Yes - school of my dreams

Considering that I started out early in the admissions game, I had time to do a fair bit of research and spoke to several consultants before I chose Denise and MAC Approved. What impressed me most during the initial call was Denise's optimism with regards to my chances at the schools of my choice, and how she had started thinking about strategy even as we were just beginning to talk. This was in sharp contrast to my experiences with some of the other consultants who seemed bent on inducing fear, giving out sort of a you-need-me-to-succeed message. I strongly feel that this positive attitude of hers rubbed off on my applications too.

I also had my qualms about MAC's pricing (lower than most other firms) and whether the quality of consulting would be reflective of it. After having gone through the complete experience now, I can confidently say that these qualms were unnecessary. Denise was available almost 24x7 (we worked through Christmas break) and was very responsive to emails and calls all throughout. She pays amazing attention to detail and insists on partnering with the applicant on even the smallest aspects of the application. While I started out thinking that this was silly, it didn't take me long to realize the value in doing it.

Overall, I believe this is one investment I can never put a price on. My interview went amazingly well, and I was accepted into UCLA Anderson as a result. I highly recommend Denise & MAC Approved and feel that their services were completely worth the time, money and effort.

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Top Notch Service
September 04 | 2015
     By RaviR 0 0

As an Indian applicant, and after speaking with three major firms in this industry, I was under the impression that I should only look into the top 20-40 ranked schools. On each discussion, it was reiterated that they could help me get into these schools but it would be tough because I was a reapplicant. I had a problem with this given that I was wanting to apply to the best programs in the world. I did not think I needed a consultant if it was a school in the 20-40 ranked - I probably could just do it myself.

I continued my search and found MAC on the GMAT Club. When I asked for an evaluation call and to work with a consultant, they kept telling me that I should only look into the top 10 schools - ?? It was highly confusing because I was under the impression that I did not have the credentials for the top 10 or 20 schools for that matter.

After trusting my instincts, I began working with Denise. In the first call, I was impressed. She was sharp, quick, and had more knowledge than the 3 companies I spoke to. Not to mention, she was so responsive throughout the process. Any school I wanted to apply to, she would support me right away. A complete surprise to my prior experiences.

After working on a reapplication with Denise, I was interviewed by HBS, Stanford, Kellogg, Booth, and Wharton. I accepted Booth as it was my dream school and the right fit for my industry. At the end, I am happy that I went with my gut and ended up where I thought I would never.

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August 21 | 2015
     By sagsam989 0 0

Im an Indian management consultant and I felt that this process was quite competitive for me both from the cultural background and the profession or industry angle. I did not think I had a chance with a 700 GMAT score and a low undergraduate GPA. I did also fall into the 7 years of experience after matriculation (older candidate pool). With everything I had read in forums I was certain that a competitive MBA program would not even see me as a future student.

When I was looking for help, I found MAC Approved during my search for consulting firms. Being a management consultant, I asked each company's admissions consultant through a series of questions during each evaluation and did not really go lightly. Out of all firms I spoke with, MAC team and especially Denise were the most genuine and passionate to help.

After working with Denise, I was grateful to interview at my dream schools - Berkely, Duke, Tuck, Andersen, and Stern. I lost hope at times when I turned to online research about these schools but Denise assured me that I had to stay positive. She never let me compromise my school list or add "safety schools". Her admissions committee background did not let her.

I'm very grateful that I found Denise through MAC and think she is a great mentor to these looking to get into their dream schools.

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     By jlat89 0 0

Michael K is a highly effective tutor. He doesn't waste any time and knows everything there is to know about the GMAT. He works diligently with you to ensure your performance is at its absolute best and pushes you to exceed your expectations. Above all, Michael K really makes every effort to accommodate your schedule, whether that means online interactive sessions or in-person sessions work best for you. He makes the learning experience well worth it. I would highly recommend Michael K as you won't find a higher quality tutor out there who knows all of the material inside and out.

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Mike works wonders
August 13 | 2015
     By joecanada1 0 0

Mike brought me from a 660 to a 740. Enough said.

I did really well in undergrad but I find standardized tests to be very hard. I studied for months a few years ago and struggled to score a 660. Given how hard I worked, I felt like that was my max score. I wanted to go to a top 5 school so I knew that was not high enough, so I didn't apply.

A few years later, my friend told me about Mike and I decided to have a quick call with him. He assured me that I could easily get 40 more points in order to get me to my target score of 700 so I decided to trust him. He put me on his regiment and I followed his instructions exactly. Slowly but surely, my score went up. I finally got a 710 on a practice exam (to my amazement) and he told me to go take a test. I did and was shocked to see the score on the screen at the end of my test: 740!!!

This score is WAY above the averages for top schools, even for Harvard, Wharton and Stanford. I seriously recommend Mike. I have already recommended two people to him!

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Michael is the real deal!
August 12 | 2015
     By Anonymous 0 0

Michael devoted time to ensuring that I thoroughly understood the material. He was very accomodative of my hectic work schedule which allowed for us to meet regularly. He is great at explaining the nuances of the difficult questions (particularly quant) which can really make the difference between an average and a great GMAT score. I would not have been able to understand the quant problems nearly as well if I had tried to review incorrect problems on my own. His clear and concise explanations resonated with me and allowed me to internalize the explanations for problems that I got wrong. I would highly recommend.

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     By lmass2006 0 0

Let me just say Mike is the best GMAT tutor there is. He knows where LITERALLY thousands of questions are BY NUMBER from every worthwhile GMAT resource out there. I'm not exaggerating at all. If you get a question wrong on a CAT, he can INSTANTLY find 5 problems just like it from 5 different books. Because he knows where to find so many examples of every type of question, I always felt like every minute I spent with him productive.

I got a 710 on my first try after a few months of working with Mike. I was happy with that but he insisted that I study another month and try again. He said that since schools use your highest score, there was not reason to settle for anything less than the absolute best score I was capable of. I took it a month later and got a 740! There is no better feeling than knowing that when I apply to business schools that my score is higher than the average at EVERY school in the world!

I was so lucky to get to work with Mike. He LOVES being a GMAT tutor, and it shows.

My advice would be to not waste time and money on a GMAT course with students of all levels in the same class, but book one-on-one tutoring sessions with Mike immediately!

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Extremely Valuable
August 04 | 2015

I really enjoyed my evaluation with Michael and feel that it was very worth it for what I spent. He was not only precise but specific in giving me insights about the application components as well as the GMAT Prep I should have been since the start. I would recommend him as he is not looking to sell you services or gouge thousands of dollars but genuinely interested in helping you in the MBA process.

Actually this was something that I found the folks at MAC unique and separated them from other companies I spoke to. Definitely recommend the service.

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1 out of 1 people found the following review helpful
     By karkaush 0 0

I had heard about Akshay from common colleagues. As a B school aspirant myself, I was keen to learn about the process from someone who has faced the tide. He was very patient and spoke with passion about his experience with the process and the choices he made. I feel the tips he gave me are very useful of which I wasn't aware before. Thanks to Akshay I now am confident about the process and my course of action. Discussions about interview experiences and school selection were particularly helpful. I am glad I am able to spread the word and encourage folks to reach out to him for personal tips that go beyond the usual consulting.

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