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Math Revolution Course Reviews
Math Revolution 

A New Revolutionary GMAT Math Solution for Everyone, especially for Non-Engineering Majors!

Math Revolution is the leader in Quant training for the GMAT - they do not offer Verbal or any other courses except Quant GMAT Prep.

They have developed 2 new approaches to solving both PS and DS questions, significantly simplifying solutions and reducing time to answer questions. 

Math Revolution's lead tutor, Max Lee has taken GMAT 27 times over the past 15 years and together with his team has taught over 30,000 students.

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GMAT Course Review
strongly recommend!
October 11 | 2015
     By koreansoul 0 0
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100 Points

Location: Online

His teaching method is really really intuitive and straightforward that everyone who fininshed his degree in undergrad can easily follow it. In the beginning stage when I started GMAT, I had no clue how to start and approach. But Mr. Lee online course was the very go to lecture to me. His unique approach to solving math problem set saves a lot of time and helps me develop strategy for time management in the real GMAT exam. In the end, I took GMAT test more than 3 times but my math score never fell down below 49 thanks to Mr. Lee’s lecture so that I was able to solely focus on verbal part. Thus, I strongly recommend this course. Thank you Mr. Lee.

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GMAT Course Review
     By sainteric 0 0
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200 Points

Location: Online

Absolutely, Mr Lee's math revolution course is amazing. There is no doubt for me to recommend this course to the others. While preparing the GMAT, I was fully employed. It means that I had no time to review and recall the math what I had learned almost ten years. But Mr Lee's class always provided me the short and brief solution to solve the complicate Math problems. He always touched upon the core way of solving the problem, and provided the easiest and simplest way of it.
In real, I got 49 of 51 when I first took the GMAT and finally I got 51 out of 51 in my second exam.

I definitely say that he is the best teacher and mentor that I've ever met. Moreover, his personality is really kind.

So, I strongly recommend this course to you want to improve your GMAT score.

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GMAT Course Review
The best course ever!
September 28 | 2015
     By saerangc 0 0
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60 Points

Location: Online

Mr. lee's teaching skill is amazing. It is extremely fun and easy, there has been huge improvement on my gmat score thanks to the improved math score. Math course from Mr. Lee was more like a vacation from verbal part. Considering that improved math score brings huge difference in total score of GMAT, everybody would want to get a solid high math score.
Now im attending my dream school chasing my dream job. you will never regret to take mr' lee's course. I definitely want to recommend mr' lee's math course so that you can pursue your dream school and dream job!!

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GMAT Course Review
     By wealthhs 0 0
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200 Points

Location: Online

At first, I got under 20 quant section . I got shock at that score.
I consulted Mr.Lee about how to increase my quant score for a short time. He recommended his online course . The course made me organize GMAT math test fully.
I hope this information would help pre -MBA students with trouble in quant area of GMAT TEST.
Before I studied through his online course, I read princeton review and KAPLAN or so.
However, to non native students, those materials took long time for me to catch quant test tendency .
Because I had to study verbal section at the same time,
I had to pick up best efficient study way of quant section for a short time.

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1 Commented by 13Jun2016b on August 30, 2016
hi looks like this course helped you do well on Quant then why have you given is only 3 stars- just curious?

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