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ORION is a computer-adaptive GMAT course that personalizes a study mission based on your weaknesses, adapting with every practice test you take. So you know exactly what to do and when. It will keep you organized and engaged so that you maximize your GMAT score in the shortest amount of time. It’s kind of like having a private tutor without having to pay for one. Some dare to even call it fun.
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GMAT Course Review
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August 21 | 2018
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     By diegolancha 2 4
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This review is for: Orion Online Adaptive GMAT Course
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I had studied for the gmat two years ago and scored a 650, I wanted to improve that score but wasnt sure on where to start, I didnt know where my weaknesses were or my strengths. I found Orion and it was the perfect fit, I took a short test to know where I was standing, and it developed a program built specifically for me where I would do several subjects, and after some plantes it would give me a prep test. It took me by the hand until I got my desired score.

What I loved most is that while studying, it didnt really feel like studying, it would be like playing a game and suddenly I would notice that I had been studying for an hour more than I had innitially set.

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GMAT Course Review
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     By completing 20 4
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This review is for: Orion Online Adaptive GMAT Course
Location: Online

If you already have good understanding of the GMAT material but lack practice or have a hard time applying the concepts you know, Orion is a great way to get the concepts down.

They divided verbal and quant into individual topics and into three difficulty levels. Each topic/level show you brief concept overview followed by a few questions to test your proficiency.

I found the quant section very helpful. Connecting concepts to application right after a quick review help me understand what I need to do each question type.

On verbal, I didn't see much improvement after finishing each topic. Even though I was scoring well per topic proficiency level, my verbal score did not improve.

There isn't much to learn through Orion. I think Orion is good as a supplement, but it's hard to recommend it as the main prep material.

Also, there isn't much to do once you finish all your topics. Questions provided in each topic is limited. Even if you reset the level, you'll see the same 3~5 questions on each topic.

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