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Stacy Blackman

SBC has a unique and systematic process that provides clients with several layers of support, draws on extensive resources and ultimately, leaves no stone unturned in helping to craft winning application packages.

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December 23 | 2013
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     By Anonymous 35 19
The reviewer was admit to the schools that they applied to:

Yes - got into all

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Bill@StacyBlackman for all his advice and guidance he provided during the application process which was invaluable and instrumental to my Kellogg’s admission.

I intuitively felt the connection right after the free consultation. Bill was in fact the deciding factor for me to go with Stacy Blackman Consulting (SBC). Bill was honest with me. As mentioned by one of the previous applicants I couldn’t agree more -- “Bill was indeed a saint”. Bill not only was calm but also made me feel relaxed especially when I was getting ahead of myself.

Bill's approach towards the application process was methodical, thorough, prudent and he was extremely patient. Bill was very prompt responding to all my emails irrespective of the time, day or the week. Besides being prompt, his responses were very clear. The most important thing for me was he believed in me.Without any doubt Bill is invaluable asset SBC can have.

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Stacy Blackman Review
February 18 | 2014
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     By Anonymous 4 0
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Yes - school of my dreams

I am an international applicant, an older candidate and a re-applicant. Though I had a decent academic profile and GMAT score, I was unable to secure admission in my initial attempts. I was desperate and had decided that this was going to be my last attempt at Full time programs.
I decided to look for a consultant, and decipher what it was I was doing wrong. After contacting a few firms, I liked SB for their prompt and detailed response. I also had a talk with Margaret, who was my primary consultant, and felt happy to work with her. She is encouraging and straight-forward. I also liked the fact that SB and Margaret have been working in this field for a number of years, so there was some history there. I had a clear idea of the schools that I wanted to apply to, in light of my interests and age and we started from there.
I had some basic ideas for the essays which we used, but our discussions really helped emphasize the human side of my stories. We also worked on my resume, and I think we went up to 8 or 9 drafts, before it got b-school ready. All of this was really helpful, because I was able to portray a complete picture of myself.
Working with her also ensured that I was completing everything way before the deadlines. This gave me sufficient time for school research and filling out the actual electronic application, things I had neglected previously. Overall, I was very happy with the quality of my applications, and was also quite prepared for my school visits and interviews.
Of the 4 schools I applied to, I got into 2, including my top choice. I will be joining an M7 program this year, and am very happy with the outcome.
Ultimately, a consultant cannot help you gain experience. You have to do it yourself, and depending upon your candidate profile, be realistic about where you should apply. But if you have done that properly, Margaret and SB can definitely ensure that your candidacy is highlighted in the best possible manner and make sure that all parts of your application package are perfectly developed so that your application is in the best shape it can be. My only regret, I should have worked with them earlier.

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SBC and Yvette Romero
November 06 | 2017
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     By focus2b 0 5

I worked with SBC and Yvette Romero during my admission process.
First off, the whole admission consulting process is an expensive proposition, but is worth the investment for someone who is not comfortable tackling all the minute details and different essay strategies that go in to each application by themselves. I certainly wasn’t.

Yvette and I hit it off from the very beginning and I was extremely comfortable with her approach to things. She was always very direct with me and never sugar coated anything, especially when giving me feedback about my essays. She was available to chat and re-strategize whenever necessary, which put me at ease.
My whole admissions process was also particularly stressful, because I was put on the waitlist and had to be very calculated about each correspondence with the admissions committee. Yvette really helped me with this and luckily it was all turned out well in the end and I got in.

If you are considering hiring SBC for your admission cycle, definitely ask for Yvette, especially because you want someone who isn’t going to tell you what you want to hear, but what you need to hear during this process. She tore apart many of my essay and resume drafts with no remorse and gave me very pertinent feedback on what needed to be done. She had good insight on the schools, and the way they each function, which helped me tailor my essays accordingly. She was also very informed about career approach and industry trends, which I found very useful as well.

All in all, they aren’t miracle workers. Luck still has to be on your side to get into any of the most competitive programs, but they certainly improve your chances of getting in and make you more comfortable with the entire process.

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Thank You Christine & SBC!
November 01 | 2017
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     By minta43 7 6

I worked with Christine Hawkins on 3 applications. Acceptance with a substantial fellowship to my top choice Columbia Business School and interview invite to Wharton would not have been possible without Christine’s and the SBC team’s amazing dedication (both 2Y full-time; withdrew from Wharton and Stern due to Columbia ED).
Even before the process started, I could tell by Esther's (principal manager) enthusiasm and commitment to me to make sure that I was matched with just the right consultant for me, that I had chosen the right company.

I was a female applicant from an increasingly competitive pool, was educated from a US college with mediocre grades, with no off-the-page leadership or community experiences (oh yes, and no GMAT score yet). During what could have been anxious and unsettling times, Christine was a counselor, confidence booster when I was down with unexpected CFA and GMAT test results, and was an honest critique of all my deliverables in the best sense of the term. Christine would lead me to pull out certain ideas, but would never go ahead and write essays FOR me (for many good reasons); when something seemed off to both of us but neither of us could quite put a finger on it, she steered me toward looking in other arsenals of my anecdotes and experiences (which until that point I didn’t know I had or could turn to!) and pulling essay ideas from there.

Christine's comments on my deliverables always came under 48 hours turnaround (though she is not obligated to work so by all means), and I was amazed by her willingness to go above and beyond her call of duty--for example, encouraging me to network with alumni in my area to see if they could submit sideletters for me, and offering to put in extra mock interview sessions. Also, Lisa Anderson's Flight Test put me at east and gave me that much-needed extra boost of confidence as I prepared to hit ‘submit’ for my first choice & anchor school, Columbia. Bill Chionis, my client liaison, was also extremely supportive in keeping me updated of all the different options for application review and his birds-eye-view of the entire process. All of this careful attention to each of my applications as if they were their own will definitely lead me to recommend Christine & the SBC's comprehensive package to friends who are current MBA-hopefuls.

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Completely outstanding
October 10 | 2017
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     By ig2020 0 0

The service that Christine and Stacy Blackman Consulting offered me was totally unique and tailored to my needs. SBC team chose a consultant that would be best appropriate to my application, Christine, and offered me access to a platform full of resources to apply to the top MBA schools.
Christine helped through the entire process of application, from the GMAT to the interview, in a professional and a personal way. She always answered me in no more than one day and reviewed my essays as many times as I asked her. She gave me support on when to take the GMAT and TOEFL and which should be my goal score, on how to choose my recommenders, on how to build a strategy to explain my accomplishments and career goals on my essays and resumé, and on how to have a great interview.
Since I saw some of my friends' applications, I can affirm that there is no similar service in the country where I live, Brazil. Christine listened to my entire life story, scince childhood, and helped me build a strategy to explain on my application my life before and after the MBA (which helped me not only in my essays and interviews but also in my life). It ended up being not only a consulting process to my MBA application, but a life coach to better understand myself and my goals.
I only applied to Columbia and was accepted few weeks after I sent my application. I had SBC' support in every step of my application. Due to my tight schedule, I know that it would not have been possible to send it with such an outstanding quality without their tailored support.

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     By anonymous86 0 0

I am so glad that I decided to work with SBC and Yvette Romero on my MBA apps. I got accepted to my top choice school just three months after my initial call! The process started with a multi-hour call with my consultant, Yvette, to lay out my strategy for how I would approach my applications and what message I wanted to communicate about myself to admissions committees through my essays, resume, etc. I felt that by the end of our initial call, Yvette had a strong understanding of who I was and what I wanted to do, and thus, was able to help me throughout the process in defining and sharpening my story. As I started writing and compiling the various parts of my apps, many thoughts, ideas, and tweaks would come up that I would consider. Yvette was always readily available to discuss these and offer further insight. She was very honest with her feedback, and tough in a way that motivated to me make the right decisions and not just the easy ones. When I prepared for my interview, Yvette ran me through a mock and gave very effective constructive feedback that ultimately played a large part in my success during the real event.

Stacy Blackman's suite of tools and resources also was incredibly helpful during my process. The AdCom Flight Test (a mock admissions committee reviews your application before you send in the real thing) allowed me to identify and fix a few high-level things with my application that ad coms look out for. The interview resources were also very helpful, and the practice platform allowed me to prepare in a real-life type scenario.

I cannot stress enough how satisfied I am with Stacy Blackman. I would recommend this service, and specifically Yvette Romero, to anyone interested in applying.

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     By kc17 0 0

As a non-traditional candidate (art world entrepreneur) applying to business school was an overwhelming and daunting task. I can't say enough about how professional and great SBC and Yvette were. After my initial consultation with SBC staff, I had a phone meeting with Yvette, and really feel that she understood the best strategy to help me with my applications. We went through a list of schools together, and her insight helped me target programs that not only had brand recognition, but whose teaching style would better fit my unique background and education goals.

Despite an undergraduate degree in Communications, and a VERY light quant background, Yvette helped me draw real world examples of quantitive abilities in my essays and resume. She is extremely knowledgable in what admissions staff are looking for, and really helped brand me as a unique candidate.

Besides helping with essays, Yvette was a great counselor, helping me through a couple (inevitable) anxiety ridden moments before deadlines and interviews. She was always prompt with a phone call or email.

Our work paid off, and I was admitted first round into Berkeley's PT program (top in the nation), and couldn't be happier with my decision to attend.

I truly feel that without Yvette's help, I wouldn't of been admitted.

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Three apps- fantastic experience
September 29 | 2017
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     By katcoe90 0 0
Consultant: Erin

Erin is an amazing consultant! She is so smart, creative and strategic. She knows what the schools are looking for and she knows how to guide. I had some friends help me and they were very good at marking up my essays and telling me what was wrong. I now understand the difference between criticism and coaching. Erin showed me what was wrong, but also explained what was missing and where it needed to go. She then helped me figure out how to get there. She asked me the right questions that helped me to find my answers. It was actually a really cool journey of "self discovery" She was fun to work with - funny, kind and encouraging but also she pushes and coaches hard.
Her interview prep was also excellent. I have anxiety around interviewing and she helped me understand that the right kind of practice was the key. I took advantage of all of the SBC resources - practiced on the video platform, read through their interview guides and looked through all of the transcripts on their resource center. I had a mock with Erin where she helped me hone in on where I needed to focus my efforts. It was the first time in my life that I walked into an interview feeling quite confident, because I know my story well and had so much practice telling it. She psyched me up and prepared me.
Really could not have asked for more in a consultant. In many ways the experience exceeded my expectations. Because I created three great applications and also enjoyed the process (most of the time).

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Amazing last minute help
September 28 | 2017
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     By Skreth 2 0

I was quite late to start the MBA application process. Having not even had the GMAT ready for a round 1 application, getting my mind sorted for the essays was also no easy task. As an international applicant, I also never really had to write anything similar. Without much knowledge about these sort of applications, I decided to get help from Stacy Blackman Consulting. That was the absolute right decision.
My consultant (as well as everyone else at SBC) was not only incredibly helpful in reviewing my ideas but also thought me the things that make an application stand out - and bring my story across in a persuasive manner. Without their help, I don't think I would have been accepted to two M7 schools. Enjoying also how quickly, on point, and friendly everyone replied to any query I had, I greatly recommend them to anyone else looking to apply for business school.

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Beth is awesome, Adcomm expert
September 26 | 2017
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     By sherryhearn 0 0
Consultant: Beth

Beth was my primary consultant at SBC and I cannot recommend her highly enough. It's obvious that Beth truly cares about her clients (or at least me!! haha) She wanted to learn about my career goals and understand why I chose them, what influenced my decisions. She spent a ton of time helping me figure out exactly how to tell my story and what my overall strategy should be. She has a background working on an adcomm and that really showed. When she gave me advice she could speak to exactly how they read the applications and what other backgrounds look like in the applicant pool. I found it very reassuring to know that I had that expertise on my team. I also had the opportunity to show my application to other SBC team members and members of other adcomms (ex-members) Having more than one look at the application was very helpful and definitely increased my confidence.
I also had support from Bill who was my client liaison and was very helpful in answering some questions and reviewing a few things that I wanted another look at. He was patient and knowledgeable and also, seemed to really care. SBC is buttoned up and everyone that I encountered on their team was excellent. Highly recommend.

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