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Stacy Blackman

Run by a team of MBA experts, we go far beyond grammar and tone to help you market yourself through compelling content.

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November 07 | 2017
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I had previously not given this service a positive review because the website misrepresented the service offered; however, they have made the necessary changes to their website to reflect the actual nature of the service . The essay editing service is useful only if you are looking to make cosmetic changes to your essay. If you are looking for a service that can critique the content of the essay or provide you insights about what the adcoms are looking for this service is not the best choice. There are similar services offered by other companies that provide this insight while editing the essay for grammar and logical flow. I don't want to promote those companies here but feel free to message me directly if you would like to learn about them.

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1 Commented by jaredsl on November 03, 2017
Thank you for your review. I went with MBAPrepSchool and they did a fantastic job

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