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15 Free Length Tests with video as well as text solutions. Rigorous analytics clearly point the the areas that need attention and conceptual videos and short exercises for the diagnosed weaknesses make this not just a test series, but a learning environment. Try one full length test
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September 26, 2019

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660 Q50 V31

Experts Global 15 Practice tests review


Its questions are of excellent quality and what’s more they also come in great quantity. This test series includes fifteen full-length tests, for only 50$. For that same price, every other test series would give you seven, at the most. This is not just competitive pricing, mind you. Expert’s Global’sapproach to exam prep involves frequent and consistent testing. They advise their students to give as many tests as possible, so that they can develop the endurance needed for the real GMAT. What’s more, just like with building physical endurance, it is much better to work on a greater number of exercises, over time, rather than a bunch of them, at once.
However, the gmat scores are not emblematic og your real performance. I got 700+ in more than 9 tests but my real gmat score was only 660.

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October 04, 2019

Thank you for your kind words about the test series.
Regarding scoring, please understand that different students respond differently to the pressure of the actual exam. If you crossed 700 on our mocks, it is likely that the exam pressure got the better of you and you must consider a re-take. If so, please take adequate sleep, keep a relaxed frame of mind, and take the test as just another mock. Here are some final tips that may help-
All the best!
Expers' Global team

February 16, 2020

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730 Q50 V38

THE Test Series closest to the actual GMAT


I signed up for the EG's Mocks in October'19 for my GMAT. I have had a fair share of experience with a couple of other platforms and their test series for my previous GMAT Attempt but the mocks were nowhere close to how the GMAT scores and tests you on the D Day. I accidentally happened to stumble upon the Experts' Global Platform and was really impressed by their reviews and their service that is not burning a hole in your wallet.
I was able to give 10 mocks out of the 15 they offered for INR 3500 ( $50 for non Indian customers ) and my average score was ~730. I had become pretty confident with their practice and analysis and improved on my mistakes consistently. Their style of the analytics on your performance is something I haven't seen on any other platform. Moreover I also observed that their platform is a close replica of the actual GMAT test environment so you don't feel any jitters at the last moment and are in your comfort zone on the test day. Surprisingly I got a 730 in the actual GMAT as well and I couldn't be more happy on my scores.

I really owe my performance to the amazing service provided by Experts' Global! :)

Keep up the good work team!

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February 11, 2020

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An okay test to Build your stamina


The Global expert test has 15 test, I think this is enough to give you the mental stamina on test-day. At just $15.00 — price is very reasonable (got mine from a competition though)
Now you get a detailed analysis of your weak and strong spot per test (that’s awesome) and interface is similar to GMAT’s: that and white stuff
Quant questions and scoring are quality and just average all Quant score for the 15 test,you will know your stand (quite accurate )
Verbal questions and scoring ain’t bad ,but needs improvement IMO
Overall a good product worth the $15.00
Hope my review will influence your decision
All the best :)

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January 16, 2020

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Almost the real deal!


I purchased the Experts' Global 15 mock tests and these were the only mock tests I used.
For reference: I consistently scored between 700-720 in 7 of these mock tests. Scored 690 & 710 in my 2 official mock tests. Finally got a 690 in my actual GMAT. The +- 30 buffer is common for every mock test out there.
The analytics after every test is just brilliant. It helps you keep track of the areas you're missing/ taking more time in.
For ex: I always thought I was good at geometry in Quant. But based on my mocks, I consistently made mistakes in that topic!
One more thing that I'd like to highlight is the 'GMAT Shots' that come with the 15 mock tests purchase. They are short concept videos for all sections and are pretty good for concept revision.

On a whole I would rate it 9/10! Great purchase!

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January 07, 2020

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670 Q49 V32



The Experts Global Mock Test series was extremely close to the actual exam. My Score was almost the same that I used to get in the mocks. Also, this is the only test series that provides around 15 mocks which would help you in assessing all the areas carefully.
The interface looks very similar to the actual GMAT interface. I have tried mocks on other portals as well, this was the closest
Although in the end, it depends on your day how much you score but just believe in yourself and keep practicing.
Go for it! The best mocks out there.

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December 14, 2019

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Experts Global GMAT Practice Tests

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I prepared for GMAT using the Experts Global practice tests and could score 710 (90 percentile). These tests are really comprehensive and simulates the real GMAT test taking environment...the evaluation scores given are also close to what we actually get in GMAT. We are able to gauge our progress accurately and the solutions for the test questions help us understand the concepts really well. The tests give us enough preparation for managing our test time very well. Time management is the most crucial element in scoring well in GMAT. Experts Global practice tests make one adept in time management as well as in the concepts. So, Experts Global GMAT Practice tests are an excellent choice for all GMAT aspirants.

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December 05, 2019

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740 Q50 V41

Experts Global Test Series & GMAT Shots


Hi, So I've taken the experts global test series. It was very useful as a great mock test. The gmat shots were extremely helpful to revise a concept or understand where I went wrong. Shots came to my rescue for the sentence correction questions. I was able to quickly see the grammatical concept and understand it for all the questions that went wrong. I strongly recommend experts global for all gmat aspirants for a good mock test practice. I also suggest everyone to go through their shots to quickly look at concepts which you are weak at, specially for quant and sentence correction. Thank You !!

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August 12, 2019

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Experts' Global Practice Tests - Must Have for GMAT Test Takers


- Quality of questions similar to the ones on GMAT Prep and real GMAT in terms of pattern and flavor.
- Testing user interface exceedingly similar to GMAT Prep/Real GMAT
- Brilliant post-test analytics
- 15 Practices tests at $50

As a GMAT Club moderator, I took the Experts' global course and practice tests included in the course. To be honest, I found the practice tests quite similar to the official practice tests offered by GMAT Prep. After each test, the software provides an in depth analysis of your performance. I can say on record that no other test prep company's practice tests provide such brilliant analytics. Most GMAT experts advise test takers to analyze every single practice test and having a ready made analysis after a test makes the job easier. Post test analysis includes progress graph for the overall test and each individual section, pie charts for incorrect questions topic wise for each section, bar graphs for accuracy in terms of topics and difficulty level, etc.

Very importantly, the predictive algorithm works effectively as you can feel the test gets tougher when you perform well. Also, the striking resemblance of the testing interface with real-GMAT helps to create an ideal testing condition. 15 Practices tests at $50 is absolutely incredible given an official exam pack with 2 practice tests costs $49.

I highly recommend the test series for the above mentioned reasons. I hope my review helps test takers to choose Experts' Global practice tests.

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August 07, 2019

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Very nice test questions and up to the level of actual GMAT


There are total 15 tests , all of which are of same level of actual Gmat , I felt that they have given more importance to verbal section.
The test analysis would have been better if it were more concise and more detailed one.
The questions of the tests are from their hard question series which makes the tests predictable for the students who study the expert global material.
overall I like the tests they are very good , even you can study from them . revision of tests will give you more idea about you lags in the test and actual feel of the GMAT . the I section is also tough .

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January 06, 2020

Thank you for the review. We are pleased to learn that you found the tool helpful.
Let me assure you that we have taken complete care that there is ZERO OVERLAP between the questions in the test series and the preparatory material. The content may sometimes appear similar of course because the underlying concepts are the same. However, one would never see a REPEAT as such. Once again, thank you for your time and the valuable post. We wish you all the best!
Experts' Global team

August 06, 2019

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730 Q49 V40

Great mocks


I tried out the free samples of a few different GMAT mock test series and I think Experts’ Global’s is the best one. It has the greatest number of tests, questions that can match the official mock tests in quality, a testing screen that greatly resembles GMAT’s (which gives it the real feel of GMAT), perfect scoring and a great analysis system.

It also has a few interesting little features that made prep a lot more convenient. Such as, the flag button, which let me save important questions, so that I could go through them, at length, later.

The best thing is the brilliant analysis you get after the competion of every test making the long hours spent in taking the tests really worth it and making the analysis really deep and simple at the same time.

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