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GMAT Club Tests
GMAT Club Tests offer hard Quant CAT tests and a smaller number of verbal tests (over 1,100 quant questions and 388 verbal questions). The questions are generally above average difficulty though some easier ones have been introduced as well. You can see the exact distribution of questions here. To learn about the scoring algorithm precision, please see this discussion. Finally, GMAT Club tests require a subscription but 10 days a year, we offer them for free on US public holidays.

[Tests] GMAT Club Tests Reviews

[Tests] GMAT Club Tests GMAT Club Tests
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January 13, 2022

Joined: Apr 11, 2021

Posts: 17

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GMAT Club Test


The quant section of the GMAT Club test is a tough one. However, if you are aiming at Q51, its going to be of great help. You can sort the types of questions with specific topics and practice them topic-wise. The verbal part is relatively smaller and comprehensive but since we are recommended only to use OG for verbal, its better if we practice from the Official guide. You also have different expert's opinions on each of the questions, providing different angles to solve a particular problem. I would highly recommend GMAT club tests to everyone who wants to improve the quant score.

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May 30, 2022

Joined: Nov 17, 2018

Posts: 10

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Verified score:
670 Q50 V31

Got a Q50 in my very first attempt


The Quant tests created by Bunuel are the best in the business. If analyzed carefully, along with the discussions in the forum against every question, there's nothing that can appear to be surprising in the real GMAT exam. I got a Q50 in two of my official practice exams and a Q50 in the real exam.
I first came across the product during the easter week giveaway. The whole community is committed to giving the best bang for buck to all those preparing for GMAT.
I did not focus on verbal as I stuck to the official questions available in forum quiz provided by gmatclub.

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May 27, 2022

Joined: Jan 30, 2020

Posts: 2

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Verified score:
710 Q49 V38 (Online)

Must have for Quant Practice


The tests provided by GMAT Club are very helpful for anyone preparing for the exam. This is true specially for Quant. I have been preparing for GMAT for quite some time now, and have found no other product that can match them. I keep coming back to these tests again and again.

The questions are perfectly balanced out - not too difficult, but not too easy as well, perfectly emulating the actual GMAT Quant experience.

Verbal tests are also very good, and provide a good option for time based practice.

The combined set of Quant and Verbal tests provides a large set of questions of varying levels and is highly recommended for anyone who is targeting above 700 in the GMAT.

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April 29, 2022

Joined: Sep 27, 2019

Posts: 54

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Self-reported Score:
490 Q16 V44

Awesome for Quant prep and Fine for Verbal


GMAT CLUB tests questions that are more difficult than actual GMAT questions, but practicing those difficult questions push your quant score further. I have practiced their 600 and 700 level question.
I have given almost 90% of the Quant test and 50-60% of Verbal test.
Quant questions are created to test the presence of mind with clear basic concepts..needless to say, every question here does require skills to solve questions very similar to the actual test, thus improving competency in the quant section.

Verbal: I think Verbal tests are now becoming better in terms of the actual GMAT test. RCs are very good and are taken from diverse subjects. SC questions were, as usual, hard for me. CR questions were time-consuming. Overall a good feel and practice for the GMAT exam.
One drawback, I feel, is not having quant and verbal tests together but I think we can do that by setting our own time.

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April 02, 2022

Joined: Nov 24, 2021

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Great for Quant preparation and scaling your score!

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I took the GMAT club tests to improve my Quant since I had not been very good at it priorly. I gave the tests which were a part of GMAT club tests for Quant and they quite exactly simulated the real GMAT exam. The level and type of questions posted on the tests through GMAT Club Tests helped me understand more about the questions on the real GMAT and my score raised from Q 37 to Q 49 in the last few days. The verbal however has the question level a notch above the regular GMAT and that's why I found it a bit difficult to get high scores.
For people looking to work on their quant, would 10/10 recommend GMAT club tests.

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March 18, 2022

Joined: Nov 18, 2020

Posts: 17

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Self-reported Score:
590 Q50 V20

most accurate adaptive test for gmat

REVIEWER IDENTITY VERIFIED by gmat club tests [?]

GMAT CLUB's test if very perfect for practice. it is worth every penny, considering the number of tests you get for the price compared to other GMAT prep sources. quality and level of the questions are also perfect. especially for the quant, it is the best practice for GMAT and the level and logic of the questions are good. I would suggest taking everyday a quant test on the GMAT club through the whole month before your actual GMAT. verbal section also does have a quality questions. but considering my problem with verbal, I would suggest GMAT club to improve the number of tests on the VERBAL section also. and can add extra questions in the question bank to improve the adaptability of tests to provide us with a better experience.

overall, thanks GMAT club for this amazing service.

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March 09, 2022

Joined: Jan 27, 2020

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Verified score:
660 Q48 V34

Best Tests For GMAT


GMAT CLUB Tests are some of the best available tests. Especially for quant. They are tougher than real GMAT exams but thats what makes them really good. A total of 26 tests for quant and 9 for verbal. I would like to give 5 stars to GMAT Club tests overall , 5 stars for quant test and 4 stars verbal section. Overall analytics provided is just amazing. Solutions are super useful and forum discussions available for each question are very handy.
The system automatically creates an error log which helps a lot in determining weaker areas. When i started using GMAT CLUB tests i was really struggling in quant and initially i found the questions very difficult but i got Q48 in my first attempt and for second attempt during my preparation, I just used GMAT CLUB TESTS and they have been really useful.
I recommend everyone who is targeting a 700+ score USE these amazing tests especially for QUANT. THEY ARE THE BEST.

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February 08, 2022

Joined: Jul 04, 2020

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Verified score:
640 Q49 V27

Great pool of questions


It is the collection of hardest questions which test your concepts. I scored a Q49 in GMAT and would like to give full credit to GMAT club tests for practice.

My strategy was to attempt the quant test every alternate day, create an error log, revise it daily and go for next test. Initially the score was low but gradually it started to shoot up from Q38 to Q45+ in Gmat Club test mocks. However in actual exam it was on the higher side.

So the claim of hardest quant by GMATclub is correct based on my experience & I recommend it to everyone.

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February 07, 2022

Joined: Nov 03, 2019

Posts: 3

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Self-reported Score:
690 Q50 V34

Close reflections to actual GMAT


I belong to an Engineering background, so I was already thorough with the basics of Quants. My main motive from practising GMAT Club Tests (specifically Quants) was to practice GMAT type questions in a timed manner.

There are almost 30 quant tests available and the quality of questions is amazing. Tests have all varieties of questions to practice for both DS & PS. One can get an accurate picture of one's weaknesses and strengths in particular topics. I relied only on these tests to score a Q50.

The number of Verbal tests is quite less (I think 9 or 10).

In totality, the quality of tests resembles a real GMAT exam and if one has already practised enough, one can rely on these Quant and Verbal scores as a true reflection in real GMAT.

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January 29, 2022

Joined: Jul 23, 2018

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REVIEWER IDENTITY VERIFIED by gmat club tests [?]

the level of quant questions is Good, for good quant score we can practice the moderate and hard quant questions which account for about 70% of total questions

hope i will do well in the exam by practicing the questions well and learning from my mistakes seeing not to repeat them again . the way the analysis is provided for these questions is also great which will teach us in a very good manner .
the Verbal questions bank is decent but to score higher we have to go through other verbal questions but for quant it is really an amazing set of questions. we wont regret buying and trying them
All the best for everyone

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