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GMAT Club Tests
GMAT Club Tests offer hard Quant CAT tests and a smaller number of verbal tests (over 1,100 quant questions and 388 verbal questions). The questions are generally above average difficulty though some easier ones have been introduced as well. You can see the exact distribution of questions here. To learn about the scoring algorithm precision, please see this discussion. Finally, GMAT Club tests require a subscription but 10 days a year, we offer them for free on US public holidays.

[Tests] GMAT Club Tests Reviews

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April 20, 2016

Joined: Dec 29, 2007

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710 Q46 V41

Overprepping made awesome


I had to teach myself math from scratch. It's been a long journey since Khan Academy. Because the "Hard" questions in the GMAT Club Tests bank are incredibly hard, I chose to ease into them by doing all the "Easy" and "Medium" questions first. Of the ones I got wrong, I would redo them again until I was comfortable with the concepts being tested. Real GMAT quant feels much easier now and let's be honest, fear is a huge factor in why people bomb the test.

These questions will sharpen make you pay attention, be more precise, and teach you a ton of math concepts you won't have seen elsewhere.

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April 19, 2016

Joined: Aug 02, 2014

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710 Q47 V41

Amazing for Quant


These are the absolute best resources for Quant prep. You get all you need and get the best reviewing dashboards possible! Go for it! After a couple of attempts at the exam where I ran out of time in the Quant section, I figured that timing was one area I had to improve on.
GMATCLUB tests are perfect for improving your timing as they provide the right mix of thought provoking questions while also helping to improve your timing progressively.
The tests also seem to be updated regularly with newer content in line with the questions more commonly seen on the GMAT.

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April 16, 2016

Joined: Aug 19, 2015

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700 Q48 V38



In my first attempt at gmat I got a low score of 630.I got disheartened but then I came to know about the gmat club test series and quizzes.I purchased the test series and started practicing. The questions in the test series are similar to what comes in the actual gmat test.The test series help us to analyse where we stand and what all areas we need to work on.Time management which is the most important requirement of gmat can be learned with the help of the gmat club tests.The question banks contain question of all levels(500,600,700) so no other source is required to practice.
In my second attempt I got 700 all thanks to gmat club tests.

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April 15, 2016

Joined: May 04, 2012

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580 Q47 V20

Review GMAT Club Tests


Hi GMAT-Club Team,
For having use your product since more than 2 years, here are my feelings about things that could be improved :
[1] Exam algorithm : I think the tests are not adaptive, since even when doing well we sometime still get 500 level questions.
[2] Exam Score : I have no understanding on how the exam is scored when ended with some questions left. The variance is huge.
[3] Verbal part : While on the quant part there is considerable quantity of questions/CATs, on the verbal part there is a need of alignment in term of proportion to the quant part.
Very good job mean while!!!

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April 05, 2016

Joined: Jul 23, 2015

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Worked for me, but wouldn't recommend for all

REVIEWER IDENTITY VERIFIED by school email address [?]

(1) lots of practice in quant- most are difficult questions. My weakest math is algebra (I usually plug in numbers), a lot of these questions are high yield (algebra and inequalities) where plugging in numbers won't work
(2) test mode - even though some of these questions are available else where, it's hard to click each link and read questions and answer. these tests provide the questions in a testing situation.

(1) lack of discussion - most questions (unlike the forum) have few discussions and the discussions are often left unanswered. there was a post form 5 months ago and I had the same question and no one answered it :(
really expected admins and mods to put their priority in the paid tests forums and answer questions.
(2) questions found else where - a lot of these questions are found else where as retired or other questions. seems like they just slapped as many questions as they could, just to say look we have "insert big number here" questions
(3) less is more - carrying on from above, I would of liked a lot of the questions filtered. a few quant and a lot of verbal had bad questions. also, there was several questions that tested the same thing (for example the number 0 is divisible by every number)

Verbal, verbal, and verbal - section was, for a lack of a better word, useless. I think they just slapped together some questions. Unlike quant, most answers are not thoroughly. Reading I didn't think was too difficult or had many bad questions. The grammar was big hit/miss - some were good questions, some were bad questions. The CR was just horrible. I think you are lowering your CR score by even bothering with these. I did the Manhattan and one GMAT official book and in both books I get more than 95% of the CR correct, however on these tests it's 70% or maybe even less. In my opinion the verbal (especially CR) is opinion based. Unlike the quant where even if the question is a hard question, there is a right answer. Here, I did poorly on the CR not because the questions were difficult but because the questions were not clear and concise. The goal of each CR question is to have the group of test takers answer 60-80% of each question correct. If it's over 80% than ditch the question because it's too easy. If it's below 60% than ditch the question because it's not clear and it's confusing. Basically, there are "traps" in quant to where I think if less than 50% or even less than 20% of people get a question right, than that's fine as the quant section has only one right answer. But, here they are trying to put "traps" in the CR section which in my opinion shouldn't have traps.

All in All...I think the tests were designed especially for me. They contain a ton of quant, most of which are algebra and inequalities where plugging in number's won't work. I am definitely 100% happy with my purchase. But, this may not be for you. If you are strong in algebra (setting up equations and not plugging in numbers) or if you are looking for verbal help, than I'd look elsewhere.

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April 11, 2016

Just a quick note that based on your posts, I cannot find where you posted any questions about the GMAT Club Tests. I only found one post:

Did you see the link included in the explanation of each question to the discussions? Bunuel and other regularly participate in the GMAT Club tests forum discussions - let me know if I missed anything.

Screenshot is below attached for the links:

March 29, 2016

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680 Q49 V33

Best tests to improve your Quant score.


One test a day ...for 26 days and you will surely reach the score of 50.It has amazing analytics to gauge your strengths and weaknesses . Review each and every question and make your own quizzes for the weak areas.After the end of 1500 questions I felt much more confident in Quant . There was a lot of improvement in DS , my weak area as the test covered each and every type of questions .The questions are close in what the actual GMAT asks .It was surely worth every penny spent. Go ahead and master your quantitative skills.All the best for your GMAT.

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March 22, 2016

Joined: Oct 09, 2014

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Verbal is poor question quality explanations for both QV are shoddy

REVIEWER IDENTITY VERIFIED by school email address [?]

Verbal is poor question quality explanations for both QV are shoddy at best. I don't mind the extra practice questions, but Im not sure this is worth the price simply because there seem to be a few errors scattered about. In nearly every other Quant test I find a mathematical answer error. Verbal was abislutlely useless, and n fact should not be used for study-- they can be quite misleading. finally, seems like math is the strong suit for GMAT club folks, however there is little evidence of that in the explanations proffered. Overall, I wouldd not purchase again. Also, the whole "extend offer by 2 weeks by 3 days by 1 hour" is a very baseless way to rob your users, come one GMAT Club, be nice, play fair.

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March 22, 2016

Thank you for your honest review - I am sorry our questions were not up to your expectations. We continuously work to improve our questions. I appreciate your constructive feedback, though would love to get some more specifics with questions that you were not particularly satisfied with, esp quant. We do have 1,700 questions and it is a bit of a challenge to find the ones that someone may have a question with.

We are quite proud of our quant, and Bunuel has probably gone 3 times through them now... there are explanations for each question in the Test system as well as in the Forum where you can further read a more detailed/longer explanation along with the discussion that Bunuel curates. Each question/explanation in the tests has a link to an appropriate discussion.

Something interesting I noticed is that you mentioned it was not worth extending the tests but then you ended up extending for 20 days. I am also taking from your review that we should not bother you with offering 2 free weeks - don't want to waste any more of your time?

Thank you for your feedback!

March 23, 2016

Hm... you just purchased a renewal in a complete surprise and contradiction to your review :-)
We have refunded your purchase but we will let you use the subscription. If you do run into questions you have issues with, feel free to bring them up on the forum or use the Feedback buttons (don't even have to leave the test interface to vote/provide feedback about question issues).


March 21, 2016

Joined: Jun 23, 2011

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660 Q49 V31

QA gmatclub tests are fabulous


Always prepares you best for the real gmat. This test has compilation of some very good questions.However the tests doesn't have any real gmat type algorithm.But the quality of questions are real good and are well for the real test perspective.Always prepares you best for the real gmat. This test has compilation of some very good questions.However the tests doesn't have any real gmat type algorithm.But the quality of questions are real good and are well for the real test perspective.Good practice on these test may help you to get 51 in QA.


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March 13, 2016

Joined: Oct 20, 2014

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720 Q47 V42

GMAT Club Tests review


The Gmat Club tests are a must have if you are aiming for a 700+ score. I had taken my last GmatClub CAT before November 2015, hence this review doesn't cover whatever improvements have been done after that time.

The quant part of the CAT have the best questions that you will find anywhere. And it's not just the questions themselves, the explanations provided also help you uncover many shortcuts and help strengthen your core concepts. Admittedly, I found them to be a little harder than the GMAT quant questions, but that should help you be better prepared for the final test. And also, you can take the quant section or verbal section one at a time, which gives great flexibility when you are hard pressed for time.

Now the not so good thing about the tests... Although the questions themselves were top notch, the scoring algorithm seemed to be a little off. My quant scores in the CATs were a little spread out (45-50) and the hard questions keep coming at you from around the first 5 questions, which wouldn't usually happen in the real exam. So you might find yourself running out of time, but again, this should be good for practice.

And the really bad part about the tests? The verbal section! To me it was utter waste of time. I completed 3 verbal CATs and scored V30/31 in all of them (I'm really not that bad). Quite a few of the answers seemed debatable and few questions were not very GMAT like.

With all these pros and cons, I used my GmatClub tests subscription for 6 months and then I had renewed it for another 6 months. Simply because practicing the quant section really helped boost my confidence. The first time I got a Q50 in the GmatClub tests I felt like NOW i'm ready for the actual GMAT. I had used the GmatClub tests along with MGMAT/Veritas tests to practice the CATs, and I will suggest the same strategy to others appearing for the GMAT.

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June 22, 2016

Thanks for the review! What has seemed to work the best for your Verbal Prep?

My last attempt I got 690 (44Q / 40V) (after a 670 and my first attempt which I'll just say was a mulligan...) and I'm hoping to ideally gain a couple points in each section.

Don't get me wrong I was happy for the most part, but...I stupidly lost 1.5+ minutes on the quant section after a slow sign-in & brain-fry / skewed sense of time, all of which definitely could have prevented me from reaching 700-territory. 690 is good, but it's so dang competitive these days & I wasn't accepted at my two schools of choice (NYU & Columbia) - of course the most important result...

I've had some of the same feelings about GMAT-Club & other online verbal sources; I've been especially disheartened when I notice several legitimate gripes about a fair amount of Verbal answer rationales and even straight-up typos, comma issues etc.

I think I'll sign up for another run on the GMAT Club tests / quizzes primarily for the great Quant, although I still don't have a good Verbal source (aside from the few remaining 'New' 2016 OG / Review questions & a handful of Magoosh questions). To qualify my 'gripes' above, I have found that Magoosh and of course OG answers & explanations have made sense, or I made a dumb mistake etc.

Anyway thanks again for your review, and if you (or anyone reading this) has any recommendations for the best verbal questions / answers & explanations, please let me know!


August 11, 2016

Hey guys so I have recently taken up the gmat exam and I have tried the practice test series of Manhattan , Veritas and Kaplan along with the two free practice test and my rankings would be as follows:

1. GMAT Prep Official Software : This mimics the actual gmat test as close as possible and would give you the best possible estimate where you might land on the actual gmat. The questions are relevant and the scoring too.

2. Manhattan Test series : They have a very good question bank and prepares you really well for the actual exam. The scoring system is also pretty much accurate.

3. Veritas Test series : This is equivalent to Manhattan. I have just put it after manhattan because the questions may be a just little less competent than the manhattan. I say this because after you have given a couple of tests one or two question in the subsequent tests may be repeated or are very much similar that you know the answers without solving them. The scoring is also pretty much accurate. The advantage of Veritas over manhattan is that the analysis after the test that it provides-pretty detailed and helpful.

4. Kaplan Test : The questions of this test are equally good compared to manhattan. However, the scoring system seems to be inflated. So if you are giving the test in order to boost your morale then this might be a good pick :-p . The test taking experience and questions are on par with the other test series.

I hope the post helps!

Happy preparations and best of luck for GMAT.

October 04, 2016

I want some practice test at free such as .
Any workaround which i can use to access all tests freely without any subscription

March 12, 2016

Joined: Nov 05, 2012

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640 V33

GMAT Club Tests Review


I have been preparing for GMAT for quite sometime now and recently started taking the GMAT Club tests. Needless to say, the quant tests are very much on the GMAT format. Despite not being adaptive they are still close predictor of your level on the GMAT. because of the following reasons:
1. A mix of questions from all levels -500, 600 and 700 like the GMAT
2. More heavy on the 700 side in terms of applications to prepare you for the worst to come on the exam

These questions have been very thoughtfully crafted and they tend to check the clarity of concepts in a disguised manner which exposes the test taker to their weaknesses.
The fact that Bunuel has given the explanation for each and every question makes it a delight to study and see how a tough looking question can be tackled with such simplicity. So I would give the quant tests a 10/10.

Issues: For the quant section, the only issue I faced is when i switch to study mode from test taking mode a pop up keeps coming after sometime and doesn't allow me to complete the test in study mode.

Verbal: Since the quant tests have set such a high standard the verbal tests were a disappointment for me. One of the reasons can be, there is no dedicated resource like Bunuel for the verbal section. I took 2 verbal tests and found that a lot of explanations were not clear enough and when people did ask queries, they were not answered. Also, I felt the questions in verbal section were not very much GMAT like. Some of them were even ambiguous in terms of what they were asking or trying to imply. So, I feel there is a lot of scope for improvement there.

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