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GMAT Club Tests review
March 13 | 2016
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     By korrag 43 8

The Gmat Club tests are a must have if you are aiming for a 700+ score. I had taken my last GmatClub CAT before November 2015, hence this review doesn't cover whatever improvements have been done after that time.

The quant part of the CAT have the best questions that you will find anywhere. And it's not just the questions themselves, the explanations provided also help you uncover many shortcuts and help strengthen your core concepts. Admittedly, I found them to be a little harder than the GMAT quant questions, but that should help you be better prepared for the final test. And also, you can take the quant section or verbal section one at a time, which gives great flexibility when you are hard pressed for time.

Now the not so good thing about the tests... Although the questions themselves were top notch, the scoring algorithm seemed to be a little off. My quant scores in the CATs were a little spread out (45-50) and the hard questions keep coming at you from around the first 5 questions, which wouldn't usually happen in the real exam. So you might find yourself running out of time, but again, this should be good for practice.

And the really bad part about the tests? The verbal section! To me it was utter waste of time. I completed 3 verbal CATs and scored V30/31 in all of them (I'm really not that bad). Quite a few of the answers seemed debatable and few questions were not very GMAT like.

With all these pros and cons, I used my GmatClub tests subscription for 6 months and then I had renewed it for another 6 months. Simply because practicing the quant section really helped boost my confidence. The first time I got a Q50 in the GmatClub tests I felt like NOW i'm ready for the actual GMAT. I had used the GmatClub tests along with MGMAT/Veritas tests to practice the CATs, and I will suggest the same strategy to others appearing for the GMAT.

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1 Commented by GMATHEW on June 22, 2016
Thanks for the review! What has seemed to work the best for your Verbal Prep?

My last attempt I got 690 (44Q / 40V) (after a 670 and my first attempt which I'll just say was a mulligan...) and I'm hoping to ideally gain a couple points in each section.

Don't get me wrong I was happy for the most part, but...I stupidly lost 1.5+ minutes on the quant section after a slow sign-in & brain-fry / skewed sense of time, all of which definitely could have prevented me from reaching 700-territory. 690 is good, but it's so dang competitive these days & I wasn't accepted at my two schools of choice (NYU & Columbia) - of course the most important result...

I've had some of the same feelings about GMAT-Club & other online verbal sources; I've been especially disheartened when I notice several legitimate gripes about a fair amount of Verbal answer rationales and even straight-up typos, comma issues etc.

I think I'll sign up for another run on the GMAT Club tests / quizzes primarily for the great Quant, although I still don't have a good Verbal source (aside from the few remaining 'New' 2016 OG / Review questions & a handful of Magoosh questions). To qualify my 'gripes' above, I have found that Magoosh and of course OG answers & explanations have made sense, or I made a dumb mistake etc.

Anyway thanks again for your review, and if you (or anyone reading this) has any recommendations for the best verbal questions / answers & explanations, please let me know!

2 Commented by nikhilnaren18 on August 11, 2016
Hey guys so I have recently taken up the gmat exam and I have tried the practice test series of Manhattan , Veritas and Kaplan along with the two free practice test and my rankings would be as follows:

1. GMAT Prep Official Software : This mimics the actual gmat test as close as possible and would give you the best possible estimate where you might land on the actual gmat. The questions are relevant and the scoring too.

2. Manhattan Test series : They have a very good question bank and prepares you really well for the actual exam. The scoring system is also pretty much accurate.

3. Veritas Test series : This is equivalent to Manhattan. I have just put it after manhattan because the questions may be a just little less competent than the manhattan. I say this because after you have given a couple of tests one or two question in the subsequent tests may be repeated or are very much similar that you know the answers without solving them. The scoring is also pretty much accurate. The advantage of Veritas over manhattan is that the analysis after the test that it provides-pretty detailed and helpful.

4. Kaplan Test : The questions of this test are equally good compared to manhattan. However, the scoring system seems to be inflated. So if you are giving the test in order to boost your morale then this might be a good pick :-p . The test taking experience and questions are on par with the other test series.

I hope the post helps!

Happy preparations and best of luck for GMAT.
3 Commented by krunal155 on October 04, 2016
I want some practice test at free such as .
Any workaround which i can use to access all tests freely without any subscription
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Most reliable tests
June 30 | 2016
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     By sairam595 361 76

Gmat club tests are most reliable tests. In my experience while preparing for my Gmat1 i have been using these tests where i used to score Quant 42 and verbal 25-27 and i scored the same in my real Gmat exam(Q-44 and Verbal:-25).Quant tests are very useful to learn/approach advanced questions and to refine one's skills and pacing. They also provide difficulty level of questions where you went wrong in Results. It will be really helpful if we were provided full length mock exams in addition to Quant & verbal tests!. Would like to very much recommend the gmatclub tests for one's preparation towards the GMAT.

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Varuns Review
August 18 | 2017
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     By vnigam21 93 2

I have heard a lot about GMATClub Tests and after attempting them really feels awesome. The questions difficulty level is similar to that of the real GMAT. good for practicing and improving speed. good job. kudos. This time I am planning to attempt only gmat club tests before the final gmat. the interface is also similar to the actual gmat. so it feels i am giving actual paper itself. also practice mode is awesome. importing to excel and pdf options are awesome. the quality of questions is also good we can learn a lot from them. thanks for making such wonderful tests

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Extremely useful tests!
August 17 | 2017
reviewer identity verified by gmat club tests
     By sarrthaksayal 0 0

Hi Everyone,

GMAT club tests did a good job for improving my quant test taking ability. It resulted in a jump of 6 points on the real GMAT. The quality of questions in the question bank and the explanation is very high and helps to prepare in the right direction.

The interface also reflects the real exam's one. I was able to convert my weaker areas into my strength courtesy the logical and most concise approach of explanations. I would recommend GMAT club tests to everyone who has reached a saturation level and is looking for a jump in the score.


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Great Tests
August 16 | 2017
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     By Sachin07 23 8

I got subscription of GMAT Club test when I purchased the e-gmat course.The CATs seem to be really good and among both the sections I really feel that the quant section is a bit harder than the actual test but that is always better.The answer explanation to each question is so elaborative.With GMAT Club test I have been able to improve in areas like combinatorics and absolute values.Since I scored aQ46 on my last GMAT test,I am looking forward to improve my quant score to Q50-51.
Personally I would recommend GCTs to anyone who is looking forward to score a Q51 in quant.

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GMAT Club tests
August 15 | 2017
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     By Masshole 157 74

GMAT Club tests have an impressive collection of questions with detailed solutions. Quant questions are much harder than those on an actual GMAT. Explanations are really nice and helpful as they show shortcuts that help to solve the problems much faster later on.

Test analysis is very helpful to reveal weaknesses and to concentrate on improving them.

CATs are quite accurate in predicting score on the real test:
my timed CAT scores were 48-50 and my score on a real test was 49.

Overall, GMAT Club tests worth every penny and will be very helpful to everyone who aims to get 49+ on a real exam.

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reviewer identity verified by membership
     By vishugupta92 3 0

- Scoring pattern seems to be flawed. It takes into account the questions which we answer after the 75 minute deadline in the study mode. For example, score from case 1 will be lower than case 2 in these tests which will not be trues in actual exam
Case 1: 37 questions (21 correct and 16 incorrect) in 75 minutes
Case 2: 31 questions (15 correct and 16 incorrect) and if I correctly mark the remaining 6 questions which I was not able to do in 75 minute deadline

- I would love to learn about the rationale for having 3x quant tests compared to verbal. It will be great to have more verbal tests in the compendium

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GMAT Club tests' review
August 13 | 2017
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     By behrouz 1 0

Dear all,
I would like to say that GMAT Club can make you aware about your real performance in Quant section especially. The Quant Pool has provided the realest collection of questions that no course has ever provided. The Quant tests are tricky and helpful especially for who is targeting 48-51. The question bank is broad and covers all the principles and topics. The explanations provided with answers are concise and of good quality.
Although the interface of tests resembles to the actual GMAT test, I think some quality enhancements are needed in the software.
All in all, if you want to be skilled in Quant Section not skip Gmat club tests.

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GMAT Club Tests Review.
August 12 | 2017
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     By ran787 5 1

The GMATCLUB tests are good. First lets talk about the good things :-
The tests, specially the Quant Ones, I personally feel help you to expand your horizon of Quant thinking. After solving quite a many official problems, I can say that the Quant Problems have a falvour of their own which indeed help you to stretch your “Quant” Muscles which is a good thing one way.
Secondly, the scoring algorithm is quite good. Though I found it out to behave slightly differently in some cases. It gives you a healthy mix of 500/600/700 Level problems to test your expertise at all these levels.
The diagnostics/reporting is quite good ( not excellent… more on it later) it helps you see which problems you got wrong & how other GMATCLubbers have performed on that question. So it helps ypu to do a decent analysis of your performance.

But from my experience there are few things that can be further improved:-

1. Scoring Algorithm :- The Scoring Algorithm is quite good but there is still some gap that can be optimised compared to the GMATPrep Algorithm. Also It seems to me ( my personal opinion though), for the same number of incorrect questions, the GMATPrep softwares would have provided a lower score comared to what GMATClub offers. I might be wrong, but then again this is what I felt like.

2. Diagnostics :- This is an area I feel a there is a big scope for improvement. After every test, it can be an option which provides deeper analysis of the candidates mistakes. To be more specific, if it provides content/topic specific classification. If it helps the candidates to identify in which topics they’re making more mistakes, and if they can present it in a nice graphic form, it would be much more helpful for the candidate to find out the weak areas on which they can work upon. Similarly, similar graphics can be provided for strength areas. So that after picking a few of these tests, candidates can be made quite aware of their strengths and weaknesses. This I believe will go a long way candidates to improve the score.

But all in all, it is perhaps one of the best mock test out there. Great work you guys.

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Go for it!!
August 11 | 2017
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     By sb0541 74 22

This review is for GMAT Club Tests (GCT) for Quant.
GCT Quant Questions are generally more difficult than QG or GMAT prep but it helps build stamina, helping tackle most difficult questions.
Explanations are very clear and many GCT Quant questions are discussed for shortcuts or alternative approach. You will also have option to ask for clarifications to experts and post your feedback on questions.
Further, Practicing GCT Questions helps you overcome common traps that are found in highest difficult questions.
Questions are pooled in from all Quant areas.
To Summarize, I would say GCT Quant is good and would advise to go for it.

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1 Commented by dhnjy on August 15, 2017
I came to know about e-GMAT in Nov 2016 from Gmat club portal. After going through several reviews by many of achievers, I decided to join the course. I went through the free trial and blown off by the approach guided by the expert. I am an avid reader of English Newspaper in India but never read in the way described by e-GMAT.
I started going through the course and got hang on the verbal section. Sentence correction module is taught in a way a layman can also build upon to match the standard of GMAT or I want to say that the course is overly detailed and sentences are operated upon in great detail. It is like a surgeon operating the most entangled veins.
The quant course is still getting better but the approach taught is still the same as taught for verbal. Especially the number system and algebra are taught in most elaborate manner.

All in all, this is one of the best course available in the market in this price range.