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GMAT Club Tests offer hard Quant CAT tests. The questions are generally above average difficulty though some easier ones have been introduced as well. You can see the exact distribution of questions here. To learn about the scoring algorithm precision, please see this discussion. Finally, GMAT Club tests require a subscription but 10 days a year, we offer them for free on US public holidays.
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May 23, 2023

Joined: Aug 17, 2020

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760 Q50 V42

GMAT Club Tests - Worth Buying


About quant, I have encountered similar quant questions on my real tests, so I think the question pool is really good. But you don't need to do all those questions. I bought the pro package and I scheduled each full-length test every week for 7 weeks. That will take all of the individual verbal tests (because the full-length tests or the individual tests share the same pool) and leave around 20 individual quant tests. You can complete 3-4 of these a week also. So I don't think you need to do the leftover questions, because they are quite a lot. Only doing them if you have time.

For verbal, I think RC questions are not as long and hard as the real test. For CR, I encountered questions with almost exactly similar reasoning on the real test, so I think it's really good. For SC, GMAT Club Tests are quite harder, so don't be put off by the difficulty.

Overall, for its price, I think it's worth buying for anyone in the final stage of preparation, aiming to reach 700+. These tests perfected my skills so that I could achieve 760 (Q50, V42) in my very first attempt, although my aim was only around 730-740 (which I what I achieved in the GMAT PREP Test 1 & 2).

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June 06, 2023

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Keeps the Pressure


While writing GMAT, you are under various pressure and nothing makes it more easier than mock CATs. GMAT CLUB Tests have very good difficulty level, more difficult than actual GMAT. This makes it superb, because actual GMAT pressure can never be recreated with mocks, except by making them difficult. The quality of the questions, specially of Quant, is great. Little improvement can be expected in the proof-reading for the Verbal questions. However, both the sections have pretty difficult and mind churning questions. Gmat club is one the best sources to study for gmat and these practice tests are great tools to simulate and practice for the real test. Forum discussions are particularly helpful with so many experts helping you out of tight spots.

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June 04, 2023

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Great Verbal Assessment

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I highly recommend using all the verbal tests from GMAT club. In my opinion, you have to practice time management during the verbal section. The GMAT club CATs offer a great mix of reading, CR, and SC. Sometimes, long reading passages can mess up time management. That's why it is imperative to practice full-length verbal tests to get better and more efficient. The SR questions might be a little bit harder than on the real GMAT test. However, if you can deal with those questions your self-confidence level is even higher before taking the actual test. Another great feature is the detailed analysis of your results based on the level of difficulty!

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May 28, 2023

Joined: May 05, 2019

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430 Q31 V19 (Online)

A must for score improvement


The UI where questions are displayed is at close proximity to what GMAT has, so one could get a good practice of the exam and if someone is looking for custom made question bank then it is a must to have in your pack.
Only place where it needs an improvement is in its section where the answers are displayed as it gets confusing when it sometime opens up a new pop-up/GMAT club window within the answer section.
In my opinion, apart from this there nothing to be improved and everyone should try at least once during their prep.

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May 25, 2023

Joined: Jul 01, 2018

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670 Q48 V34

Brilliant Test Prep Material


I am a mild active member of this club and through several months of engagement I earned Reward points. I used them to redeem GMAT Club Test Pro. It has brilliant set of questions for both Verbal and Quant, cool adaptive algorithm...and the best part is that with reward points, it costed me nothing to buy them. I have been using them since last 3 weeks and i love it. The Analytics and Reviews are great as well. I have not yet tried the Elite questions but I am sure they would be wonderful as well. I strongly recommend using it for your final preparation.

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May 14, 2023

Joined: Apr 06, 2021

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GMAT Club Tests: Your Ultimate Prep Companion for GMAT Success


The GMAT Club Tests have proven to be an invaluable resource in my journey towards achieving a great GMAT score. As an aspiring business school student, I was looking for a comprehensive and effective study tool, and these tests surpassed my expectations.

One of the standout features of the GMAT Club Tests is their extensive question bank. With thousands of practice questions covering every topic tested on the GMAT, I found myself well-equipped to tackle the exam with confidence. The questions are thoughtfully crafted and closely resemble the level of difficulty found on the actual test. This helped me develop a solid understanding of the concepts and improve my problem-solving skills.

The variety of question types is another aspect that makes these tests exceptional. Whether it's data sufficiency, sentence correction, critical reasoning, or reading comprehension, the GMAT Club Tests offer a comprehensive range of question types to ensure thorough preparation. This diversity allowed me to identify my strengths and weaknesses, enabling me to focus my efforts on areas that needed improvement.

One of the most valuable aspects of the GMAT Club Tests is the detailed explanations provided for each question. These explanations not only provide step-by-step solutions but also offer valuable insights into the underlying concepts. I found this immensely helpful in clarifying my doubts and reinforcing my understanding of the material.

Furthermore, the GMAT Club community adds another dimension to this resource. The platform allows users to interact with fellow test-takers, ask questions, and engage in discussions. This collaborative environment fosters a sense of community and provides an avenue for gaining additional insights and strategies from those who have already taken the test.

In terms of user experience, the GMAT Club Tests platform is intuitive and easy to navigate. The tests can be customized to focus on specific areas or taken in timed mode to simulate the real exam experience. Additionally, the detailed analytics provided after each test helped me track my progress and identify areas for improvement.

While the GMAT Club Tests are an outstanding resource, they are most effective when used in conjunction with other study materials. They serve as an excellent supplement to official GMAT guides and other reputable prep resources.

In summary, the GMAT Club Tests are an exceptional tool for GMAT preparation. With their extensive question bank, variety of question types, detailed explanations, and supportive community, they provide a comprehensive and interactive learning experience. I wholeheartedly recommend the GMAT Club Tests to anyone aspiring to achieve their best GMAT score.

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April 27, 2023

Joined: Jul 15, 2021

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690 Q49 V34

Great for Quant, Average for Verbal


The GMATClub Tests are the most reasonable tests you can find out there, especially if you've signed up for a course a offered by a company that has partnered with GMATClub - if that's the case then there are chances that your access to these tests could be complimentary. The quality of the questions, especially for Quant is top-notch. There can be improvement in the standard of the Verbal questions. Solving the questions nonetheless from both the sections proved to be of considerable help for me. The scoring is decently accurate too - not completely, but about say 80%. All in all, you can use these tests for your practice but not to assess yourself foryour readiness to give the GMAT.

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April 24, 2023

Joined: Jun 16, 2020

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quant review


It will help to improve quant scores beyond 48. The tricks gmat club test uses are the ones being tested in actual gmat exam. It helps in time management as well. Difficulty level is also the same as actual Gmat exam. The Gmat test Slightly high on the difficulty level. In depth Testing on basic concepts. Highly recommended for quants. These questions are more than enough to target a Q47 or above. I would recommend Gmat tests for anyone aiming to score high in the quant section, Very exhaustive but totally worth it. For verbal few questions are debatable for RC.

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April 23, 2023

Joined: May 26, 2021

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640 Q44 V33

GMAT Club Quant Tests


I love the quant tests, they make you think outside the box. GMAT club quant tests helped me get a Q48 on the real gmat. I really like how every question challenges you. Even though I did not give all the tests, I still gained a lot from them. I will now be definitely using the tests for my last attempt. The verbal tests i've use sparingly as no test can take the place of official questions and mocks.

10/10 recommend for anyone looking to get that elite score. I know I will be using the tests to get to a Q50 atleast.

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April 23, 2023

Joined: Apr 15, 2020

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620 Q45 V30

Quant Good Verbal Okayish


I had taken the test around three years back and i still remember how challenging the quant section was, quite comparable to real gmat test. However, verbal part is not well thought. Probably, that is the reason they had only around 10 verabl tests and 30 quant tests. Everyone should take gmat club test for quant prep. They give seven days free trial and also on holidays they allow to take test free. That's how i managed to complete them. If you want to practice as your choosen date then you can buy the subscription, and it is probably cheaper than most of the other tests.

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