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Our GMAT practice tests are built with adaptive calibration and Select Section Order, just like the real thing. Try one now and see how close you are to your goal score. Try a free Manhattan CAT now
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September 30, 2017

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760 Q49 V44

Definitely a buy!


After the official material that is provided by GMAC, these tests are the best indicators of GMAT performance that I have come across. The results that are projected by these CATs understate you true abilities by a small margin generally but the analytics that come along with them is priceless; they allow people to drill right down to the sub-topics that need work and can help people identify weak spots fairly quickly.

Having said this, I would also like to state that the quant section on these CATs are lengthier than the actual thing, not more difficult but longer, so time management is critical in these CATs.

I would certainly recommend these CATs to anyone aiming for a high score!

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August 26, 2017

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Hi,I've taken 3 MGMAT tests and,here is my review.
Verbal:It is at par with GMATprep Tests but I will prefer official tests provided by GMAC over Manhattan Verbal. The Scoring algorithm and the test Structure is highly accurate.
Quant Section: A lot of questions tested are way beyond scope of GMAT. Although ,they are good to build up your testing Stamina and improve your timing.
One shouldn't be disheartened by his/her Manhattan quant scores.
Here,a score of Q44 -46 is equivalent to Q48-50 on the actual gmat.
Conclusion: Spend your time on these if you are done with official material and looking for alternate resources.

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August 14, 2017

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Verbal Is Okay . Quant is way beyond Scope.


I've Taken 2 MGMAT tests.
Here is what I found.
Verbal is very similar to GMATprep Tests. However, GMAC tries to trick you into wordiness and testing you on topics which are not so easy to Understand. The Scoring algorithm and The test Structure is Highly Accurate.
Quant Section. A lot of questions tested are way beyond scope of GMAT , perhaps 900 level Questions which are long and tedious. Although , They are good to Build up your testing Stamina and Improve your timing and Pacing.
You Shouldn't be disheartened by your Quant Scores.
A score of q44 -46 is equivalent to q48-50 on the Real Gmat.

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July 30, 2017

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660 Q42 V39

Excellent addition to a set of great books

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As many other reviews have articulated, the gold standard for predictive testing are the GMAC tests available through GMATPREP, and while I do agree with this, I also believe these tests can be a great addition to any study plan.

Specifically, I think these tests can be used to supplement relaxed study, and to build stamina before test day. I used these tests between reviewing topics, and doing problem sets of between 5 and 15 questions at a time. It really is more challenging initially to stay focused throughout the entire duration, however the more you do these tests, the better prepared you will be to keep up the speed.

On the negative side, I don`t believe the quant section effectively mimics the question style I have seen in the OG books. This is a personal opinion, of course, but it did not impair my enjoyment of the software because I used these tests less for their predictive capability, and more so for building test stamina.

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July 12, 2017

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690 Q49 V35

Great analysis tool


Manhattan tests were suggested to me by one of my friends.
I was looking for something that can help to break down my test result in to minute details so that i can actually see where i am going wrong.
And Manhattan tests are exactly that.
I have been using them for past 20 days now when they started the promotional offer of 10$ (best bargain deal ever)

I will list down some pros and cons of the test:

1. Best in class analysis
2. Good collection of questions
3. Easy to use website interface and the test screen is quite similar to the actual test (other than color coding)
4. Value for money

1. Some of the Quant questions are unnecessarily difficult
2. It is easy to trick the scoring algorithm once you know the logic . This can ultimately lead to score inflation
3. Some of questions explanations are not that good.

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July 01, 2017

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I recently bought the CATs after my subscription expired. Manhattan team is really professional and courteous. I have some concepts to improve but I heard the verbal section is harder than it is in the exam. It is better to do harder questions to understand your growth and stamina.

The CATs provide detailed Analysis and If you have the course the 1st essay is rated by experts. The team can provide some question that could be topic specific as well.

I believe Manhattan team is the 1st one to change its CAT after the update from GMAC. This shows they are one of the top leaders in this buisness.

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June 14, 2017

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5 Stars for 5 Star Tests


I would give these tests and GMAT Navigator 8 starts if there was an option.
All I can say is guys please buy them, if not for the detailed analysis and the OG Topic and Sub Topic wise breakup then for the fact that they are cheap.
I got a very good deal on them and they really helped me improve my score and am looking forward to fully utilize them on my 2nd attempt.

Manhattan Navigator is a must for all people refering to Manhattan Books and tests are a must for these people to also as whatever we learn from those books is tested directly on the tests once we are done wiih OG
I cant even describe how easy it becomes to clear GMAT with just these 2 tools

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November 22, 2021

Hi Aayush

Glad to know that you had a wonderful time with MGMAT's tools and resources. However, in the interest of students specifically who are not MGMAT's students and probably didn't get a great deal on CAT's, could you please elaborate more on why would you rate their CATs 5 or 8-9 stars?
Probably the quality of questions?
Algorithm's proximity to actual GMAT?
Answer explanations?
Look and feel of the exam?

PS: I am a GMAT aspirant too and looking out for prep resources especially test series such as Manhattan


May 24, 2017

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690 Q49 V36

Manhattan GMAT CATs


I decided to try these tests and the best way was not to buy the tests directly but to buy one of the Manhatten GMAT book, which gives the test for free.

Well I can definitely say that the quant section of the Tests was difficult and once you take the test and the analyze the answers you will definitely learn a lot of new funda that might come useful in real test, but the difficulty level and the test algorithm is way above the real GMAT exam's standard.

Coming to the Verbal section, the question and logic of the CR section was not good enough, the SC section was kind of OK to learn some concepts. The most positive section of the test in Verbal was the RC section, this is what was really eye opening experience for me. The RC passages and questions especially the inference ones were very very good and pulls your attention to the critical mindset that is needed to take GMAT.

Overall I would say , if someone wants to just feel the heat of the GMAT exam experience and then later wants to analyse each test and its answers then Manhattan GMAT CATs are helpful. But if you judge your real GMAT capabilities with the results of these tests it will be little off target on your part.

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April 19, 2017

Joined: Jan 01, 2014

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690 Q48 V35

best cat


The exams provided great basis. I highly recommend purchasing the tests and going through all questions in a timed environment. I used the test to help my exam, and currently I have improved my score from a 500 - 700 +. If you consistently use the software and book you will improve. highly recommend.
MGMAT CATs have questions of a higher level of difficulty when compared to the ones of other CATs available online for practice . I would strongly recommend to take CATs offered by others like veritas, gmat club to get a better understanding of where one stands.
Overall, Manhattan´s CATs are, have challenging questions and great explanations.

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March 19, 2017

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720 Q47 V42

One of the best tests for your GMAT PREP.


I got my subscription to MGMAT tests with a purchase of MGMAT Sentence correction guide. Each MGMAT book contains a 32 digit code which can be used to access the tests.

MGMAT tests are one of the best tests available in the market. They are a notch tougher than the real GMAT which makes it worth practicing with.

Quant- MGMAT quant is one of the toughest quant tests out there. The difficulty level of the questions is much higher than the GMATPREP or even the actual GMAT. I always ran out of time while practicing MGMAT tests which never happened on the GMATPREP tests. Secondly I felt that the quant questions on the MGMAT tests involved intensive calculation. However practicing higher difficulty questions definitely prepares you well for the actual test.

Verbal- I felt the verbal section was a level below the actual GMAT. There were a few SC and CR questions with which I didn’t agree with but overall nice and challenging questions. RC was definitely tough and more often included long passages. Overall a decent practice.

Post test analysis- I loved this part as they give you a nice detailed analysis of your test which helps the test taker evaluate their tests in details and MGMAT has great explanations for all the questions which helps the test taker improve their weak areas.

Scoring Algorithm- I normally scored between 650-730 on the MGMAT tests. My low scores were mainly because of low quant score. But the algorithm is still better than most GMAT prep Companies and close to the GMAT PREP tests.

Overall I think the practice tests are great.

Word of advice- Do purchase the MGMAT Sentence correction guide as it is a great guide to learn all the SC concepts and the guide will also give you access to the MGMAT tests.

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