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March 15, 2017

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720 Q50 V37
600 Q48 V27

Great Practice


I tried the MGMAT CATS twice(as in take all their 6 tests at different stages in my GMAT journey). They are the next best thing after the OG and GMAC tests.
The first time my goal was to get a 650 and I was always struggling with verbal. MGMAT helped me increase my quant from low 40s to mid 40s but I did not see any improvement in the verbal section. My CAT scores were in the 550 - 620 range. I was not heavily impressed. Almost after a year, I made some major changes to my GMAT strategy, studied obsessively and came back to MGMAT. To my surprise, the MGMAT CATs were very accurate. They are on par with the GMAC/GMAT Prep CATS.
I was told that MGMAT is slightly more difficult than the GMAT Prep tests. I didn't think so. The Quant questions will prepare you for a high 40s/low50 score. The verbal - I have to disagree with some of their SC questions - they don't adhere to GMAT grammar concepts 100% of the time.
I think if anyone takes this material seriously, the time spent is worthwhile.

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February 21, 2017

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740 Q50 V41

MGMAT CATs - Solid Quant Ordinary Verbal


I used the 6 tests that I bought from MGMAT CAT. Quant was so much more difficult than the real one but the verbal is slightly easier. Don't be disheartened if you don't score in your target range soon after you begin preparing. It does take a good 6-7 weeks to get near the target and from then on, it's about attention to detail. What mistakes you may be committing consistently and how much of that you can correct. Also, remember to make use of the IRs and the AWAs as they give a good sense of fatigue - it also helped me even though I'd not prepared IR for the real deal. Having said all of this, this is the closest you could get to the GMAT prep practice test.

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February 21, 2017

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Must Do as a review for GMAT


After purchasing the 9 session study guide from MGMAT I was offered 6 CAT exams for free for purchasing the self study session. I have to say these are extremely accurate assesments of your ability to perform well on the actual GMAT exam. While the Quant portion I felt was more challenging than the actual GMAT exam the Verbal portion was well within the level of difficulty of the actual exam. I would highly recommend using MGMAT CAT exam along with GMATCLUB exams in order to assess and bolster your current quant ability. They provide excellent explanations for answers I did not answer correctly. The exams also helped to pinpoint areas where I could improve upon my Quant Score which I always had trouble with. I felt the Verbal portion was not as challenging but if you really want to challenge yourself I would highly recommend using previous years LSAT exams.

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February 01, 2017

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650 Q41 V38

GMAT Prep Books


The Manhattan prep books have really helped me to brush up on my basic concepts and very quickly move to advanced concepts and techniques. The practice test which is a bit tougher than the normal GMAT also helps to challenge yourself and try to improve your level to an acceptable range.

I really enjoyed the questions in the advances techniques book which gives an opportunity to really test yourself on the tougher concepts and push yourself to do creative thinking which would be normally a scary thing to have to do on the day of your exam itself.

Highly recommend Manhattan as a great prep provider for GMAT.

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January 04, 2017

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730 Q48 V41

Manhattan Quant harder than actual GMAT


I found that the Manhattan CATs were great practice material and that the online platform + tools were great at analyzing your performance and identifying key areas for improvement. One issue I did find was that the quant material in the Manhattan CATs were much more difficult that the official GMAT algorithms. It's not necessary a bad thing - just make sure to do the official tests as well before convincing yourself that you'll never break 700. To put in perspective, my official score was much higher than any of my practice CATs, and was mainly skewed by the difference in quant score.

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November 29, 2016

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730 Q49 V40

Brilliant test prep material!


This is the BEST prep material apart from the GMAT PREP CATS
1. The questions come with a lot of detailed explanation. Hence one can learn a lot by taking the CATS.
2. There are six CATs - hence there is a wide variety of questions to try out
3. The analysis and insights on strengths and weakness are BRILLIANT. They will really help one identify the areas of improvement and hone it to perfection

The math section is relatively harder. Hence don't worry too much about it. Don;t try these tests as question banks. Try them as real mock exams once you complete your preparation - that is way more effective!

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November 09, 2016

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460 Q40 V14

Made life bit easy


I stared using Manhattan material to boost my English specially SC being a non native speaker. Each topic is explained so well with examples that after couple of weeks you start analyzing the sentences (set of rules) when you read any articles, newspaper,etc. All the important topics are covered in SC guide. Always try to cover a topic from SC Guide and then solve the SC questions from GMAT club. You can also download the app from App store and read them. You will find different types of problem e.g. easy medium and hard problems, which really helps you to boost your confidence.. All the concepts and tricks are well explained. Test series are well balanced I found quant bit lengthy. If you are non native speaker I think Manhattan is the best material to start with. Quant materials are really helpful to build your concepts.
All the Best. Cheers!!!

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September 12, 2016

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710 Q47 V40

Manhattan Prep CATs are Excellent


To start, I want to be very clear: The Manhattan Prep CATs are excellent. While the Quant is much harder and more verbose than what you will find on your GMAT, it prepares you more than adequately. I found that when I took CATs from the actual GMAT website, the quant seemed easy by comparison. I took all 6 CATs... The first test I took? I scored a 500.

I thought I was done for. I was a 3.9 Phi Beta Kappa student at a top 30 school and here I was, blowing it on the one test that matters. But I kept focused and really leveraged those detailed score analyses. This breaks down your strengths and weakness by topic. Couple that with a detailed answer guide and you'll be able to sort through your mistakes incredibly thoroughly.

Test after test (matched with intense self study and the 9 week course) and I saw a little improvement test to test. 500 to 520, then 580 to 630, and finally 640 to 700. Now, I felt good going into the test but with that range, I thought I would score between 580 and 650. BUT, those Manhattan CATs prepared me so much, the test felt like a breeze. When I hit "show scores" I felt good. Sure enough, that 710 popped up on the screen and I knew I had Manhattan Prep to thank. Highly highly recommend their material across the board. For non-native english speakers, the verbal is very easy to follow and for people with a good grasp of grammar and english, their break down on how to tackle CR and RC is super helpful.

So if you feel good going in with self study, the book set and CATS are definitely worth it. If you want to combine your study with some teacher/classroom help, my 9 week online course with Birdwell was amazing and helpful.

Thank you MGMAT!

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September 06, 2016

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790 Q51 V51

Perfect Score


Okay, not quite prefect: 790 (Q:51, V:51, IR:8, AWA:6).

I accomplished this in one try by completely giving myself over to the MGMAT system. I read (practically memorized) every book (for quant, I only skimmed verbal) and problem. Took every practice test. Redid every problem I got wrong multiple times.

I started from a relatively low base of knowledge (I had somehow never encountered prime factorization), but the MGMAT system got me up to speed. This took 3 months of weekend and social life killing study, but it worked. (Note: I only used the books, did not take the class.)

Yes, the practice tests are harder than the real thing, but think of it as resistance training. By the time you get to the game, it's easy. On my first MGMAT practice test I got 640. I never scored higher than 730 on the MGMAT practice test. But the actual test was a breeze - it was the first time I had ever finished the IR section (I took 9 practice tests, and never finished IR) and finished quant with 3 minutes to spare.

I absolutely could not have gotten the score I did, in the time I had available, without MGMAT. In particular, their test-taking strategy tips in the advanced quant book are invaluable. I cannot recommend their system and services more highly.

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July 18, 2016

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Manhattan GMAT CATs


The exams provided great basis. I highly recommend purchasing the tests and going through all questions in a timed environment. I used the test to help my exam, and currently I have improved my score from a 500 - 700 +. If you consistently use the software and book you will improve. highly recommend.

Really enjoyed the experience.

The exams provided great basis. I highly recommend purchasing the tests and going through all questions in a timed environment. I used the test to help my exam, and currently I have improved my score from a 500 - 700 +. If you consistently use the software and book you will improve. highly recommend.

Really enjoyed the experience.

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August 11, 2016

Hey guys so I have recently taken up the gmat exam and I have tried the practice test series of Manhattan , Veritas and Kaplan along with the two free practice test and my rankings would be as follows:

1. GMAT Prep Official Software : This mimics the actual gmat test as close as possible and would give you the best possible estimate where you might land on the actual gmat. The questions are relevant and the scoring too.

2. Manhattan Test series : They have a very good question bank and prepares you really well for the actual exam. The scoring system is also pretty much accurate.

3. Veritas Test series : This is equivalent to Manhattan. I have just put it after manhattan because the questions may be a just little less competent than the manhattan. I say this because after you have given a couple of tests one or two question in the subsequent tests may be repeated or are very much similar that you know the answers without solving them. The scoring is also pretty much accurate. The advantage of Veritas over manhattan is that the analysis after the test that it provides-pretty detailed and helpful.

4. Kaplan Test : The questions of this test are equally good compared to manhattan. However, the scoring system seems to be inflated. So if you are giving the test in order to boost your morale then this might be a good pick :-p . The test taking experience and questions are on par with the other test series.

I hope the post helps!

Happy preparations and best of luck for GMAT.