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Prepare for the GMAT in the most realistic way possible. Veritas Prep’s GMAT practice tests are entirely computer-adaptive, just like the real test, guaranteeing you get the most realistic GMAT questions and the most accurate scores. Try it free now!

[Tests] Veritas Prep Reviews

[Tests] Veritas Prep Veritas Prep GMAT CATs
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November 28, 2016

Joined: Aug 27, 2016

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690 Q49 V34

The scores are bang on target


The veritas tests are as close to the actual GMAT as possible. My scores were perfectly hinged around my actual score.

- Unlike MGM, Veritas has moderate level Math questions, this actually helps you retain the level of confidence that you ll end up having in the actual test.
- The question bank is broader than other test platforms. This means that your scores don't get affected by non-availability of questions in the question bank, leading to you scoring extravagantly high.

the test interface is not the best in class. The answer descriptions are small and ambiguous at times. Having said these things, I believe they are not a deal breaker.

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November 25, 2016

Joined: Jun 15, 2016

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740 Q49 V41

Relevant CAT tests for Quant, with good analytics


I bought the set of 7 CAT tests for $19 during one of the discount periods.

The Quant section is very similar to the actual GMAT. The level of difficulty and scoring algorithm is about as close as you can get to the real thing. My actual score is 1 point higher than my VP CAT Quant score.

Besides, the user interface and analytics were tremendously helpful when revising certain concepts and going through questions which I got wrong.

The verbal section seems to be harder than the one on GMAT Prep and the actual exam. My scores on VP CAT verbals were about 4-7 points off from my GMAT Prep scores and my actual score.

Because of this huge discrepancy in the scoring for the verbal section, my overall scores were about 60-70 points off from my actual score.

Overall, I would suggest that one buys these tests during the discount periods. Then, one could use it as a good Quant practice, keeping in mind that the verbal section is skewed which can significantly distort ones overall score.

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November 12, 2016

Joined: Jun 21, 2013

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Self-reported Score:
740 Q50 V40

Veritas Prep GMAT Test series Review


The level of difficulty at Veritas Prep Tests is good, higher than what you can expect in GMAT exam.
Its quant is easier than that of Manhattan Prep test while Verbal is on the tougher side.
The problem with these tests is that the clocks keep ticking even when you have submitted the answer and the next question comes to the screen. So people with slow internet connection are at loss here you may lose some time depending on your internet speed. This problem was not there in Manhattan Prep tests.
Still the true indicator according to me is GMAC tests.

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October 17, 2016

Joined: Jun 18, 2015

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Self-reported Score:
650 Q50 V29

Awesome Bundle for Practice and a set of 7 tests


Veritas test have a good collection of questions, and it helps in predicting your current level of preparation. I have given 5 tests in Veritas and have constantly scored between 610 to 650 in them. The real thing gave me a score of 650. The tests seems to be a good gauge of one's ability (My ability currently is for 650 so can provide details for this level. I am not sure if the quality of the questions is good enough when one is hoping for 730+. Point to be noted is that I have maintained a constant score of 49, 50 and 51 in the Quant. For verbal my score fluctuates between 22 to 30). So one can definitely take this a good Gauge of Quant, Though for Verbal I am not qualified to comment yet. Will definitely do so once i exhaust the other two tests after I am done preparing for my second attempt. Nevertheless this package is having a good collection of questions for practice which comes free in the test bundle.
Overall it is a great deal to get the practice questions and 7 test all under 20$.

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November 01, 2017

how can you get an offer of 7-test under 20$?

November 23, 2017

right now these tests are available for 10$

May 28, 2016

Joined: Jun 25, 2015

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Verified score:
740 Q50 V40

Great tests


The tests by Veritas Prep are very good. The interface is also very good as it allows to understand the key weak areas. The level is a notch above the actual GMAT level. But that is what is needed for a thorough preparation. The quant difficulty level is higher than actual, but the verbal level is very close to the actual GMAT level. One gets 7 tests to practice. However, it seems that the tests are not adaptive and Veritas should also show the level against each question. The analytics could also be a bit more detailed. It is worth taking for $24

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February 11, 2016

Joined: Jul 26, 2015

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Self-reported Score:
750 Q49 V42

Not an accurate indicator of true ability at all


I got the Veritas GMAT CATs on submitting my GMAT Prep screenshot as a promotion they were running. I had scored 730 on GMATPrep1.

When i attempted the first test, i was set back with the result - 650. Admittedly, i had prepared for only a month and I had another month and half to my exam date, but 650 felt too low.

I continued working and taking the Veritas tests at regular intervals. I never crossed 700. Panicky, i took tests from Manhattan (scores ranging from 710 - 740) Economist (710) and the GMATPreps (730, 760, 770, 760)

I scored 750 on the real thing, on a day when i know i made a few mistakes in quant.

Overall, my evaluation is that the Veritas algorithm is very harsh - it punishes you severely if you get 2 wrong in a row. The quality of the questions in teh verbal section wasnt impressive either.

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