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May 01, 2018

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680 Q48 V35

It may not give true picture


I had heard a lot about the Veritas GMAT CATS and decided to buy it. I got 6 CATs. When I gave my 1st CAT, I didn’t score that well in it. I got a little disheartened. Then I saw at a few places that Veritas CATs are on a tougher side. I geared up and gave it 5 more CATs. Eventually my score increased but the things that I noticed in the CATs were that the difficulty level of the questions were not even. The later CATs had tougher questions rather than a balanced set and despite attempting a lot of incorrect ones, my score improved. This doesn’t show the true picture of your practice and preparation. The questions were good and the solutions were very well explained.

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April 09, 2018

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Veritas Prep TEST series


1. I recently bought the Veritas test series consisting of 7 tests/mocks.
2. The free question bank that Veritas provides you with is really helpful, with good quality Verbal Ability questions.
3. I find the Verbal part of Veritas to be more challenging with a range of diverse question set.
4. But its somehow difficult to score high on these mocks. I could only touch 680-700, as compared to getting scores in the range of 710-730 on official gmat prep mocks.
5. They run promotional offers in between where you can buy the same test set that is priced at $49 for as low as $15. I did the same.

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February 19, 2018

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I purchased these tests at a promotional rate of $15. These test have been very consistent so far. I have scored 660, 690, and 700 respectively. One complaint is that sometimes a certain test will seem to emphasize a certain topic such as probability or integer properties. Both the verbal and the quantitative sections have well constructed questions. My other complaint is that the question difficulty will ramp up very fast. If you get the first two to three questions right, you are sure to get a 700-750 level question. This is true for verbal and quantitative sections. Overall I am pleased with my purchase, especially with promotional rate, and recommend these to other people who want high quality unofficial tests.

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February 03, 2018

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730 Q50 V38

They are not Great!


Probably the next best non-official CATs after MGMATs. Honestly, with 6 GMAT Preps and 6MGMATs, you don't need any other CATS. Those are more than sufficient for any score.
I took the Veritas CATs, but didn't them very good. The quality of the questions are not that great! Plus the Quant scoring algorithm, in particular would give you a HIGH score. In general I think 6 GMAT Prep, MGMATs and GMAT Club Tests are more than sufficient for practice. Use Veritas only if you want to build stamina or if you run out of official and MGMAT CATs , but don't rely on the scores you get on these.

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January 28, 2018

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710 Q49 V38

2nd Best Mocks


I purchased these mock tests because my friend recommended Veritas. My experience with them has been good.
Though, the quant section does not mimic the real GMAT and often gives erratic results. The verbal section is score is very close. I gave a veritas prep mock a week before my real GMAT and score within +-1 range of the Veritas test Verbal score. The timing split per section really helps to devise a nice plan for your D-Day.

I'd say that Veritas Tests are next best to the Official GMATPrep Exams.

Recommended if you want to craft a plan to skip questions and analyse where you spending the most time.

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January 25, 2018

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570 Q49 V19



Hello all. I used Veritas CAT for GMAT. I found them very useful in simulating test environment. Veritas CAT's SC and RC are especially very good. Quants on other hand is on a little higher side than GMAT quants , helping us to score a good score in GMAT official exam in quants. Veritas CAT's algorithm for scoring is also very accurate and we can say its very strict -> if you do consecutive 3 wrong - you will be highly penalised. Similarly, if you do a low level ques wrong for eg 450 level ques wrong -> forget about getting a good score in Veritas CAT -> This means -> scoring system is very tight and top notch -> You cant afford doing silly mistakes in easy ques and repetitive wrong questions.
Overall -> i would like to recommend Veritas CAT

I scored Q49 IR 5 AWA 4.5 and V 19 ( v19 came due to some bad experience and circumstances -> i was hoping for 700+) anyways -> IF you can score above 680 in VERITAS CAT -> feel relaxed to get 700+ in official exam.

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January 23, 2018

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700 Q49 V40

Harder than the real one


I have been using Veritas for a couple of years. It is harder than the real test and harder than the OG. It is good to have harder questions, but sometimes it puts additional preassure over your preparation for the exam. Plus you might be learning things that you shouldn´t, in the sense that you might be checking your mistakes on hard questions when you should be studying basic topics to improve the basics of quant and verbal section. The other thing about Veritas is that they only have 7 tests. So if you took all of them, you would have more options even if you buy again. It could be a good product if you already have a good grasp of the basics and want to practice around the 700 level.

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January 07, 2018

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600 Q40 V33

Well balanced test


Enrolled for Veritas test in 2016 to evaluate my performance in the online CAT and close correlation to achieve my GMAT score. It has helped me gradually building the confidence to improve in GMAT from 400s to 540 to ultimately 650 in GMAT mocks.
Also it has a similar adaptive pattern to arrange questions based on one persons ability, a method that would be similar to actual GMAT exam. It is one of the closest simulation of your actual GMAT score. Test analysis of timing in last 10 question and sectional analysis after the mock makes veritas test makers evaluate your comprehensive performance that is going to help you improve the critical area in your GMAT prep.

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December 25, 2017

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700 Q49 V36

Veritas CATs ---- A must have in GMAT journay


The CATs provided by Veritas are intensely helpful. They provide a total of 7 tests out of which 1 is free and other tests you have to buy. Time to time they will give discounts also over the purchases but believe me even if you do not get discount, go for the tests. I would not disagree if someone says that quant is on a little harder side if compared to real test but that will help for sure. The collection of questions is very good. Verbal is amazing. Yes no one can copy the reals algorithm as used in real tests but one can try to bring their algos as near as possible and this is what veritas has done.
I am not very comfortable with the marking scheme they follow where they provide marks out of 60 instead of 51 but rest of the detailed description about your test and the report generated will help you a lot for sure.

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September 16, 2017

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660 Q47 V34

Veritas tests are a good source of practising the real thing !


I used the veritas tests to prepare for my test. I bought them from a promotion only 19 dollars. They deserve it ! You will get to know how to take the test. Preparation is a lot about taking the test not just about knowledge. With taking these tests you will find out the correct strategy after your 2- 3 first tests. Their scoring algorith is not far from truth but, as for all unofficial tests out there, you should take the score with a pintch of salt.
The algorithm they use on distributing questions is not really great.You wont hear this much but i have seen that they usually give you very hard questions 700-800 level after you answer the 2- 3 first questions right. This is far from truth. The actual gmat doesnt adapt so steeply. The actual gmat will give you such difficult questions later, taking into consideration your performance. What happened(in the quantitative) to me( as being a little proud myself) i wanted to answer all questions correct and with this,i used to spend 3-4 minutes to the hard questions and losing track of time (early in the test). If you want to score high on these tests, (around Q48-49 i mean) you should not spend more than 3 minutes in a difficult question. Get that wrong and the system will give you easier questions. You dont have to solve many 700 level questions in these test to get a Q51. You can do it with a high accuracy on a little easier questions.
However, the actual test is not like that. You will see many normal questions before you start getting the really hard ones.
Dont overstress with the results of these tests. They are good, use them in the learning process. The only good measures of your level are the official tests and what else, the gmat itself.
Overall, good and cheap choice.

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