November 10, 2020

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Excellent Midreview of GMAT BUSTERS


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Course GMATBusters 10 Hour Package

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This is a midreview of GMATBUSTERS.

GMATBUSTERS didn't ask me to make this review, but I have found such an increase I wanted to do it.

GMATBUSTERS is a very detailed oriented. He is very good at finding ways to constantly trip you up. When he does trip you up he notes down for each student how you tripped up and then re-attacks you days later so you can have the knowledge embedded deep in your memory.

GMAT BUSTERS has a lot of experience. He is able to give you knowledge that you won't find anywhere else including the top gmat courses.

He has given me so much confidence in my learning.

I have delayed this review because I didn't want him to be overwhelmed with interest while i was still learning from him. I will give a full review when I'm fully done with the course.

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