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Thank you, Stefanie!


A little background about me: I'm an Indian with 3 years of work ex at matriculation, 2.7 GPA, and 710 GMAT. I worked with Stefanie on 3 schools - Darden, Cornell, and UNC.

I signed up with Admissionado after talking to 3-4 consultancies. I had a few reasons for this - their essay style which felt inherently 'me', their feedback style which I felt most comfortable with, and most importantly, their cheerful approach toward the process (which helped me feel excited about it).

Stefanie was great at easing me into the process. I was a ball of anxiety at the beginning, but later, seeing how the essays were shaping up, I started to relax. Stefanie and I drew up an action plan initially which was great while fleshing out the outlines for each of the essays. She had great pointers and was lightning quick when it came to replying. Even though their official turnaround time is 3 days, Stefanie sent my essays back to me in 2 and they were thoroughly dissected, just as I'd expected and hoped. What I loved most was how her comments did such a great job at directing me toward what I had to write.

The editing part, although stressful, was a really fun process because of the way she gave feedback. I also loved how the only time they went dark was during Christmas, and that was only for a day. They were available on all days and did a superb job of adhering to the deadlines, always delivering before.

All in all, it was a lovely experience and I wouldn't have believed it two months ago, but I genuinely enjoyed the whole process, thanks to Stefanie & Admissionado!
Special shout out to Claudia who was super super understanding during my payment issue and extremely helpful throughout the whole thing.

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