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I started my preparation in September 2019. In january 2020, I realized that my quant was not improving anymore so I tried GMAT Busters 10-hour package. It has been a true revolution. Sir GMAT Buster can spot students' weak points very quickly and start very soon to advise on what to do to improve the score. I found DS tough, but as soon as I started this tutoring, I realized many intelligent tricks (such as using one statement to gain a deeper insight on the former one) that I would have never noticed alone. After GMAT Buster's tutoring I felt that I had gained a higher-level approach to numerical reasoning, and this is exactly what I needed to get a 48+ on the real GMAT quant section. Sir GMAT Buster is a very kind guy who is able to truly support students, not only academically but also emotionally. I felt his dedication and passion during tutoring hours. He is very good at tailoring the GMAT preparation depending on your approach to problems. I highly suggest GMAT Busters to anyone who aspire to get a 48-49+ at GMAT quant section.

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