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Course GMATBusters One hour Package

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Taking Praveen sir’s quant classes is one of the best decisions I have ever made. I have raised my quant score from a Q34 to Q48 in my practice tests.
I got to know about Praveen sir on gmatclub when he used to host the GMATBusters Weekly Quant Quizzes. The questions he used to post in the quiz were amazing. His simple approaches for the toughest questions are amazing.
So I got in touch with sir and started working on my quant, something that really worked for me was his perfect approaches for every question. He taught me to think logically rather than to focus only on mugging the formulas and the traditional math techniques. He also showed me different patterns in every question. The important technique he used was after solving a question with logic he made me alter the question in a different way and then asked me to solve the question to get a hold of the pattern and how GMAT throws different tricks at you...!!!!
We have classes on skype and the method he uses is amazing. The quiz and all my doubts are discussed in detail from scratch. The sessions are also recorded for my reference as I may want to look at the approaches again.
Praveen sir teaches more like a friend and with different level of patience as I don’t seem to get things and concepts that easily. He always stuck to my pace and my understanding. I always used to struggle on the geometry section, Praveen sir’s innovative geometry approach is like a madness. With that approach you can solve any geometry DS question on the GMAT. This approach has helped improve my accuracy on the geo section.
Moreover, Praveen sir’s class schedules are very convenient for me, there has never been a delay or anything like that before our classes. We even had classes sometimes at 1130 pm as I was comfortable at that time and he was as energetic as he is at 10am. He is always available via whatsapp which is super convenient and he responds promptly we even have our own doubt group where I share my doubts and he always gives prompt responses. He helped me boost up my confidence in quant. Now I look at every quant question know how to approach it.
Ultimately, Praveen sir is an exceptional tutor, a coach and guide. He helped me improve from a 34 to 48 on my prep and I am still working with him get past that barrier. All I can say is if you are struggling with quant and you actually don’t know where your quant prep is going, go with Praveen sir sessions, he will help you achieve your desired score.!!!!!

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