May 18, 2021

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If you are in race for reaching Q51 simply go for it.


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As i was from engineering background i was quite confident in Quant so thought of preparing on my own and was scoring 42 to 45 continuously in mocks and i really don't know where i was lagging behind upon analysis and there i got to know about GMATBusters (Quant busters) from my friend and have seen reviews from GMAT club and reached him directly and asked him if he can help and right away he responded quite positively and he wanted me to go through his You tube channel videos and i felt quite good and went back to him and have taken the 10hr online package .
I felt awe with the approach of him in solving the questions because he not only solved quite efficiently but also with little amount of time and that approach can be adopted by everyone in solving the questions within constrained time and that helped me in saving time for questions where we need to give extra effort. After the completion of class he was open to Q&A for that session and he used to spent hours in resolving the doubts and also he was open to zoom sessions whenever you are having doubts other than classroom session. He was more of a friend than tutor in answering or resolving the doubts .
After completing the classes i was able to understand and analyze where i am making the mistakes and was scoring continuously 48 to 50 and i went for exam directly and scored 47 and was quite disappointed with my performance. Immediately i reached GMATBusters with the ESR and he gave me the inputs over zoom sessions and make me to solve advanced level official questions under his supervision and used to point out the mistakes and advised me to revise the topics where i am lagging .The best part of his tutoring is his recorded videos and timely constrained Quizzes (basic to advanced) which are very easy to cover .
After that i was completely confident with Quant and told GMATBusters that i am going to take the exam and score Q51 he was like very happy by seeing my confidence and he pushed me to go forward and guess what i scored Q51 in my second attempt along with v38 which gave me a decent score of 740.

Of course immediately after the exam i called GMATBusters and told that i scored Q51.One thing i want to highlight here is he is someone who will push you to reach the higher limit and he is tutor for u in teaching, friend for u in motivating.

I will ask everyone to try at least a session with him for Quant and can came to an conclusion why he is quite good at what he is doing .@GMATBusters: All the best and keep pushing your limits .
Thanks for everything !!

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October 03, 2021

all reviews i see are for Quant. hows the verbal course? Is it as good as Quant?