September 14, 2020

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Terrible Experience


Hi guys!

I want to tell you what happened today at the test centre—a bizarre situation.

I took the GMAT in Milan in a test centre that has been authorized by Pearson Vue 4 months ago. I think that the one I took this morning was the first GMAT test they offered in the test centre since of course here in Italy the pandemic situation has been quite bad from the beginning until now.

I arrived at the test for 1 hour in advance, and I was focused and energetic. I got 770 and 720 in the last two simulations, (the 770 was inflated since I knew 3 questions that I saw on YT/GMATClub) and I felt quite confident.

The test was scheduled at 10.00 am, and I got there 9/9.15. The proctors weren't able to obtain the codes to let us begin the exam, and the exam started 1 hour and 30 minutes delayed (11.30), the situation totally bombed me. I completely lost my focus. We were all distraught.

We haven't been provided with the GMAT erasable notepad guys!! I am not joking! They just gave us one plastic sheet (ONLY ONE), and we have been told to raise our hand after finishing it. WE WERE ALL CRAZY FOR THAT!
The proctors didn't have earplugs with them, and they brought us during the quant section interrupting us while working on the exam and time was going. Of course, after 3 problems (I got a geometry one) I finished my only sheet, and so I raised my hand while wasting too many seconds. The proctor came in 2 minutes, and I was not able to write down anything. At that point, I decided that it was really a horrible situation and I would have lost a total of 10 minutes just continuously asking a new sheet every 5 minutes. We have been provided with rubber, but the desk was not fixed, and so everything was unstable while rubbing the only paper I had.
It goes without saying that there weren't soundproof divisors between us.

At that point, I was sure I was aiming for a 600 at a max of course. I decided to quit and get a 200 to make everything more dramatic with the GMAC. Soon other guys quit.

I am so angry with the test centre, and I've already called the London office which will call me back tomorrow. Same with the US headquarters.

Not only I want a refund but also like to ask for having another exam as soon as possible in another test centre. While we were waiting for the exam to begin, I talked with a guy who has already taken GMAT in another test centre in Milan and told me that everything was fine as it should be.

I haven't read anything like that so far here on the forum, and I would like to know what you think about that.


At least not now that it was clear they didn't have any experience at all.

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