July 23, 2017
Lucy Phuong

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exactly 70-point improvement :-)


Improvement 70 Points

Course EMPOWERgmat Online Course

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As a non-native speaker, honestly I didn't think of Empower GMAT as the best choice when I considered which course to take. Then the 70-point guarantee of the course draw my attention. Although at the end of the course, I am not qualified for the score policy, I was still happy to “absorb” so many valuable lessons that the course delivered. I chose to gradually study each lesson, adopt suggested strategies if necessary and practice as much as possible in 1-month duration. You know what, I used to think that I don’t need to study Quant, because my Q score was pretty cool already. However, applying 2 methods of Rich, I could finish the Quant session with 15 minutes remained and my accuracy level stayed the same. Regarding Verbal, I love the way Max explained in details every OG questions and built the habit of identifying what type of errors in each wrong options. I cannot describe how I am proud of myself when I applied that habit to every single question, I was able to find out which option is tempting and to explain why that tempting one is just a runner-up.
Last but not least, thank you, Brian and Tom, for your assistance emails whenever I had concerns, from technical problems to academic and strategic questions.
Thank you! :-)

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