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Boston College - Carroll


This review is for Carroll

Program Full Time MBA

Class of 2017

Experience during the program

Boston College is a hidden gem program. The school does a great job in bringing in top notch professors and due to the small size of the program they are extremely accessible. Aside from traditional core classes like finance and accounting, the school does a good job with building practical skillsets (such as learning SQL and R). There are also a multitude of professional development courses such as public speaking and preparing for case studies.

The school also offers a lot of field study opportunities. One of the programs TechTrek allows you to visit tech companies in Seattle and San Francisco and connect with BC alums at top firms like Google, Facebook, Apple, and AirBnb. There is also a cool asset management class called CIRM that allows you to learn valuation and if you finish the three sequences you can be part of a team that helps manage part of the endowment.

About professors, classes and curriculum

The best part of Carroll is the student body. The students are smart but also extremely collaborative. The people here are very warm and down-to-earth, and will go out of their way to help each other. The student government does a great job with planning social events, and students here are also more social than at many schools. Many people will go to football tailgates, play intramural sports, and be very involved in community service. The school attracts lots of balanced individuals.

About job placement process

BC has a very loyal and supportive alumni network especially in Boston and New York. There is also a much bigger tech scene that I expected and a sizeable amount of alums on West Coast. Most of the companies that recruit on campus are finance (Fidelity, Bank of America, Pfizer, etc.) and marketing roles (Hasbro, Ocean Spray, etc.). I received my internship outside of career services, so you definitely aren’t limited to just the companies that come onto campus.

I’d say my biggest complaint of the school is that school could do more to market the program. However, I am happy with the professors, friendships I’ve made, securing a good internship, and living in Boston so I am glad I chose BC.

Overall BSchool experience (5.0)
Schools contribution (4.0)
Classmates rating (5.0)

Strengths of the program:

Curriculum, Classes, Professors
Alumni Network
Culture & Student Support

Best fit at this program:


Can be improved:


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