May 08, 2019

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I booked my GMAT exam for Mumbai's Andheri test centre after reading good reviews for it on different websites. Now, as I have experienced it, I can surely say the reviews are true. There is no disturbance at the centre (as it should be) and the staff is very polite and friendly.
When you reach there, the security guard asks you to switch off your mobile phone before you enter and once you get in you are given a locker, which is big enough to keep all your belongings. You are allowed to keep the key so that you can access the locker during your breaks (Just for the water bottle and food)

All you need to carry is your passport and you are done. Do carry a jacket with you, in case, you aren't accustomed to air conditioning because it is slightly cold inside. The restrooms are also very clean and you can access them during the breaks.
The only problem which I faced was to park my car as the parking space is restricted for working professionals of different offices in the vicinity. So, it would be better if you take a cab to reach the centre.
I strongly recommend this centre, if you can travel to Mumbai for your GMAT examination.

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