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Magoosh: Strong resource at affordable price


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Course Magoosh Premium

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One of my colleagues referred me to Magoosh for GRE prep. I really liked the format of the website, questions, online support and video explanations. So when magoosh offered 78USD sale for GMAT I jumped and took it. My score before taking magoosh was at 580. My confidence was very low at that time. Magoosh blogs and videos helped me to rebuild the confidence.
The course material for Magoosh premium subscription consists of a video lectures for all topics then followed by more than 1000-1500 questions for quant and verbal arranged in the order of difficulty. Each question is supported with the text and video explanation. I personally liked the option to choose the number, type and difficulty of questions. This helped me to time my preparation. Magoosh is a best and affordable resource that someone who is starting their GMAT preparation should consider using it. Most of my basic concepts for SC & math are built solely by magoosh video lectures. The online support for questions was awesome, the responses were well rounded and quick. Even when I put dumbest of the questions, I get a relevant response.
So Magoosh is a great resource. Go for it.

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