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An amazing math course


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Course Math Revolution All-In-One Courses

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I signed on for the All-in-One 51 course only a month before my GMAT. I have a good understanding of math and scored Q45 in my first GMAT attempt without really studying.

I'd heard good things about Math Revolution and gave it a go. The video course is absolutely fantastic. I dove right in and it picked up the pace quite quickly. The videos were well formatted and a good length - short enough to not be boring, but long enough to explain everything in detail. That said, I wasn't really a fan of the Kollus Player app they use for the platform, but it's a minor nitpick.

Both the PS and DS approaches (IVY and variable respectively) are easy to understand and can really push you to improve your score dramatically. The practice questions are on point and the important questions you receive a week before the exam are excellent. If you have any questions, you can post on the site and the replies come through really fast.

Before I signed on for this course, I was a bit sceptical at the glowing reviews. But today, I can seriously wholeheartedly recommend this course. It really is fantastic. My only regret is that I didn't sign up earlier for a full three month course. In the month that I had, I couldn't make it through all the videos, so I did the best I could and still scored 49.

Thanks to Mike, Jin and the Math Revolution team - I'm really grateful for the help. This was the best decision I made while studying for the GMAT.

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