October 04, 2021

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Well, I started my journey for GMAT prep on my purchasing bunch of books (hard copies) like KAPLAN complete set, Manhatten Prep , Official Guides 2018....
It was in in the year 2019 that I realised that its not working as I was able to solve most of problems but not in time.
I am used pen and paper kinda exam and not si much for the Online exams.

I was about give up and then saw some debriefs over GMAT CLUB regarding E-Gmats prep material.
Subscribed the same in late 2019 ...completed some part ...
but due to overload of wok had to give up again in December.

Then in January again started the preparation and so on...
the material/conetnt on egmat specially the verbal part is top notch...
RC strategy part was the best one and Master comprehension helped me a lot in solving RC/SC/CR question s much faster...
Quants I would say being an engineer was all right for me..

All n all it was a wonderful exp ...and egmat did help me a lot in scoring - GMAT 770 *Q-51;V-42;IR-8*


Note -
Gave 2 attempts
1st in March - scored poorly very poorly, did not even bother to
accept the score (some family issue/a lot of stress )- incenter exam
2nd attempt was in may 2021, scored a whooping 770 ....
was expecting 730-740 , but well I guess gods were with me :)

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