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Thank you Elaine Loh!


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Course Manhattan Prep GMAT Manhattan GMAT Private Tutoring

Instructor Elaine Loh

Location Los Angeles, CA USA

I cannot believe how few reviews Elaine has on Manhattan Prep. Here to give a big, big shout-out to my favourite instructor, who was the big changer for me!

Without Manhattan Prep and specifically, Elaine Loh, I could not have broken through the 700 barrier. I owe my entire 720 (Q49, V40) to Elaine's guidance, tutoring, and her holistic way of teaching. Content is not the sole focus of Elaine's teaching; of course, content is important up to a certain point, but your style of studying and mentality are equally important. Elaine put a huge emphasis on error logging and having a positive and relaxed mindset, and I can honestly say that these two things probably made the biggest difference in my studying.

After I started error logging and becoming more "mindful", upon Elaine's suggestion, my practice scores shot up exponentially. Just for reference, I began my GMAT journey at 600!

More so than her awesome way of teaching, Elaine is just really darn knowledgeable about the GMAT. The way that she is able to clarify points of confusion in a very clear and concise manner is not something that just any smart person can do! She also taught me certain strategies that were very helpful to ultimately succeeding on the GMAT.

All in all, as you can see, I am a huge fan of Elaine and Manhattan Prep. While I can't speak for other instructors, I certainly have no doubts that Manhattan Prep is a top-notch company. If you are struggling with the GMAT, I would highly recommend Manhattan Prep and Elaine Loh!

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