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Veritas Prep offers the most diverse and experienced MBA admissions consulting team ever assembled. Your MBA admissions consultant will assist you during the entire admissions process, helping you share your unique story with the admissions committee in the most persuasive and compelling way.  Browse through the profiles of our consultants to see who has the expertise to meet your needs.

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Worth every penny
June 14 | 2017
reviewer identity verified by school email address
     By bchristoffersen 0 0
This review is for: Veritas Prep School Packages
Consultant: Read Flake

I decided in the third round to apply for business school, because Veritas was offering a deal where if you didn't get in in the third round this year you would receive the same services to apply in the first round of next year. Read was with me the whole time. He was extremely encouraging, supportive and insightful. He helped me with every step of the process. I know that if it weren't for him and the other Veritas consultants I was fortunate to work with I wouldn't have gotten in. I had looked at applying almost every year since my graduation from undergrad, and I finally pulled the trigger. And in retrospect, it was at the last minute. I didn't give myself much time at all for how much was involved in doing it right. With more time, I am sure that I would have felt even more confident and had several other offers. I balked at the price tag, but, looking back, it was the best $7,000 I have spent. I got in to a top 40 program, and my ROI will be really quick. Read is a great guy. He talked me through each step and took time several times a week to talk on the phone, whenever I asked. He emailed me back quickly, and his feedback on how to update my resume, change my essays, and coach my recommenders was again, invaluable. I overwhelmed myself once I realized how much I needed to get done in just a couple months, but Read walked me through it and calmed my fears and anxieties. When I asked for him to give me challenging deadlines to make sure I met the application date, he did it and did his part to make sure that I got timely feedback. I am sure that there are several great people in Veritas, but I was very fortunate to be set up with Read. If I were you, I would request him!

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Dia was wonderful!!
June 12 | 2017
reviewer identity verified by score report
     By aabbaabbaabbaabb 10 6
This review is for: Veritas Prep School Packages
Consultant: Dia Draper

I started working with Dia in July of last year. My application had a few challenges and Dia helped me present myself in the best light possible. She went above and beyond to read draft after draft of essays and help me prep for interviews. She offered thoughtful feedback and asked questions that got me to dig deeper into my responses. Most importantly, she gave me confidence in my application and interviews - it was a tough process and I can't imagine doing it without her guidance and support. Do yourself a favor and sign up for Dia's help - you won't regret it.

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reviewer identity verified by membership
     By titanp321 10 0
This review is for: Veritas Prep School Packages
Consultant: Dave Gent

My experience working with the Veritas Prep Team was absolutely invaluable to my business school applications. It gave me a perspective that I would have otherwise never gained and enabled me to attend the MMM Program at Kellogg.

I have a rather unique background in that I went to work for a research foundation studying global climate change out of undergrad were the company was run more like an academic institute than a profitable business.

Despite my lack of fundamental business knowledge, I spent a number of weeks with with my consultant talking through my experiences and generating the vernacular and insights to tell my story. This was absolutely critical to my application as my consultant brought out stories I thought would not be suitable for the application. I was wrong.

Through the process, my application transformed from a statement of fact patterns to a story about how I transformed a culture and created a company.

I would highly recommend Veritas. The team was easy to work with in that someone was also available to contact. In addition, I worked with 3 different consultants across the 2 school package, giving me the opportunity to gain reps on my story telling and solicit diverse feedback.

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reviewer identity verified by score report
     By chiajy 2 0
This review is for: Veritas Prep Hourly Packages
Consultant: Taniel Chan

Having unexpectedly received an interview for HBS, I decided to seek some professional advice for the interview itself, and contacted Veritas Prep, who put me in touch with Taniel.

Despite being in the middle of his exam week, Taniel was extremely helpful and responsive to my messages at short notice.

Taniel's extensive experience and advice were invaluable in helping to situate the mentality of the interviewer, and bringing out the best mentality for the interviewee. We went through a series of mock interviews, and I was given feedback on improving the logical flow of each answer, as well as general advice about Harvard and the MBA program.

I would definitely recommend Taniel's help for anyone interested in advice and help for their MBA applications.

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reviewer identity verified by school email address
     By mayraag 0 0
This review is for: Veritas Prep School Packages
Consultant: Rachel Shelton

I cannot say enough good things about Rachel. I was originally planning to apply in Round 2, however my GMAT score was not where I needed it to be. I ultimately decided to try one more time to get my GMAT score up and felt comfortable with applying in Round 3 (even though I knew it would be a risk) because I knew I would have Rachel's guidance along the way. I signed up for a 3 school package with Rachel as my head consultant. She was so knowledgeable about each school and the entire admissions process. She helped me transform my resume and then when it came time to work on the essays she was responsive and specific in her feedback so I was able to really craft a strong essay for each school. Rachel also made it a point to really get to know me and my "story" so she knew what points I should be highlighting in my essays. With each revision (for some schools it was 6 or 7 revisions) she would review quickly and get me clear feedback. She was also immensely supportive and encouraging along the way, which I needed throughout this daunting process. By the time I sent my essays to my school specialists for review the feedback they had for me was minimal, since Rachel had helped me get them in great shape. Although I only signed up for the 3 school package (NYU, Wharton, and Columbia), I was applying for 6 schools in total (HBS, McCombs, and Johnson) and decided to also purchase an hourly package to get Rachel's help with the other 3 schools. Her expertise, insight, and thoughtful feedback was invaluable to me and I am so glad I got her help in some way shape or form for the other schools. At the end of the day I got admitted into 4 of the 6 schools (including HBS where I have decided to enroll), got waitlisted at Columbia, and got waitlisted at NYU with an offer to be admitted with a scholarship for the following fall. All of this with Round 3 admissions! I know I could not have done this without Rachel's support and guidance. I felt she was truly invested in my success and her energy helped keep me optimistic and focused on the prize. I cannot thank Rachel enough for helping me achieve this dream.

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reviewer identity verified by score report
     By Calichin 1 6
This review is for: Veritas Prep School Packages
Consultant: Joe Farr

I’ve had the privilege of working with Joe over the course of 9-10 months and I must say… what an incredible experience! From the very beginning, Joe identified my weaknesses and developed a roadmap to address them.

After I took the GMAT, I was upset with my score, as I was a full 100 points below the average of my target school. As the final rounds approached and given my work experience, I decided not to retake the GMAT and to proceed with my school application. As an applicant who was applying on the final round with a low GPA and low GMAT, one thing was certain, my whole application had to be stellar in order for me to even have a slight chance of getting into the school I was aiming for. With Joe’s guidance, we completely revamped my CV and we spent quite some time on the essay question. Joe responded in timely manner and he always gave constructive feedback. He definitely pushed me to my limits and brought out the best of me!

The application process was quite the journey and I am so gratefully that Joe was by my side. I can confidently say that, without Joe, I wouldn’t have been able to get into my target school. The Veritas MBA consulting service was without a doubt, the best investment I’ve made and I highly recommend it to everyone!

Thank you Joe !

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Neil Chong
May 16 | 2017
reviewer identity verified by score report
     By nghatri 10 7
This review is for: Veritas Prep School Packages
Consultant: Neil Chong

Neil Chong was my USC Marshall consultant through Veritas Prep's school consulting package. He did an excellent job helping me with my application, essays, interview prep, and overall questions about the program and other aspects. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking at USC Marshall!

He was very thorough with making sure my application was spot on with no issues, errors, or silly mistakes. He went through the whole application with me step by step.

He was very meticulous in grading my essays. He made sure I had explained my story and answered the essay prompts as succinctly and efficiently as possible.

He helped me with my interviews by telling me how to prepare, what kind of questions would be asked, and then conducting a mock interview and then subsequently grading me on my performance.

10/10 service from him.

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reviewer identity verified by score report
     By Prabitha 0 0
This review is for: Veritas Prep School Packages
Consultant: Rachel Shelton

Rachel is the BEST!! Words can’t describe the commitment and support I received from Rachel during the entire eMBA application process. Never knew there was so much detail to the application process with deadlines for each. From the first time I spoke to Rachel, I knew she had my needs and interests as a priority and was committed in helping me through the process. Rachel is extremely knowledgeable with the entire application process and has valuable insights on the requirements of various business schools. I loved her approach in getting me started with helping me write down both my short and long term professional goals with every single detail – though it was painful, I’m thankful for the exercise as it provided a clear vision and a path to my goals which helped align my applications and interviews to the vision. As a part of the process, she reviewed by resume, provided valuable feedback to showcase my strengths while still keeping it authentic to reflect my personality – best resume I have every had! With my goals and experience in mind, she made recommendations on the schools that best suit my needs, help lay-out the application submission plan with timelines, which helped greatly to reduce the stress as I now had a supportive partner and a plan that we were committed.

Her coaching style is friendly and personal, professional, detailed, supportive and transparent. She’s generous with her time, honest in her advice and extremely patient in bringing the best. When one of my essays did not address the requirements, she had me rethink the scenario and come up with a new essay that addressed the question. I applied to 2 schools and was accepted in both which would not have happened without Rachel for which I’m always grateful.

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reviewer identity verified by school email address
     By rsalinas88 0 0
This review is for: Veritas Prep School Packages
Consultant: Sophie

I always knew I would be using advisors when submitting my apps. The question was, who to pick.

I went with Veritas upon recommendation from a very close friend that got accepted into Stanford. He said by far they were the best and shortly after having my first call with them it showed.

Sophie is an AMAZING consultant and she made sure that my essays, curriculum and interview was top notch. I´m really serious when saying she was the differentiating factor between me getting accepted or denied. She has a great way of communicating, giving constructive feedback and fantastic suggestions on how to improve the application. Sophie stayed on top of the important dates and made sure I had everything ready days before the deadline and since we talked constantly I never felt overwhelmed as the due dates came closer.

I´ve heard from friends saying they had a horrible experience with another company and this NEVER happened to me. If I could do it again I would choose Veritas and Sophie all over again.

It may sound as a cliche, but ended up the whole app process with a great new friend.

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reviewer identity verified by score report
     By admithopeful 2 0
This review is for: Veritas Prep School Packages
Consultant: Rachel Shelton

Rachel was the lead consultant for my 3 school package. She is extremely knowledgeable and knows what each school is looking for in their ideal candidate. She makes the application process as stress free as it can be. Don't be mistaken, you have to write your own essays, she does not write them for you but her direct and insightful feedback is priceless and once your incorporate her suggestions, draft after draft, you will be amazed at the transformation your work went through.

Rachel is extremely patient and genuinely cares about your success. She does not hesitate to let you know that the work you sent her is not up to the mark. Of course it's much better coming from her than from the adcom in the form of a rejection.

I am so glad to get to work with her. The result: 2 admits from my top choices!

You cannot go wrong with Rachel on your team. Call Veritas and request to work with her!

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