Veteran GMAT tutor with 27 years of teaching experience
I provide online Quantitative tutoring that focuses on the GMAT-specific strategies needed to maximize your score on test day. During our sessions, I’ll present you with carefully selected practice questions that help identify and address any knowledge gaps and strategic blind spots you may have. I’ll then provide reinforcement activities and reminders that will help you strengthen those areas of weakness.

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1 hour of tutoring
Focus on one or two topics of your choice.
10 hours of tutoring
Cover all quantitative topics tested on the GMAT.
20 hours of tutoring
Cover all quantitative topics tested on the GMAT, with extra sessions devoted to reinforcing key strategies and reviewing practice tests.


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I’ve spent the last 27 years helping all kinds of students overcome their difficulties with math (7 years teaching high school math and 20 teaching GMAT math). During that time, I also earned a Masters in math education, because I believe mathematics is a beautiful subject, and I love helping people see it as such (or, at the very least, tolerate it until they reach their target score).

More about me:

  • Achieved a 770 official GMAT score

  • Created a comprehensive GMAT course for the University of British Columbia

  • Created the GMAT Prep Now video course

  • Contributed 6000+ posts on GMAT Club (check out my solutions to get a better idea of my teaching style).

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