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GMAT Insight 1 Hour Tutoring + FREE Demo class (1 hour)
Course objective: To help with last minute doubt discussion on specific topic (e.g P&C, Inequality) or Type e.g.PS, DS, CR, SC, etc. (with a minimum of 3 hrs of tutoring).
GMAT Insight QUANT COURSE (16 hours)
Includes One FREE Demo class Highlights:
- Avg.150 quality Qns/topic
- Extensive Doubt Solving
- Shortcuts explained
- Q-51 scorer tips to maximize score
GMAT Insight Verbal Course (22 Hours)
Includes One Free Demo Class
- 100% accuracy building from any existing level
- Extensive Doubt Discussions
- Strategy to maximize score


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January 26, 2020

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Great experience


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Course GMAT Insight QUANT COURSE (16 hours)

Instructor GMAT Insight Tutoring

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My learning experience with Mr Bhoopendera singh for quant has been really a boon for my gmat quant preparation . I personally found the topics of permutation combination and probability to be one of the toughest and had almost decided to give up and leave these topics for my quant prep , but I must admit that sir has a great command and mastery over these topics and his teaching method has helped me a lot.

I would definitely recommend the online quant course to students who are struggling with quant and who want a dedicated tutor who can teach shortcuts and methodologies which no gmat quant book covers..

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