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We are an 8-year old GMAT training company with trainers who have over 15+ years experience. We have successfully trained students to get as high as 780 with an average of 50+% students getting a GMAT score above 700 (~88 percentile) (y-o-y).

There are students on GMAT club who have recommended us for a score improvement from 610 to 760. For more of our reviews, please check out the testimonials on GMAT Insight.

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GMAT Insight 1 Hour Tutoring + FREE Demo class (1 hour)
Course objective: To help GMAT aspirants with last-minute doubt discussion on a specific topic (e.g P&C, Inequality, PS, DS, CR, SC, IR etc.)
GMAT Insight 5 Hours Quant/Verbal Tutoring
- Avg.150 quality Qns/topic
- Extensive Doubt Solving
- Shortcuts explained
- Q-51 scorer tips to maximize score
GMAT Insight 10 Hours Quant/Verbal Tutoring
- 100% accuracy building from any existing level
- Extensive Doubt Discussions
- Strategy to maximize score


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Quality teaching and substantial growth on GMAT score is what we promise and deliver.

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April 25, 2021

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710 Q49 V38

The most indepth and Reasonable course there is


Improvement 50 Points

Course GMAT Insight 10 Hours Quant/Verbal Tutoring

Instructor GMAT Insight Tutoring

Location Online

I was informed about GMAT insight through an online platform. Bhoopendra Sir's course is the most in-depth and content rich course on Quant I have used. GMAT insight's USP is a deep focus DS traps right from the very first concept and an in-depth practice set he has created is all enough to tackle any High level question GMAT could throw at you .You can also choose individual courses instead of a bundle that helps you concentrate on your key concern areas
To supplement that he is ever present and very prompt on response to your queries. My key concern(Geometry) area jumped from 33 to 84 percentile post using his Geometry Course

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January 26, 2020

Joined: Aug 18, 2017

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Great experience


Improvement 100 Points

Course GMAT Insight 5 Hours Quant/Verbal Tutoring

Instructor GMAT Insight Tutoring

Location Online

My learning experience with Mr Bhoopendera singh for quant has been really a boon for my gmat quant preparation . I personally found the topics of permutation combination and probability to be one of the toughest and had almost decided to give up and leave these topics for my quant prep , but I must admit that sir has a great command and mastery over these topics and his teaching method has helped me a lot.

I would definitely recommend the online quant course to students who are struggling with quant and who want a dedicated tutor who can teach shortcuts and methodologies which no gmat quant book covers..

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