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Move or Sell everything?

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Re: Move or Sell everything? [#permalink] New post 15 Apr 2011, 22:22
BigRedEnvEng wrote:
lulumocha - I highly recommend a good road trip over the summer! I did that in the summer of 2006 between jobs - by far one of the best trips I've made. Let me know if you'd like suggestions on places to see / stop.

I'm moving to Europe for b school and not planning on coming back to the US for a while (if all goes well), so I'm selling everything (car, furniture; thankfully I'm renting, so no house to worry about). My mom lives in Europe, so I have already sent some stuff I really don't want to get rid of to her via some family members who have visited the US over the past few months. Then I plan to go over with whatever fits in 2 suitcases and a carry-on. Should be interesting...

Be honest, is that not the most liberating thing ever? It is so true that the things you own end up ownin you.
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Re: Move or Sell everything? [#permalink] New post 17 Apr 2011, 13:53
This is one of the cheaper pods offered.

I got a quote for $2100 from Hanover to San Francisco.


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Re: Move or Sell everything? [#permalink] New post 18 Apr 2011, 15:17
I'm trying to figure my moving situation too, the only part of going to school that I'm dreading. I plan to sell most of my furniture on craigslist (I bought most of it there originally, so hoping to sell at close to same as I bought it) and just buy new cheap/used furniture when I get there. Most of the smaller household things I will pack in boxes and ship to myself fedex or amtrak like suggested above.

What I'm not sure what to so with is the stuff in the middle, that is too big to put in boxes, but too costly or too sentimental to sell and re-buy (like my 40" tv, some large artwork etc) I don't want to rent a u-haul, no way I'm doing that drive myself and I will still need to hire someone to help me move it in regardless. And all the moving companies have a minimum weight to meet. So then I start thinking well if I can't make the minimum maybe I should just move more of my furniture, it will be easier that selling and rebuying, and then I'm back to square one all over again :( At least I'm not bringing my car.

One thing I am trying to work out is possibly sharing a moving van with another student. I met one other person in Scottsdale also going to Booth, we may even live in the same building. I'm not sure what he has to move yet, but if it turns out he is also trying to make a minimum, that could work. Might be a good suggestion for some of you coming from more represented cities and have more people to potentially share with.

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Senior Manager
Senior Manager
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Re: Move or Sell everything? [#permalink] New post 20 Apr 2011, 08:17
This post received
Hey all - check out

its a craigslist type community aimed at giving stuff away for free. Basically, if you dont want to/cant sell your stuff, give it away for free rather than toss it (save our landfills). Who knows, maybe you will score something decent at your destination too!
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Re: Move or Sell everything? [#permalink] New post 28 Apr 2011, 19:20
The Upack and Pods options are great for moving withing the US. I'd love to find a similar service for moving from the US to the UK. Any ideas?

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Re: Move or Sell everything? [#permalink] New post 29 Apr 2011, 08:08
For those considering full service movers check out for advice in finding quality movers.
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Re: Move or Sell everything? [#permalink] New post 01 May 2011, 05:10
I'm boxing up anything I'm not selling, and getting UPS to pick up and deliver door-to-door (no extra charge). I think their rate is $0.80 per pound. Their conditions are that everything must be boxed to be hauled away at one time, and they need an early estimate (a few days prior to pick-up) of weight and # of boxes. Other than that, I found this option extremely convenient. I expect to have under 1000 lbs, so I figure this will cost me about $800.

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Re: Move or Sell everything? [#permalink] New post 01 May 2011, 06:18
Hey guys,

I am a CSA engineer from India working for an MNC.I have been going through all these things for almost 3 years now.Let me tell you moving is pain in butt but it is unavoidable for a person like me who has to be on construction site starting from day-1.
I have been using for getting quotes for moving my stuff.

Good thing about this website is various service providers put a quote for moving & then you can choose the lowest bid.(I moved 300lb of goods from Albuquerque to Cincinnati for $500).

Have a look at it.It might solve ur dilemma.


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Re: Move or Sell everything? [#permalink] New post 01 May 2011, 09:00
Definitely sell everything / buy used when you get to the East Coast. Did the same from SD recently -- moving cost us upwards of $7000 including fuel surcharges. That's AFTER we sold 2 bedrooms' worth of stuff. It's just not worth spending that much money to move any longer when you can get such good furniture / furnishings etc new OR used -- full sofa sets etc are now <$500 on sale, and even less at garage sales. Having such a tough economy means it's a buyer's market too -- you will be in control if you go garage sale-ing. Store whatever you find absolutely irreplaceable or invaluable to you, of course, but otherwise it's just not worth it to keep a bunch of stuff that's now so easily replaced....

eskimoroll wrote:
lulumocha wrote:

Was wondering if anyone has been through the same situation as me and have advice.

I am currently living in LA, got accepted to a school in the East Coast.
We own our house, have 2 cars, lots of furniture, etc.

Does is make more sense to move everything to the East Coast? It must be pretty expensive?
We were planning to:

A) Sell one car, rent out the house ( the rent we would make would cover mortgage payments)
ship one car and all our stuff, anyone know around how much it would cost to move a car and a truck load of stuff?

B) Sell one car, rent/sell the house, put everything we have into one of those storage places here in LA, and drive over to the East Coast any take minimal things (cloth, computer, etc)

Can't decide because two years doesn't seem long, but not short either....

By the way if you are/know a UCLA/USC/Loyoa/Pepperdine student starting this year, my house is like 8 miles to UCLA, 3 miles to Santa Monica beach/3rd street. Its fully fenced, great for pet owners, 3 bedroom 1 bath, garage. 1000 sq.ft (house, 5,800 sq.ft lot). Will be available to rent around early July. Please PM me if interested, want showing, more info.

I'm in the exact same scenario but I'm movig from the midwest (Minnesota) to Boston. We have 2 cars (loaning one to my sister for two years), renting out our home, and we're debating selling everything vs. hiring movers. Moving sucks.


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Re: Move or Sell everything?   [#permalink] 01 May 2011, 09:00

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Move or Sell everything?

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