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Square One Prep Helping folks realize their business school aspirations

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About us

You're at square one with the application process. Partner with us to ensure your next destination is business school. We’ve helped 1,200 clients since 2009. 90% succeeded and 35% secured unsolicited scholarships (avg.: $91,000 as of April 2022). Our focus isn’t client volume or revenue; it’s you.

Our clients come from all types of professions – from financial services, product management, and consulting to entrepreneurship, non-profit, and family businesses. They come from all parts of the world; 54% are from outside the US. They’re all imperfect, as there’s no such thing as a perfect applicant. And they’re all unique, with compelling stories to tell. So are you, even though you may question that right now.

Top business schools teach that diverse teams create the most impactful solutions. Our diverse team ensures our clients craft the most impactful applications. In addition to being the most diverse among admissions firms, our team is the most rigorous and hands-on.

We're selective about who we guide, as our focus isn’t revenue; it’s you.

Square One Prep is offering a premium need-based discount of 25% off list prices. Access the Premium Service for only $5,050 for the first school and $1300 each additional school or purchase their hourly service for $285 per hour. Contact Square One Prep to find out more.

Why Square One Prep


We use services to accommodate every personality and circumstance.


We have MBAs from top programs.


We have the writing and coaching expertise that is essential to guide you successfully through the competitive application process.

Our approach is proven

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If you are unsure what type of guidance you need or have questions about the process, your candidacy,
or how we differ from other MBA admissions consultancies

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Who are our clients?

Although many have application challenges (low GMAT score, low extracurricular involvement, low GPA, higher than average age, limited professional experience, etc).

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They all have what it takes
to get traction with admissions committees —again, whether they know it or not.

They all have unique, compelling stories to tell—whether they know it or not.

They're individuals from all types of professions and all parts of the world.

Admissions committees
are looking for
successful people,

  • flawed
  • self-aware
  • humble
  • ambitious
  • enriched with life experiences (both triumphs and challenges) beyond professional accomplishments

We know how to help our clients


To express a balanced set of qualities in their applications


To tell their story


To move from square one to business school

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Square One Prep Success Stories

Excellent Results jack13

Throughout the application process my advisor helped me develop and refine a compelling story. With his help I learned how to consistently weave "my story" into my essays, interviews, and various email and phone calls with admissions officers. I would not hesitate to use Square One Prep again.

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Great service from
Square One Prep

Kathryn and Square One Prep was recommended by a close friend. I shared the application materials with her and during our first call, she immediately pointed out a few weaknesses in my essays. The value the Square One Team could provide was very obvious and I decided to partner with them.

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Highly Recommended! Anonymous

I have already recommended Square One Prep to several of my friends and will continue to recommend them to anyone who asks me about hiring an MBA consultant. Take the initial call with Square One Prep and you will see what makes them different.

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One Prep
Helping folks realize
their business school
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