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Latest Reviews

Review for: mbaMission School Package by tanukimaster44

  April 16 | 2024

Kate was an unbelievably exceptional consultant. One of my biggest concerns with the process was balancing work and the applications, but Kate made sure I was completely on top of... Read more

Review for: Square One Prep Premium Service by cjv1861

  April 16 | 2024

My journey with Square One Prep was a game-changer. When I found myself in a frenzy of last-minute decisions in late July – no GMAT score, no clear career goals,... Read more

Review for: Gatehouse Admissions Consulting by Jhelle10

  April 16 | 2024

Background: In-state undergrad, 2 years of banking, 3 years of private equity. 750 GMAT. MBA being sponsored through my current fund Result: Admitted to HBS; GBS; Wharton (with $55k per year... Read more

  April 16 | 2024

From the very first phone call with Kathryn, it was evident that she approached her job with a level of professionalism and dedication that truly set her apart. Her commitment... Read more

Review for: Embark MBA Consulting Services by johndoe2024

  April 15 | 2024

Trust me when I say, Kelsey is by far the best consultant out there. I had introductory calls with almost a dozen firms, and engaged one, but felt the advice... Read more