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To verify GMAT Course and Admissions Consultant reviews, we employ a 2-stage process.

Stage 1: Proof of purchase - this is done verifying with the course or consultant provider that the reviewer indeed has purchased the product.
Stage 2: Automated GMAT score verification. Using a score report link or login, users can verify their unique identity using this approach. We do not save login information or any personal details (we do not want the responsibility and there is no value in storing it) but we confirm the GMAT score and save in encrypted format a test-taker unique ID. This prevents people from using the same login from verifying multiple reviews. This also prevents the person from using online and offline versions of the test to confirm multiple reviews. The ID is shared for both versions of the test.

We verify every GMAT Course, Admissions Consulting, and Business School Review
We do not verify the following types of reviews: Test center reviews, Practice Test reviews (mostly as it is impossible to confirm or it is really pointless to verify that a person used GMAT Prep tests for example) or reviews for loans or books/guides.

Look for a message like this under a review:
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If someone used a Course and then purchased an Admissions Consulting package, they can submit a review for both of these services. However, one person cannot submit multiple reviews for the same product or service. We limit one reviewer to a single product review. In other words, a person can only submit 1 review per course or product.

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Latest Reviews

Review for: Stacy Blackman Consulting Test Prep by DavidColton

  November 30 | 2023

Anthony is the best tutor I had for GMAT - Tried others before and they did not help at all. Anthony got me from a 580–>700. Super thankful. He was... Read more

Review for: e-GMAT Online 360 by AK24

  November 30 | 2023

Hello everyone, I gave my GMAT 1st attempt during August'2023, scored a mere 600 (Q47,V27). I was not happy with the score. I took a few days break after the exam,... Read more

Review for: GMAT Ninja GMAT Tutoring in English, Hebrew, Greek, or Arabic by nattychamp17

  November 30 | 2023

Alex was a phenomenal tutor. And without his help, I do not think I would have been able to achieve my score goal. Alex brings a great blend of motivation... Read more

  November 30 | 2023

I would highly recommend e-GMAT as the bible when it comes to GMAT preparation. My 120 point score improvement from 580 to 700, is because of the detailed and meticulously... Read more

Review for: e-GMAT Online Focused by cutsav

  November 30 | 2023

Overall a good course. The meaning based approach to SC really helps understand the sentence and improve SC. The scholaranium platform helps you identify weak areas and work towards it.... Read more