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Worth it
Review for: [Tests] GMAT Club Tests GMAT Club Tests by shobu4
April 15 | 2021
The gmat club tests are worth buying. They give an apt experience of the actual test environment and make sure that you are well prepared before the exam. Please make... Read more
Sigma X mocks by egmat
Review for: [Tests] SIGma-X mocks by e-GMAT SIGma-X mocks by e-GMAT by ahsanashfaq28
April 4 | 2021
Quant section questions are nowhere near the actual gmat. Most of the questions have 5-6 lines. Normally, actual gmat have shorter questions. It would be difficult to solve 31 questions... Read more
Gmatclub tests awesome
Review for: [Tests] GMAT Club Tests GMAT Club Tests by believerinthy
March 26 | 2021
This is unbiased review of gmatclub. A preview of me: I am typical Indian engg that goes to undergrad with no idea of his/her future. After my undergrad, I decided I wanted to... Read more
Veritas Prep GMAT CATs - A race to the finish line
Review for: [Tests] Veritas Prep Veritas Prep GMAT CATs by sood1596
March 26 | 2021
I redeemed Veritas Prep GMAT CAT bundle through GMAT Club Rewards (by the way Kudos to BB for this reward system, it is really helpful). Veritas Prep GMAT Bundle consists of... Read more
These Tests are helping me
Review for: [Tests] GMAT Club Tests GMAT Club Tests by Saransh123
March 19 | 2021
Hello Everyone, I started preparing for GMAT for the second time 5 months back, my previous score score was 350 Q30 V10, and 5 months back I started from... Read more