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A must before the real exam
Review for: [Tests] GMAT Club Tests GMAT Club Tests by AndyDufresne
March 23 | 2017
Not only the quality and variety of questions included is great but also the analytics which comes with it post taking a test. It has a large database of 700+... Read more
Helping to achieve my Dream
Review for: [Tests] GMAT Club Tests GMAT Club Tests by Sachin1961
March 22 | 2017
I am planning to give GMAT in April this year. So I gave this mock test to see where I stand, what my areas of expertise are and where I... Read more
Review for: [Tests] GMAT Club Tests GMAT Club Tests by KostasAnton
March 21 | 2017
I really liked gmatclub tests a alot. it helped me enhance my quantitative and my verbal scores! I think that gmat club tests are accurate and highly qualified! especially the way that... Read more
Good, but with certain limitations.
Review for: [Tests] Kaplan GMAT CATs Kaplan GMAT CAT's by godot53
March 20 | 2017
My original GMAT score is 720 ( Q50,V37). I beleive that Kaplan CATs are very representative of the actual GMAT - I scored consistently 700-740 in Kaplan CAT. Quant: The... Read more
One of the best tests for your GMAT PREP.
Review for: [Tests] Manhattan GMAT CATs Manhattan GMAT CATs by rohan2345
March 19 | 2017
I got my subscription to MGMAT tests with a purchase of MGMAT Sentence correction guide. Each MGMAT book contains a 32 digit code which can be used to access the... Read more
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