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SIGma-X mocks by e-GMAT

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World's only mock tests that are powered by 5 independent ability engines, and that provide ESR+ Analysis.

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April 15, 2023

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Good test series to go for. Can be chosen by those who are looking for good Verbal section improvement. test series are generally tougher than the usual levels. So, it basically increases your level and makes you accustomed to tough paper too. It, s always sad hopes for the best and be ready for the worst. What this test series does. The test papers are of a great difficulty level. They have some tough and some easy mocks as in exams where you will get 65% easy questions and 35% difficult questions so that you get accustomed. As compared to actual exam, mock test created in the test series are slightly tough which is required before the exams.

Last but not the least it also gives you metrics to work on your mistakes and the timeline through which you can achieve that.

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April 04, 2021

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Verified GMAT Classic score:
710 Q49 V36

Sigma X mocks by egmat


Quant section questions are nowhere near the actual gmat. Most of the questions have 5-6 lines. Normally, actual gmat have shorter questions. It would be difficult to solve 31 questions in 62 mins considering the length of the questions

Overall Verbal section questions are more or less similar to gmat. So, it is a good practice for verbal section.

Sc and CR questions are better than RC questions.
You would get more RC long passages in these mocks

Post exam analysis is good. You can identify your weak areas.

Don't take the score of these mocks seriously since scoring algorithm is quite different from GMAC's scoring algorithm.

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September 28, 2020

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490 Q37 V24

Sigmax mocks..Nah!!!


I have taken Sigma x mocks of E-GMAT that came with their online e-gmat course. Although they provide wonderful analytics, The algorithm is not at all close to the real gmat and when it comes to questions, They are not the gmat style at all. Especially Verbal. Its always better to take exams but taking these kind of exams and getting disappointed frequently is not good for the preparation. But the analytics clearly shows on which particular concept we are weak at. And the scoring of its algorithm is bit dumb compared to their counterparts. I would not recommend this to anyone.

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August 18, 2020

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Verified GMAT Classic score:
750 Q51 V40 (Online)

Very accurate and detailed


I took all 5 Sigma-X mocks offered by e-GMAT. My scores were in the range of 730-770 and my final score on the GMAT Online was a 750. Even in the Quant and Verbal breakdown, the Sigma-X mocks accurately reflected my ability. The questions are of the same difficulty level as what you would expect in the official GMAT.

What makes these tests even better are the GMAT-like Enhanced Score Reports provided after every mock test. This helps you to work with an e-GMAT expert to truly understand your strengths and weakness in terms of concepts, processes and timing.

I highly recommend that you take full advantage of the Sigma-X mock tests if you have subscribed to the e-GMAT way.

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July 13, 2020

Joined: May 15, 2019

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Verified GMAT Classic score:
710 Q48 V39

Use these Mocks to score 700+ in first attempt


2 free GMAT Mocks with the OG + the SIGma-X mocks on e-gmat = complete prep

SIGma-X mocks are the closest tests to actual thing I've seen. my last mock actually accurately predicted my actual score on the GMAT.

You can judge a test prep company pretty well by their mocks, and if you're trying to find mock tests that are going to -

1. Give an accurate prediction
2. Help you figure where and why you went wrong
3. Feel just like the real thing

you have to try SIGma-X mocks.

Honestly, the most useful thing I can say about these mock tests is that they're the reason I was able to get 700+ in my first attempt. If I hadn't taken these mocks, I definitely would've ended up giving the GMAT again.

Naturally, it's a lot cheaper and less time-and-energy consuming to give a few more mocks than to re-attempt the GMAT.

Effective mock tests dramatically lower your chances of having to give the GMAT again. It's worth the investment.

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July 13, 2019

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Verified GMAT Classic score:
690 Q50 V32

I attempted all the 5 SIGma-X mock tests provided by e-GMAT. The structure and the articulation of a SIGma-X mock resemble the actual GMAT. The computer adaptive nature of the tests leaves no stone unturned for the test taker in his journey of acing the real GMAT. They gave me a true reflection of my actual GMAT score. My Quant and Verbal scores were lingering around 50 and 32 respectively on an average in the 5 mocks and I scored the same in real GMAT.

Moreover, the ESR type analysis of each mock is just an icing on the cake. The near perfect analysis of my abilities gave me solid areas of improvement. The analysis pointed out vehemently that I spent more time on answering the questions which I wasn't comfortable with and ultimately landed up in answering wrong despite spending more than my takt time.

I have got a real imprint of my abilities and will improve on building the same so that I can achieve my target score in my next attempt.

Thank you e-GMAT and specially Payal/Rajat.

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June 10, 2019

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Self-reported Score:
740 Q50 V40

Sigma-X Mocks by e-GMAT


I took Mock 1 of SIgma-X mock series by e-GMAT, and must say it's the closest to official GMAT mocks among all the other mock series I've taken. The score prediction is very accurate and truly reflects one’s ability at that point in time. Apart from accuracy of score, three things stood out for me -

1. Quality of questions - I didn't at once feel that I am solving non-official questions. e-GMAT spends a lot of time in researching and creating proprietary questions which are very close to actual GMAT questions. Quality of questions really matters while taking mocks because one can take 10 mocks and score well in all of them, but if the question quality is not as good as official GMAT questions, then it's all for nothing.

2. Adaptive nature of the test - The mock closely mimics the adaptive nature of official GMAT exam. This adaptive quality has helped me simulate the real test taking experience.

3. Post-test analytics - These analytics are just mind-blowing. To start with, the analytics mirror what you see in an official ESR, but then build on top of it. Using analytics, I was able to figure out things such as -
• Am I prone to warming up effect (taking too much time to solve initial questions?)
• How does my accuracy/time investment change if the test starts throwing hard questions at me?
• What’s my ability in different sub-sections?
• How much time am I spending in answering a question right vs wrong?

I am still in the process of preparing for my exam, and haven’t written it yet. But the mock experience has significantly helped me pin-point the weak vs strong areas for a more focussed prep.

P.S. – I’ll disclose my scores in each of the Sigma-X mocks and Official mocks, along with my Official score once I write my exam.

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May 01, 2019

Joined: Jun 17, 2017

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Verified GMAT Classic score:
740 Q50 V40

eGMAT Mock Test Review - Great Analysis with ESR


I had decided to go for eGMATs verbal Live prep course as I felt there was scope for improvement. This course allowed me to spend 100+ hours focussing on my fundamentals and helped me with preparation with a few MOCK tests. Below is my review of the Mock Tests:

Quality of Questions:
The questions are from the existing e-gmat question bank, with a mix of easy, medium, hard and very hard questions. I found the questions to be similar to the official GMAT questions and helps you prepare very well for the exam.

Adaptability and scoring:
The mock test, similar to the official GMAT, adapts based on your performance and gave me a score within 10 points of my actual GMAT score. This is not only on 1 test but on multiple mock tests. So far I have got such an accurate score only from the official GMATprep tests, so am happy e-GMAT is this accurate as well.

Insights and analysis
Coming to the best and most useful part and the key differentiator of the mock tests is the detailed analysis report. This report is very similar to the ESR and provides detailed analysis on which section you can improve and how you can improve time.

Grateful that eGMAT came up with such a good product just before I took my exam which helped me to prepare and do so well. Would definitely recommend this product to all.
Do reach out for any questions

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April 18, 2019

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Verified GMAT Classic score:
640 Q48 V28

I decided to go for e-GMAT's Verbal course after a dismal performance in the GMAT a few months back (scored V-28) and I am glad I took that decision. This course has not only helped me build a rock solid understanding of the approach to tackle SC/CR/RC questions but also gave me an opportunity to test how close or far I am from achieving my target GMAT score through its MOCK TESTS.

e-GMAT mock test is a pretty new feature ,and I got a chance to take a mock test and see how much I have improved since my last attempt at GMAT. The mock test is exactly in the same format as the GMAT and allows one to choose the order of attempting the sections . One important feature is the 8-minute break in between the two sections, giving an experience that one gets during the actual exam. The questions in both Verbal and Quant sections were great and varied in difficulty level - quite similar to what one can expect in GMAT.

The best part of the mock test is the analysis that it provides post your attempt. You get to see how well you've performed in each section and in each sub-section (CR/SC/RC and Algebra/Arithmetic). There's a graph that explicitly shows your performance wrt the difficulty level of questions. You can also see the average time taken to answer both correct and incorrect questions. And of course, you can take a look at each and every question's solution and see where you faltered. This level of analysis of the mock test performance is truly helpful in assessing one's ability level in solving questions and tells how much one needs to improve.

Thankful to e-GMAT for coming up with these mock tests!

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April 17, 2019

Joined: Feb 08, 2016

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e-gmat Mock Test: Great Analysis with ESR


I am preparing for my second attempt for GMAT and to be very honest to get a clear understanding of where one stands in his/her prep is very helpful. I have given all Veritas prep tests and 4 of manhattan prep tests and of-course the official GMAC tests but other than GMAC tests it is hard to get an idea for your weak areas.

The e-gmat mock tests gave me an opportunity to test my prep level and the results were an eye opener for me. The questions were top notch and the results were very detailed and thorough. Ofcourse there is a significant effort to be put from test takers side to make the experience GMAT like but as far as e-gmat is concerned they have delivered a near perfect product. During the test I constantly felt that I am being challenged to the core of my ability and I never felt at any moment the test getting easier infact it was the opposite I felt it just like I felt in my first GMAT attempt.

Now discussing about the reports presented after the tests, in one word perfect. I got a clear idea about my weak areas and also got my performance per quarter of the test just like an original ESR. The results were surprising as it often happens when preparing for a test like GMAT that we think of an area as our strong point but in test it actually turns out to be one of the weaker ones. I am a non native speaker with a Verb (V28-31) and some what decent in Quant (Q45-47) and to know more about weak areas and how to work on them both time wise and concept wise is very important to cross the 700 mark. The test provides in depth insights about sub section performance and a score out of 51 which helps set targets for each subsection and prepare accordingly.
I would highly recommend e-gmat tests for anyone who needs more GMAT like tests and is eager to know in depth about his/her performance on a mock to better adjust/set targets for each subsection because in the end it matters alot to focus on you subsection weakness rather then going through an entire subsection.

All the best for your prep! please post any questions, I am happy to answer and also I will update my scores soon once I take the official GMAT.

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