July 13, 2019

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I attempted all the 5 SIGma-X mock tests provided by e-GMAT. The structure and the articulation of a SIGma-X mock resemble the actual GMAT. The computer adaptive nature of the tests leaves no stone unturned for the test taker in his journey of acing the real GMAT. They gave me a true reflection of my actual GMAT score. My Quant and Verbal scores were lingering around 50 and 32 respectively on an average in the 5 mocks and I scored the same in real GMAT.

Moreover, the ESR type analysis of each mock is just an icing on the cake. The near perfect analysis of my abilities gave me solid areas of improvement. The analysis pointed out vehemently that I spent more time on answering the questions which I wasn't comfortable with and ultimately landed up in answering wrong despite spending more than my takt time.

I have got a real imprint of my abilities and will improve on building the same so that I can achieve my target score in my next attempt.

Thank you e-GMAT and specially Payal/Rajat.

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