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Vantage Point is the only firm to take a 360° approach to the application process.  We provide the perspectives that matter on your MBA applications from experienced consultants who graduated from M7 programs, M7 alumni interviewers, and former adcom. By providing you firsthand insights from people who understand the process from the inside out, we help you develop your most competitive and differentiated applications possible, maximizing your chances of admission to the most selective MBA programs. Vantage Point – gain from our perspective!

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Personable and Personalized
December 15 | 2017
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reviewer identity verified by score report
     By JSterling 1 0
This review is for: Vantage Point Hourly Services
Consultant: Eileen Chao

After using another consulting company, I felt that I still didn't have a sense of how to make my application stand out for ME. Eileen took the time to talk through my experiences and goals to understand what would make me a unique candidate and to highlight that in the application. I purchased a package of 5 hours to work together which was sufficient to prepare essays for about 4 applications. She was able to help me decide between potential ideas to get essays started and then to help whittle them down to the appropriate word counts. Working with her not only improved my submitted application but also helped me to understand what I might want to focus on once interviews came around. Even if you have bright friends or family who are great at editing, it is extremely helpful to have someone with an eye for what an Admissions Committee is looking to see in an application. Eileen was very flexible and helpful to keep in touch with through the process. I ended up getting admitted to Berkeley Haas (a top choice of mine) and to UCLA with significant scholarship!

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Highly Recommended!!!!
August 27 | 2016
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reviewer identity verified by school email address
     By acg5000 0 0

I worked with Meredith during my application prep for NYU Stern and had an overall great experience. Meredith has a wealth of knowledge on the admissions process and from the very beginning she had a formula and simple guidelines for me to follow. She knew what Stern was looking for in an ideal candidate and worked with me to highlight those areas in my application, while also helping to mitigate the weaker areas.

Meredith was invaluable in providing feedback and suggestions on my essays, encouraging me to be descriptive and paint a clear picture of who I am and where I want to go with my career. She went through several rounds of edits with me until we had them just right.

Most importantly, Meredith was there to help keep me clam through the anxiety of the applications process. There were many times where I emailed her worried about a particular aspect of my application, or my overall chances of admission, and she helped to reassure me and keep me focused on the process.

I'm happy to report that I was admitted and will be starting at Stern in the Fall! Absolutely could not have done it without her. Thanks again for everything, Meredith!

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Accepted to my top choice!
January 08 | 2018
reviewer identity verified by school email address
     By ssalinas 0 0

I can't say enough good things about working with Meredith on my MBA applications. My top choice school was a reach given a low GPA and average GMAT score, but Meredith helped me identify strengths and craft my own story. She was dedicated and attentive when going through rounds of reviews on my resume and essays, and she responded quickly to any email. Meredith also went through mock interviews and many other conversations that really helped me hone in on my strengths and unique story. Coming from consulting, I worried that I would sound like a lot like other applicants. Meredith coached me on how to highlight my contributions and strengths. I really enjoyed attending sessions that Meredith organized with current MBA students and prior clients who shared their thoughts on the unique culture of the schools they now attend. Meredith's emphasis on writing an application that was tailored to the specific school's academic program and culture was so important and really helped me stand out in my interview. Through all of Meredith's advice and wisdom, I was accepted to my top choice program with a significant scholarship. I so enjoyed working with Meredith and highly recommend her to any student looking to strengthen their application!

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reviewer identity verified by score report
     By dsr0702 0 0
This review is for: Vantage Point Hourly Services
Consultant: Melody Jones

I had the pleasure of working with Melody on two Round 1 applications to top 10 programs. I had unsuccessfully applied to several top programs last year and was unsure of why I had been rejected as my GPA/GMAT/undergrad school were strong and I felt I had interesting work experience. While I had initially been reluctant to use an admissions consultant due to the cost, it was definitely a worthwhile investment. I worked with Melody on an hourly basis, which worked well for me as I already knew the schools to which I intended to apply. I was impressed with Melody’s efficiency, as well as the quality of her feedback, and appreciated her regular updates on the time spent on various items.
Melody helped me first by doing a quick review of a few my applications from last year and pinpointing that I stood to improve the most by strengthening my resume, stating career goals that better justified the need for an MBA, and writing more compelling and specific essays. We spent most of our time on resume edits, career goal articulation, and essay reviews and edits.
The previous application cycle showed me just how competitive it is to gain admission to top MBA programs, and not knowing many people familiar with the MBA process, it was invaluable for me to have Melody’s insight into the admissions process and candid feedback on my resume, goals, and essay drafts. Additionally, Melody was always quick to respond and open to answering any questions I had about the admissions process.
I was admitted to a top 10 program with a scholarship that more than makes up for the cost of working with a consultant and truly believe Melody’s help in developing a strong, polished application helped me gain admission with a scholarship. I highly recommend working with her!

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reviewer identity verified by score report
     By mbanyc7 0 0
This review is for: Vantage Point Hourly Services
Consultant: Eileen Chao

Eileen was instrumental in helping with business school applications. Before working together, Eileen takes the time to get to know you and understand your goals. She is incredibly personable, encouraging throughout an otherwise stressful process, and intelligent. She provided extremely insightful feedback that truly strengthened my essays. She also provided very constructive feedback and helpful interview tips after conducting interview prep; I had very successful interviews at both schools after following her recommendations from our feedback session. Eileen caters to whatever schedule you are on and is very timely in her feedback. She made this process less stressful and less intimidating. I was admitted to both schools I applied to with scholarships. I would undoubtedly recommend Eileen for any step in the business school application process!

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reviewer identity verified by school email address
     By JB3 0 0

Vantage Point has a very strong comprehensive school package to help craft your story and think through an individual's strategic positioning (and how that should vary from school to school). Being a bit late in the GMAT and application process and wanting to submit applications in R1, Katherine was very supportive in proactively identifying areas that I could knock off early while preparing to take the GMAT (ordering transcripts, brainstorming for essays, etc.).

Katherine was incredibly helpful throughout the entire application process and, coming from a similar work background, was able to help identify my truly differentiating experiences. Katherine applied the perfect balance of pressure as well to make sure I was appropriately prepared to meet deadlines, and had thought through anything and everything for the application and interview processes. Katherine's guidance in that regard was very beneficial in maintaining clarity on the application process since I often get tied down in projects at work, so setting milestones and having reminder emails and catch-up calls along the way was definitely useful. In addition, Katherine only takes on a handful of MBA applicants each round, which you can absolutely feel in the level of engagement shown and support provided throughout the entire process.

I have heard mixed reviews from others on their experiences with MBA consultants, but I can confidently say that in hindsight I would absolutely work with Katherine and Vantage Point again, and would highly recommend her to others.

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Accepted to my top choice!
December 22 | 2017
reviewer identity verified by score report
     By flickster42490 3 5

I worked with Meredith on a batch of 'competitive' and 'reach' schools. Initially, I thought I would be lucky to end up at one of the 'competitive' schools since I had lower-than-average GMAT and GPA for almost all the schools. Instead, I was accepted to Kellogg's MMM program (my top choice)!! I even got some money from Kellogg! In retrospect, investing my time and money with Vantage Point (and Meredith) was a no-brainer.

Meredith spent a ton of time helping to craft my story in a way that played to my strengths. We must have worked through at least 8 edits for each essay. It was a ton of work, but I enjoyed that she wouldn't tell me exactly how to write my story and always asked me to dig a bit deeper into each edit. So, each time I would work on an edit, it seemed like I learned a bit more about myself and absolutely helped me reflect on my career path in a way I wouldn't have otherwise. Looking back, I can tell that my writing and story-telling skills improved a whole bunch after working on my applications with Meredith!

I highly recommend working with Vantage Point -- you won't regret it!

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Absolute Top Notch!!
December 21 | 2017
reviewer identity verified by score report
     By MBAhopeful1234567 5 0

I interviewed about ten consultants seeking the best and most realistic (and honest) strategic partner to guide me through this rigorous application process. I can undoubtedly say that opting to work with Meredith is one of the best decisions I’ve made to date! Not only was her pricing incredibly reasonable, but she gave me much more time/attention than any other consultant would have on a basic “3-school package.” She made herself available at all hours of the day, night, and weekend to ensure my needs were met. In fact, Meredith had a 48-hour turnaround policy for revisions, but typically got things back to me same day (very impressive). From day one, I emphasized my struggle with standardized testing and rather than hounding me to keep retaking the GRE/GMAT as many consultants would do, Meredith helped me focus on the other key aspects of my application. We went through 10+ drafts of my CV, and probably more with each essay draft throughout the process. While she was ALWAYS extremely encouraging, she made sure that the product I was delivering to the adcom was absolutely flawless; more importantly, she continually challenged me to “be true to myself” rather than changing stories to yield to what I thought schools wanted to hear.

There were also numerous occasions that Meredith passed my application materials to former admissions committee members and other experienced essay-readers to make sure I was getting more than one perspective. Additionally, she hosted video chat sessions with some of her previous clients so I could ask questions about their experiences and get a better feel for several programs. Most notably, about 2 months before decisions were released, my employer found out I intended on going to business school and I was extremely concerned about losing my job. So, Meredith spent hours helping me to strategize different gameplans and helped me to effectively manage my stress during such an obstacle-filled time. Overall, as a white male working in Finance with a less than stellar GRE, my chances at a top program were looking glim prior to finding Vantage Point. Teaming with Meredith improved every aspect of my application and helped me nail all of my interviews. Ultimately I was admitted to 2 of my top 3 schools (1 with scholarship) and credit Meredith entirely. For those applying to B-school moving forward, the question shouldn’t be “which consultant should I work with,” but rather “how many schools can do I want to work on with Meredith?”

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Highly recommend
December 18 | 2017
reviewer identity verified by school email address
     By ethanwoo 2 0

I worked with Alicia over the course of three months during my application prep for Columbia. Having worked in admissions at Columbia Business School, Alicia was able to provide insight into the admissions process and how best to tailor my story to make me stand out. Her advice and feedback was also instrumental in helping me write a coherent and focused essay that highlighted the strengths of my application and mitigate my weaknesses. Alicia was also very accommodating and flexible in scheduling meetings or quick chats. I'm extremely pleased with how the process went and would wholeheartedly recommend Vantage Point and Alicia.

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reviewer identity verified by gmat club tests
     By karan714 0 0

With only one month for Round 1 admits and after talking to numerous consultants, I finally decided to work with Melody Jones @ Vantage Point. Though the fees seemed steep initially, choosing to work with Melody turned out to be the best decision during my MBA application process.

Melody is an exceptional professional and her attention to details is brilliant. Her feedbacks were always spot on and she urges you to think out of the box and come up with innovative ways to express yourself. Submitting 4 applications in 1 month was a huge task but Melody worked with me till the end and ensure that I brought my best out in every application.

The interview prep was, again, very helpful and thorough. Melody gave me a great insight on what to expect for interviews and how to bring my A-game forward.

I highly recommend Melody & Vantage Point as a MBA consultant. Applying for top B-schools is a stressful experience and it's highly beneficial to have a good consultant by your side.

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