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Vantage Point is the only firm to take a 360° approach to the application process.  We provide the perspectives that matter on your MBA applications from experienced consultants who graduated from M7 programs, M7 alumni interviewers, and former adcom. By providing you firsthand insights from people who understand the process from the inside out, we help you develop your most competitive and differentiated applications possible, maximizing your chances of admission to the most selective MBA programs. Vantage Point – gain from our perspective!

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     By dkilgariff 0 0
This review is for: Vantage Point Hourly Services
Consultant: Alicia Stewart

Had an excellent experience working with Alicia and with Vantage Point! I was pretty skeptical of admissions consultants when I reached out, but my initial chat with Melody (Vantage founder) and correspondence made me feel way less pressured than I did in speaking to larger firms that were just trying to upsell me some package that I didn't really need (had been waitlisted year before so was at least close to understanding what to do). Alicia was very warm and delivered feedback in a constructive, optimistic way that made it easy to take her advice! Very glad to have gone to a small firm that clearly cares about its clients! As for Alicia, her feedback as a re-applicant to be less formal and let my personality shine through a bit more, critiques on how to restructure my resume, and the awesome advice on bringing a "hook" to my essay writing all made me feel soooo much more confident this year about the process! Also as a former CBS adcom, her insider knowledge of what CBS cares about and how to highlight my future contributions to them made this feel like a slam dunk. She was able to draw my attention to things that I would have never thought about in my previous app and I felt like an expert on this process by the time I clicked submit! She was very available and did not make me feel like I was less of a priority by not buying some giant comprehensive package. Would highly recommend!!!!

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Katherine Canning Review
September 10 | 2018
reviewer identity verified by school email address
     By mjoffe86 0 0

I highly recommend Vantage Point and the advisor Katherine who I had the pleasure working with over my application process. She made it very seamless and streamlined during a very hectic time in my life. We set up times to talk which lasted anywhere from 20 minutes to 45 minutes which were very thorough and detailed. Her response time and comments on resumes, cover letters, and general questions were prompt and concise. The scheduling of phone calls was also very convenient. I was given a few options that Katherine was able to accommodate. I went with the 1 school comprehensive package and was able to get into my top choice of NYU.

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reviewer identity verified by school email address
     By nhaider 0 0

I worked with Katherine on my round 2 application for HBS, MIT Sloan, Haas Berkeley and Yale SOM. I was accepted to all four schools with substantial scholarships – and could not have done it without her!
As background, I come from a non-traditional background (global health) and had a mediocre GMAT score, with a low quant score. I had applied to a few of the schools last year and was rejected without an interview. I had worked with another consulting company but felt that the consultant was often rushing or didn’t seem as invested.
My experience with Katherine was completely different. She spent a lot of time with me upfront to carve a compelling narrative that was true to who I am. Throughout the process, she kept me on message and was always there when I had any questions or concerns. She was also proactive in helping me mitigate any “weak points” in my application. (Side note: Katherine is super-efficient – I don’t know how she does it!)
Most importantly, throughout the process, I felt that Katherine, Meredith, Melody and the rest of the Vantage Point team truly cared about me and helping me reach my goals.
I would HIGHLY recommend the Vantage Point team – trust me, you won’t regret it!

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reviewer identity verified by school email address
     By kane68 0 0

I could not recommend Vantage Point enough, as I can confidently say their guidance significantly improved my odds of getting into a top 20 school.

When I began to consider an MBA, I had no idea what to expect in regards to the application process. On the surface, it seemed straightforward. However, I realized that creating a compelling story requires a well thought out strategy that is woven into the entire application.

Meredith and the Vantage Point team have a proven method for helping applicants create this strategy, as they are intimately familiar with what the admissions team is looking for at each school. They are experts at taking your work and life experiences and helping you mold your application into a unique and cohesive story that ultimately helps you stand out from the rest.

As part of this story building, they provide an excellent critique on your essays and resume, as well as, host an in-depth interview prep.

Meredith was with me every step of the way and was an excellent partner throughout the entire process. If you're looking to get an MBA, Vantage Point is a must.

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reviewer identity verified by score report
     By RAGARWAL3 0 0

I worked with Melody for a year as part of the comprehensive package for 3 schools and also took several hourly sessions for other schools. She made me think deeper about my strengths, weaknesses, and unique experiences. Through this exercise I realized so many aspects about me that I normally would not think of. Honest feedbacks, flexible timing and her patience really made me feel comfortable. She helped me in figuring out my goals as well as forming a story connecting my past experiences and my future goals. The whole process of applying to schools is stressful but with Melody, I really enjoyed the process which made me think better and improve on all aspects of my application.Without her I would not make it to one of the top B-Schools today.

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reviewer identity verified by school email address
     By dsrose14 0 0

Eileen was the best consultant I could have worked with and I'm so happy to be heading to the perfect school for my career next steps. I recommend her 100%.

Context: As a non-traditional applicant (for reference - history undergrad, self-employed out of college, now marketing at a small nonprofit), working with Eileen was extremely helpful. Very few people in my network were familiar with business school or had an MBA, not to mention how competitive the process is these days. Eileen allowed me to focus on what matters most rather than sifting through a lot of (not always trustworthy) information online. She also worked super hard to accommodate my short timeline applying for R2; I hired Eileen in early October, hadn't taken the GMAT, and she helped me reach the deadline to submit apps for 3 schools by early January (and I took a 2.5-week international trip in Dec!). I hustled, and she hustled just as much.

Process and experience: Eileen is really on top of her game; she was prompt, willing to help, insightful, and thoughtful in her work. I'd say if you know what you need and ask for it, Eileen will pretty much never say no. There were several instances where she went above and beyond, leveraging Vantage Point to help me find answers to my toughest questions. Eileen is also both honest and positive, so every time I talked with her I felt motivated and excited about my prospects— which is what you need in order to keep going in the midst of this grind. Sometimes I wish she were my life consultant. :) As far as my application materials, Eileen was an excellent editor. She added value in making sure I described my experiences in a way that a typical adcom member would understand and feel compelled to read more. The result was my feeling 100% confident that I submitted the best representation of my experience, myself, and my vision for the future to each school— and that's really all you can hope for.

Final note on non-traditional backgrounds: If you're looking to hire a consultant because of a nontraditional background, I'd say look no further. Eileen helped me own the value of my work experience and my intentional decision-making, and provided incredible support as I articulated my reasons for attending b-school. Top schools are looking for certain qualities in applicants and she helped me make sure those came through in my application while staying very true to who I am and my story. Sometimes it's challenging to know how to speak to your strengths with both precision and humility, and Eileen was excellent with this type of language. I could not have done this without her and I am so incredibly grateful for her expertise and hard work.

Thanks to Eileen, I’m going to Yale and it is the perfect school for my story and my goals.

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reviewer identity verified by score report
     By mba0307 0 0

Melody is an exceptional admissions consultant. I signed on for the Comprehensive Package and added on two other schools. We have worked together for over a year, as I began my b-school application journey early on. Melody was very helpful in helping me craft and hone my story, and she really pushed me to elevate my resume and essays to the next level required for acceptance into a top business school program. She fully understands what AdCom is looking for at each individual program, which really helps as you go through the various drafts of your essays. My GMAT scores came in a bit later than I’d hoped but Melody was extremely flexible in working through all of my essays in a condensed period of time. She also made herself available to chat anytime I felt stuck and encouraged me when I felt frustrated with the process (let’s be real, the application process is incredibly stressful). I will be heading to an M7 school in the fall with scholarship, and couldn’t have done it without Melody. This is a worthwhile investment and I’d recommend Melody to anyone thinking about applying to business school. Major props to Melody for making my dreams come true!

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reviewer identity verified by score report
     By bskewl92 1 0

I signed up with Meredith in the May prior to my application cycle (I applied in R2). Throughout the entire process, Meredith was extremely insightful, diligent and kind. She walked me through the process with tangible goals and benchmarks for the application process, and her help was very valuable when it came to piecing my whole story/trajectory together. Prior to signing up with her services, I was overwhelmed by the essays and overall organization, and she kept me on task over the course of the 7 months I worked with her before submitting my apps, and she also helped walk through my choices once I was actually admitted to different programs. I’m thrilled to be attending Haas in the fall after getting into a handful of top 10 schools and I couldn’t have done it without her guidance!

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Worth the investment!
April 18 | 2018
reviewer identity verified by score report
     By lmk2014 0 0

I worked with Meredith and have only positive things to say. Meredith was pleasant, professional, and responsive - very easy to work with. She helped me refine my story and write my essays, as well as improve my MBA application resume. She also worked diligently with me across time zones while I was working abroad.

While MBA consulting services are certainly an investment, it is one I would make again 10 times out of 10. I really believe working with Meredith helped me submit a vastly better application than I would have otherwise. The guidance was especially helpful for me in writing essays and crafting a coherent story across my applications. The experience and advice she provided was instrumental to me getting into both Wharton and Columbia. Overall, I would highly recommend.

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reviewer identity verified by score report
     By nycmba1234 0 0
This review is for: Vantage Point Hourly Services
Consultant: Katherine Canning

I applied to business school in Round 2 this year and am very glad that I had the opportunity to work with Katherine -- I was admitted to both Wharton and London Business School. I would highly recommend her to anyone considering applying.

When I first started working with Katherine, I had initial drafts of my essays but quickly realized I was nowhere close to being submission-ready. Katherine knows exactly what each school is looking for and gave me a very clear understanding of how to shape my essays for each. She also helped me completely rework and rewrite my essays so that they addressed 1) my past experiences, 2) my personality / interests, 3) my professional goals, 4) and how the schools would help get me there. She helped me really dig deeper and write essays that truly capture where I am now & where I want to go next. The transformation of my initial drafts before working with her to the final drafts after was truly night & day. I truly could not have done it without her help!

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