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Reviews of the Leading MBA Admissions Consulting Companies

Square One Prep [264]
mbaMission [918]
ApplicantLab [59]
Stratus Admissions Counseling [157]
Menlo Coaching [22]
Vantage Point [51]
Veritas Prep [412]
Ivy Groupe [8]
Admissionado [132]
Personal MBA Coach [46]
ARLee Consulting [5]
Accepted [53]
Stacy Blackman Consulting [521]
Fortuna Admissions [120]
Amerasia [70]
myEssayReview [82]
Experts' Global [28]
MBA Admit [43]
Prep MBA [60]
Avanti Prep [13]
Sia Admissions [1]
August Academy [43]
MBAPrepSchool [74]

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Latest Reviews

SOP - Kathryn Lucas and Mary Winograd
Review for: Square One Prep Premium Service by underdog713
November 15 | 2018
I used Square One Prep on a seven school package (M7 - Stanford + Tuck). After an initial call with Kathryn, I was given the opportunity to "interview" 3 consultants... Read more
Columbia Business School Admit!
Review for: mbaMission Hourly Services by pierocks
November 12 | 2018
TL;DR: With a somewhat scattered career trajectory, I needed someone very skilled in helping me draw out compelling career and personal narratives (the essays), and present myself in a beautiful... Read more
Accepted to CBS with fellowship!
Review for: ApplicantLab On-Demand Admissions Guidance Tool by E2100
November 11 | 2018
I strongly recommend ApplicantLab to anybody considering an MBA! I come from a fairly vanilla work background and was worried about differentiating myself among applicants in my "bucket". I utilized... Read more
Appreciation Letter to Daniel
Review for: mbaMission * School Packages by yue11ykj
November 9 | 2018
Daniel is extremely helpful during the process of my application to CBS. The constructive advice from him has ensured my efforts are always on the right track. His response was... Read more
Could not have done it without ApplicantLab
Review for: ApplicantLab On-Demand Admissions Guidance Tool by carburantsansplomb
November 8 | 2018
Maria goes above and beyond for her clients and without her, I wouldn't be having the time of my life at business school (with a Consortium fellowship!) I had no idea... Read more
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