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Alex has helped me to get into INSEAD
Review for: ARLee Consulting Comprehensive End-to-End Package by solikon
December 2 | 2019
I owe Alex a big thanks for being accepted at my target school (INSEAD). I cannot express by words how much Alex was helpful during my application process and frankly... Read more
A worthwhile investment
Review for: Vantage Point Comprehensive School Package by dps91
December 1 | 2019
I worked with Melody for over a year, from the initial phase of deciding whether to apply to business school, through a successful application to a top 10 program. I... Read more
Fantastic Service!
Review for: MiM-Essay Application Consultants MiM-Essay All In One Service by bharathar
December 1 | 2019
Right from day 1, the guidance that I have received is outstanding. Abhyank was much more than just a professional counselor-he was more like a friend to me and I... Read more
So happy I went with SOP!
Review for: Square One Prep Premium Service by at761
November 27 | 2019
I decided to go with Square One Prep after my free consultation call with Kathryn. She didn’t make empty promises like many other consultants had previously done. She told me... Read more
Just Listen to Paul from Amerasia
Review for: Amerasia Complete School Package by Allinon700
November 25 | 2019
TLDR: I worked with Paul from Amerasia for two-school complete package (application + interview). I received R1 offers from both schools (Cambridge & LBS). I recommend him to the fullest degree. Detailed review of... Read more
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