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Admissionado is a boutique MBA admissions consulting firm.  Admissionado stands out from the crowd by recruiting the sharpest diagnosticians (is that a word?) on the planet, who achieve results by developing strong personal connections with each and every client. Learn more about their unique approach and value.

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Decent, not spectacular.
April 29 | 2013
4 out of 4 people found the following review helpful
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     By Anonymous 148 62
This review is for: Admissionado ** Junior Deluxe

Last year, I applied to only one school - M7 BSchool. I did not use any consultant then and managed to get an interview with school. However, I could not find a place in the program. After reading forums and talking to some MBA friends, I realized some mistakes in my application but even so, I was decently happy with my performance, considering I had no guidance except Paul Bodine's book.

This year, I took Admissionado's two bootcamp classes ($199 each or so) just before R1. After the two classes, I thought that I would apply to 1 school (ranked 8th-13th) myself and 4 schools (M7 schools) through Admissionado. And I jumped after they offered a 15% discount on the JrD package.

Over the next 2.5 months I worked with the consultant who an ex-M7 MBA. He was a really nice guy overall and very approachable.

At the end, I got into the school that I applied to myself and to none of the ones I applied through Admissionado. I reapplied to the M7 school I applied the year before, this time through Admissionado. Like last year, I got an interview call and (again) could not find a place in the program. I realize I might have deficiencies, so I'll try to restrict the review to the actual services provided and not just the outcome of my applications.

+ Biggest positive: That I could bounce off a story to someone without having to spend time writing and polishing it, only to have it rejected. Consultants are great for this (v/s using a busy friend or family member).
+ Consultant was nice and likable.
+ Quality of my apps improved.

- Biggest negative: The consultant stuck to 72hr turnaround time clause of the contract. Initially, I had a lot of time so this didn't matter. However, during the crunch time of last 10 days or so before the submission deadline, I expected him to respond more quickly (meaning 36 hrs or less), especially for the smaller edits. Upon asking, he recommended that I pay more $$$ to 'expedite' my reviews. Now I know they are busy people, but it was still a ridiculous ask for something that would take him 10-15 mins to review. Not cool and definitely costed me in the quality of the app at the end.

- Sometimes the consultant would not be clear with what he wants me to change. You'd have to email a few times to get him to commit to the weakness in your essay.

- My expectation was that I would get ideas for great openings or closings for each essay. No such thing. I had to search for ideas there myself and he would just green/red flag them.

I'm about 60% satisfied, hence the 3 stars. Since I did not have any MBA friends who had gone through the process and could review my essays, I chose to go with a consultant. If you don't have this handicap, I'd recommend tapping a current MBA student instead of spending money on a consultant.

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     By Anonymous 77 27
The reviewer was admit to the schools that they applied to:

Some, but not all

This review is for: Admissionado ** Junior Deluxe

I came to Admissionado with big dreams and bad numbers. What can I say? I am just not the best test taker. With a 640 GMAT score and a 3.3 GPA, I know I had the odds set against me, but I wanted to go to a great school, a top-10 school.

Julie from Admissionado worked with me to bring out everything positive that I had done to tell me story, to show my assets and make them shine brighter than my numbers. She took the time to dig deep and ask me questions to get to know me during our initial call, which really seemed more like a chat with a friend than an intimidating interview (which I feared it might seem like!). At the end of the call, I felt like Julie gave me the opportunity to be vulnerable and really get to understand me and why I was trying to get an MBA.

Honestly, I started this process a bit scatterbrained. I was studying/panicking about the GMAT and trying to understand if I could even get into business school. I really just dumped everything on Julie, and she came back to me with everything I dumped tied into a logical package of my strengths, assets, notable accomplishments, important experiences, and career trajectory. She took everything I said and turned it into a story that made sense, which giving me the permission to refine the story along the way.

After the initial call, we started on the essay drafting. I was able to shoot emails back and forth with Julie to ask her questions as I went along, which was immensely helpful. I started off giving her essays that were about twice the mandatory word limits (I can be a bit wordy), and by the end of all of our rounds of editing, I was not only at the word count but I was also left with a finished product that was a beautiful, moving set of essays. Julie took the time to read these drafts over and over again, refining them, asking me to dig deeper and clarify my thoughts and goals. I promise you, these essays sparkled by the end.

I recently read an article about essay plagiarism in the MBA process due to consultants reusing essays for their clients. I can tell you with 100% confidence that this will never happen with Admissionado -- the service they give each client is so unique and personal to that client that there would be no way you would be left with anything but an incredible and distinct essays.

Admissionado was incredibly helpful and supportive throughout this, and customizing their program to me and definitely met high expectations. The turnaround was fast and I feel as if my Admissionado consultant is more of my friend/cheerleader now than anything. Now I am in the awesome position of taking a full-ride to Yale SOM or a 75% tuition scholarship to Kellogg -- and I know I couldn't have done it without them!

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1 Commented by Rosie5 on October 17, 2014
Can I talk to you to know more?

It will be great if you can PM me. Currently there is no option where I can send you a message.
2 Commented by Rosie5 on October 17, 2014
I meant to say it was helpful :) doesn't allow me an edit
3 Commented by akceeMBA on November 19, 2015
I'd love to reach out to you - both those schools are my top choices and I too have a 'GMAT problem'. Let me know
reviewer identity verified by membership
     By rivaev 2 5

My brother-in-law advised me to reach out to Admissionado consultants and use the free consultation call to reconfirm my application strategy.

During the call with Marcela, I was given very realistic expectations regarding the chance to get accepted to certain schools taking into account my candidate profile and stats, including the age of 30+ that is way above the average age of applicants. In addition, Marcela was happy to give me a high level review of my ready-to-submit essays.

As a result of the call, I reconsidered my approach and decided to focus and snipershot; apply to only one school that was my #1 choice, INSEAD.

Admissionado was also very flexible with creating a customized package of services for me. I was given a certain discount for the Junior Deluxe package and used the "saved" funds to include additional CV review service into my package.

I really enjoyed personal involvement of my consultant, the process and the speed with which we proceeded through INSEAD "beast" application (3 motivation and 4 job essays).I was very happy that consultants did not stick to formal 72-hours turn around and came back with recommendations earlier whenever it was possible. I thank the rest of Admissionado team, who helped Marcela to review my application and essays to have a 360-review of my story.

If you're now in the similar situation, looking for a consultant to help shape up your MBA application, my advise is to fill out their really creative questionnaire and do the one hour consultation. I am very certain that even one hour talk with consultants will make a substantial impact on how you will approach your application. However, if you continue your engagement with Admissionado, I guarantee that entire team will be there for you to bring all your best and show in the most beneficial way in the application.

On separate note, I would like to thank Claudia for her patience while waiting for my long-promised review!

It is less than two months before I start my MBA with INSEAD in Fontainebleau!

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Admissionado is the best!!
November 05 | 2017
reviewer identity verified by score report
     By MBA082020 0 5
This review is for: Admissionado ** Junior Deluxe
Consultant: John DC Miles

I made the decision to work with Admissionado based on very positive reviews from colleagues who had worked with them in past years through their own MBA admissions process, and am very glad that I had them as a resource during the stressful process of applying to schools. I worked with John DC Miles, who was able to help me piece my application story together - a critical piece to my success as an applicant to both Fuqua and Tuck. During my initial phone call with John, he spent over an hour on the phone with me, listening to me discuss my work experience and all of the seemingly minute aspects of who I am and what I have accomplished. He then put it together into a comprehensive action plan, which I was able to use throughout my essay writing and even interview preparation process. In addition to a comprehensive action plan, John and the Admissionado team also provided valuable essay advice, in addition to interview prep, which allowed me to go into my Fuqua interview with confidence. Although my GRE score wasn't particularly notable, John was both honest and encouraging as I voiced my stresses and concerns to him about my candidacy; he helped me, through many impromptu phone check-ins and email exchanges, to articulate and believe in the best aspects of myself, giving me confidence to know that I was presenting the best version of myself to the AdComm. I have been accepted early action to Duke University's Fuqua School of Business, and can't thank John and the Admissionado team enough for being a part of my success!

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Admissionado Review
November 01 | 2017
reviewer identity verified by gmat club tests
     By MBAhopeful2020 2 5
This review is for: Admissionado ** Junior Deluxe
Consultant: Uyen Tang

I was referred to Admissionado by a co-worker who told me about their Discovery Package. This packaged includes being matched with a consultant who helps shape your narrative, and then creates a personalized action plan. My grades and scores were good but I was really struggling with articulating a compelling case for why I needed an MBA. Uyen helped me realize the path I was thinking of writing about didn't make any sense, and together we developed a great story. I wanted her to help me with translating this into my essays, so I bought the Junior Deluxe package for HBS and CBS. While I have some regrets spending money on HBS as I knew the chances were slim, the work we did with HBS also helped my CBS essays which were successful! Overall, Uyen and the Admissionado team were very supportive and guided me through the process, including frantic late night emails when my recommender submitted with the wrong school name. They do take 2-3 days to get drafts back to you, but that helped me stick to a schedule of making sure I turned around my rewrites quickly. I also hired them late in the game so I would recommend starting earlier. Thanks again!

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reviewer identity verified by school email address
     By cbsadmit20 0 0

I applied for CBS, MIT and Wharton in Round 1 with the help from Admissionado. I was admitted into CBS MBA class of 2020 Fall. I received the acceptance call only two days after the interview. The entire application process of CBS took less than a month, from submission to acceptance call. Can't tell how lucky and thrilled I feel to get an offer so early, when ppl around may be still working on their essays or waiting for interview invites. CBS is my #1 choice and I am still super excited to be joining CBS next year.

I think my stats are good (GPA 3.73, top 1%, GMAT 740), but my weakness is that I only have less than 3 years' work experience by now. I worked in Big 4 as an auditor for the first two years, so it was actually difficult to differentiate myself from the pool. Admissionado played a significant part in my application, especially for resume/essays reviews. Their suggestions on LoR were also helpful and straight to the point. I really really appeciate that Marcela, my consultant, gave me encouraging feedbacks when we had the initial call. She gave me much more confidence targeting at the M7 schools in R1. I'd also like to thank Claudia and Lauren. They are very very professional, helpful and encouraging in the entire process.

With prior experience in applying for Master programs at B-schools, I knew that finding a experienced, professional and responsible consultant would be extremely important for MBA application. That's why I chose Admissionado after spending substantial amount of time comparing the services of different consultants. I decided to go with Admissionado because I felt the passion of the team, the professionalism of their posts on different websites like GmatClubs, Chasedream and P&Qs.

I had no difficulty in drafting the resume/essays, so I chose the Junior Deluxe. I'd say the email communication with consultant will be more than enough. They are highly reponsible and will respond to your email very quickly. Regaring the essays, there are 4 rounds of edits. They are extremly helpful in that they really know the requirements/preferences of each program and will put you in the right direction at the very beginning.

I don't know my results for MIT and Wharton yet, but based on my succesful experience getting into CBS, I strongly recommend Admissionado. That being said, the applicant should also be highly committed to his own application. Remember that no one else will be more responsbile for your application than yourself.

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reviewer identity verified by membership
     By lx468 11 0
This review is for: Admissionado *** Deluxe Package
Consultant: Mark Lellouch

Mark is a very nice person that boasts an incredible resume (Brown, Harvard, and Stanford GSB), so when I selected him as my consultant, I was very confident that I was in good hands, especially since he seemed VERY confident in me during the during the free consultant. He would throw out names like Stanford, Kellogg, and Wharton when suggesting schools I would be a fit for. I was not sure where to apply at first, but I knew I wanted to aim high and during the free consultation, Mark echoed my ambitions.

That changed after I signed with Admissionado. I gave my suggested school list (all M7s) to Mark and he immediately changed his tone, saying they were too risky. Despite this, I decided to go ahead and aim for my dream schools.

Mark is very good at writing an essay (poetic phrasing, good language, etc.), but he does miss the mark with content. For the majority of my essays, Mark had me focus on my career goals while de-emphasizing my personal story, which in hindsight, did not allow me to stand out from other people with a similar career background and aspirations. After submitting my essays and ultimately getting dinged without an interview, I had friends/colleagues who attended those schools review my essay (something I should have done before submitting). They all echoed the same thing - that my personal story was missing. They emphasized that my leadership and work history was reflected pretty well in my resume and that my career goals could have been stated in the 500 character box provided on the application, but my personal story, the one that truly sets me apart from my peers, the one related to my extracurricular activities, and the one I was dying to tell, was missing.

During the next round of applications, I wrote an essay with my personal story with feedback from my friends from the school (another M7) and ultimately received an acceptance.

Overall, Mark was very timely and made himself available for long phone conversations pretty much any time I needed him. Additionally, he is a very eloquent writer. The quality of my writing improved greatly with Mark's help and I couldn't have written my last essay as well as I did without his help with previous essays. However, I think he was short sighted when suggesting the content of the essays he helped with. I would recommend Mark and Admissionado only to help polish the essay, but not come up with the content from scratch. The process overall was a little stressful, especially with the dings I received after following his advice.

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Comments [1]
1 Commented by JonAdmissionado on October 19, 2017
We appreciate the feedback. If it means we can get a little bit better, we'll take it. We wish your experience with us matched the standard we hold for ourselves which is... the best it can possibly be. While our recollection of our process together diverges from your account in a few places, we'd rather take your word and focus on areas we may stand a chance at improving. Again, all feedback is welcome, and helpful. We're die-hard perfectionists by nature, so we will not stop until our satisfaction rate is as high as it can possibly be, 100% of the time.

One minor thought about school lists. We're always eager to aim high with everyone who's willing to take the shot, and we'll be very honest about our thoughts on their chances at a given program. The one thing we aren't likely to say, perhaps ever, is that applying exclusively to M7 schools is a risk-free proposition, even for the most badass of them all. So we look to achieve balance in an overall list of target schools. Now, if we garbled our perspective there either during our initial consultation or after the work began, that's an honest oversight for us. We love taking smart risks with individual schools, but when considering a full slate of target programs, we have one eye on balance, always.

At any rate, we understand you're going to end up at an M7 school after all, so heartiest congrats, and regardless of everything, we're rooting for you to keep kicking ass...
reviewer identity verified by score report
     By vgmmoreira 0 0
This review is for: Admissionado *** Deluxe Package
Consultant: Ben Koren

I know that the whole process of writing essays, adequating your resume and etc. can be very stressful. However, with the help of the consultants of Admissionado, the process was as smooth as it can get.
After doing the GMAT, I had two months to finish my application, which can become very tight if you get distracted. However, the quick turnarounds with insightful tips and ideas from my consultant, I was able to finish it with some margin, with time to revise it.
But it was not only about velocity. The treatment received in Admissionado, the quality of the crew there and the genuine desire to help as much as possible those applying for an MBA were really important to me.
At the end, I was admitted well before the expected date (August 1st), thanks to the help of that company, which helped by to show my best characteristics in my essays.

I couldn't be more grateful to Admissionado. These guys rock!

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reviewer identity verified by score report
     By mbaapplicant262 0 0
This review is for: Admissionado *** Deluxe Package
Consultant: Lee Rom

A family friend who works in the industry referred me to Admissionado, and overall I had an excellent experience and would highly recommend them for anyone going through the MBA admissions process.

Arguably the most important part of your MBA application is your story of an MBA combined with your existing experiences will help you achieve a career goal. This is essential to getting into the top schools, and Lee did a phenomenal job helping me craft and refine a narrative that worked with my professional background and career goals.

The most time-consuming process of the applications was definitely writing the essays, and Admissionado proved extremely helpful. They are very fast with their essay turnaround times (72 hours at most, though usually faster) and I felt that the edits significantly improved the quality of my essays.

I felt that the Deluxe package was well worth the extra cost. Your resume is often the first piece of your application that MBA admissions look at and I thought that Lee’s reviews of my resume were very helpful. In addition, I thought that being able to discuss essay/resume edits over the phone was really valuable.

The interview preparation was also great and something that I think every applicant needs. To succeed at interviews it is very important to practice, and the mock interview sessions over Skype made me feel prepared and comfortable for the actual interviews. Especially for the behavioral interview questions, Lee did a great job helping me decide which of my experiences to use for different types of questions.

I honestly could not imagine going through the application process without a consultant like Lee and the rest of the Admissionado team. They helped ease my concerns, and made me feel confident about my application and interviewing abilities. I ended up being accepted to 3 of the 5 schools that I applied to, all ranked in the top 10, and I can’t be more excited about starting my MBA this year.

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reviewer identity verified by score report
     By mmartinezpuppo 3 0
This review is for: Admissionado ** Junior Deluxe
Consultant: Mark Lellouch

Apart from the personal profile and goal guidance, essay assistance and letter of recommendation support, something that really helped me was the interview preparation and mock interview.
First, Mark helped me identify which were my best stories and how to analyse them under the STAR approach. This helped me shape my top professional achievements and mistakes into stories that would highlight my strenghts, leadership capabilities and areas of improvement.
I didn't have much time to prepare for my mock interview, in which I felt I did pretty bad. However, Mark told me I had good stuff to work on, and pointed out which things I shouldn't waste much time on.
After only a few hours of practice I felt I was ready to face my first interviewer for MIT.
Although I felt I did much better on the following three interviews, I got admitted to all four schools for which I was interviewed!
I don't believe I would have had the same results if it weren't for Mark's help!

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