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mbaMission is a professional MBA Admissions consulting firm, specializing in helping business school applicants identify and showcase the strongest aspects of their candidacy in their applications. Their dedicated consultants work one-on-one with candidates to ensure their unique stories are presented in a compelling way that will make the admissions committees take notice.


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10 out of 12 people found the following review helpful
reviewer identity verified by post count
     By rpratt620 239 62
The reviewer was admit to the schools that they applied to:

Some, but not all

This review is for: mbaMission * School Packages

Thought I would briefly share my consultant experience with the GC community:
• Last year I applied to only 1 school (outside of top 30). My stats were: 3.3 GPA/650 GMAT/4Yrs WE/Extensive EC. Result: Dinged w/o interview
• This year, I raised my GMAT to 700 and got a consultant through MBAmission. Result: Admitted to 4/8 Top-15 programs (possibly 5 depending on how the Wharton WL goes)
• My thoughts on why my consultant helped so much:
1. She knew where the land mines are in the application
2. Helped me NOT say stupid, arrogant, offensive, or other app-killing things. Believe it or not, this is SO VERY easy to do if you don't have proper guidance
3. Helped my story stand out and not be cliché.
4. Helped me recall stories that I had not even thought of using.
5. Assisted me in framing my stories in a concise and powerful way (She literally showed me how to take a 200 word paragraph and condense that down to about 30 words without losing any of the impact, incredible really).
6. Aided me in tying the entire application together (essays, resume, LOR's)
7. Provided this same kind of feedback to my recommenders (who thankfully took her advice)

Occasionally, the issue of the ethics of using a consultant to aid in the app process emerges. My thought is that if professional writers use professional editors, why would someone applying to b-school, not use the resource of a consultant? Baffling to me why more people don't use them (and why I didn't use one sooner!).
That said, those that are going to invest in a consultant need to know a couple things from the outset:

1. An admissions consultant will help you organize your "raw materials" into something eloquent and grand. However, if you don't have the "raw materials" such as leadership experience, relevant work experience, etc, the best consultant on the planet will not be able to help you get into your schools. If you find yourself in this category, my advice to you would be to postpone b-school apps and go get the leadership/work experience you need instead. Come back and apply when you have the "raw materials". You will be far better off in the long run.

2. DO NOT EXPECT them to do all the work for you. I applied to 8 schools. At an average of 4 essays for each school x on average about 7 drafts per essay = 200+ Drafts by the time everything is said and done. "but why not recycle the same essays for all schools?", you ask. In my opinion, one of the marks of a great consultant is that they perceive the subtle differences in the questions/ school culture and will help you re-frame the same (or different) stories to best answer the question and woo the adcom. If you are cutting and pasting, that is your first red flag. In short, having a consultant to help you will not lighten your work load in the app process, but it WILL make it way more efficient.

As far as recommending a specific company, I really can't comment on anyone other than the company I have used, I have been EXTREMELY pleased with their services, results and promptness in responding to all of my inquiries. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is serious about breaking into a top tier school.

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Comments [3]
1 Commented by chouzita on February 18, 2015
Thanks for sharing - just curious, you did the full package and paid for 8 separate school applications?
2 Commented by bb on February 18, 2015
FYI - the applicant has not been on the site for a while. However, looking at their profile, it appears they have attended/matriculated and possibly even graduated from Ross. :-)
3 Commented by tsui on April 26, 2017
Lol, a hired writer, not surprise, I bought a package from mbamission but honestly you can pay $15/hr to have an essay editor to check your essays it will be the same. Talking about essay recycling thats what my mbamission consultant told me to do, recycle the same content and add some school specific detail in each essay, done. So thats how I know this hired op is fooling and trolling people by saying all that. If after reading this message you still want to gamble your luck, well then, dont say I didnt warn you. Does the package worth thousands of dollar that I paid, NO, regret it so much.
I'm not sure what I paid for
December 15 | 2016
10 out of 12 people found the following review helpful
reviewer identity verified by score report
     By wsinterlands 0 0
This review is for: mbaMission * School Packages
Consultant: Krista Nannery

I signed up for a two-school package and I don't think it was worth it.

My main concerns were a.) a low undergrad GPA (I had a high grad school GPA and high GMAT) b.) I'm a few years over the average 3) I'm coming from a non-traditional industry, with a promotion system and titles that probably aren't familiar to them. I don't feel like she helped me showcase these in any way that was different than what I would have done.

My consultant walked me through essay outlines (which took about 30 min per essay), which wasn't where I needed help. Once I had essay drafts, she made a few superficial edits, but that was it. She gave me almost no guidance at all on my optional essay, which is what I was worried about. I don't feel like I ended up with an application that highlighted my strengths.

I paid over $5,000 and think I would have saved a ton of money going with an hourly package. I would estimate my consultant spent 10-15 hours total with me. Most of the services I got, I didn't really need. Most of the services I did need, I didn't get. I really don't understand what I paid for. I felt like most of the service were application guides that I could have bought or downloaded for free from the MBA mission store.

Anyway, I ended up getting dinged from both schools without interviews.

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Comments [1]
1 Commented by tsui on April 26, 2017
Well said, I can't agree more, better yet an essay editing service will do the same but will cost way less .
Angela is a godsend
September 10 | 2017
reviewer identity verified by gmat club tests
     By bjl0403 0 0
Consultant: Angela Guido

I first met Angela through the Forte Launch program in February 2017. From the moment she presented how to communicate your life narrative with quotes and tips from Joseph Campbell's, A Hero's Journey, I knew she would be a source I could rely on to help me craft the best version of myself to share with AdCom for bschool apps. All of her webinars were succinct, clear and engaging - particularly, her insight into how to best communicate your accomplishments in your resume and essay. I found her advice inspiring, yet practical. Her resume template and tips were especially helpful and by following the suggestions closely, I was able to make my resume really stand out. Also, I have been using the hero's arc method with all of my essays so far and its been tremendously helpful in making each one a compelling read. Above all, however, Angela has helped me to reframe my approach from "how to get in" to "how to help the adcomm understand who I am." This authenticity approach has made the process more enjoyable. Hopefully the adcomm appreciates it as well when they make their decisions! Thank you Angela!

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reviewer identity verified by school email address
     By ebruenner36 0 0
This review is for: mbaMission * School Packages
Consultant: Lynn Moloney

I was incredibly impressed by MBA Mission as a whole and Lynn Moloney in particular. Look no further for excellent assistance throughout the application and admissions process.

I come from a fairly unconventional background as an MBA candidate. I was a liberal arts major and spent most of my 20\'s working in various capacities in the world of start-ups and small businesses. Lynn was incredibly helpful in helping me orient myself in the selection, application and interview process.

Perhaps most valuably, Lynn helped me to condense my career narrative into a coherent and compelling story that was easy to communicate. I highly recommend Lynn and mbaMISSION!


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reviewer identity verified by school email address
     By chamberPlayer 0 0
This review is for: mbaMission Hourly Services
Consultant: Nisha Trivedi

It is an understatement to say I would not have gotten into business school without the help of Nisha from mbaMission. Throughout our one year working together, Nisha was a guide and thought partner I could count on. Her thoughtful feedback, rapid turnarounds, and ability to leverage other mbaMission resources made a huge difference in my candidacy.

Nisha got to know me pretty well, despite just working on an hourly engagement. Thus, she was able to give me personalized feedback at all levels: from clarifying and tightening essay language to guidance on how I could improve my overall applicant profile. Nisha provided this feedback consistently much faster than the 2-day turnaround requirement. To drive this point home: Nisha returned feedback on an essay to me within 24 hrs while on the flight to her wedding. Nisha also went above and beyond by pulling on other mbaMission resources to help me. For example, Nisha asked her colleagues for feedback on one of my video essays and shared valuable content on what specific schools look for, which was not something you could find anywhere else.

In summary, Nisha was an essential partner on my journey to business school, someone I could rely on to have my back at a moment’s notice. I can’t recommend her or mbaMission highly enough!

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reviewer identity verified by school email address
     By jhow1003 0 0
This review is for: mbaMission Hourly Services
Consultant: Brian Eng

Brian Eng and I worked over the course of roughly 2 months on the application process to get into my desired MBA program. I was working roughly 10-14 hour days at the time in consulting and was very burnt out of having to wake up even earlier than normal or working later in the evening on writing papers. Brian made the process both manageable and as painless as possible. His fluid style and targeted suggestions allowed me to not only create the best possible application that I was capable of, but was also instrumental in having me achieve my target dates at each predetermined interval. On top of making me a better writer and applicant, Brian was personally a delight to work with. Maintaining a positive attitude and adding personal color to conversations helped me keep my sanity on nights where I would be writing well into the morning. Brian is world class at what he does and he is proud of his work, as he should be. I wouldn't be in my first year at Cornell (my top target school) without his dedicated help and guidance.

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2 out of 2 people found the following review helpful
reviewer identity verified by score report
     By eobrien18 0 0
Consultant: Angela Guido

I certainly did. I was not afraid of tests and essays, but I was terrified about talking about myself and my journey. A lot of my fellow MBA applicants fall into this category - we have nebulous, wishy washy thoughts about our strengths and career dreams, and don't know how to crystalize them into a story. Angela completely changed that for me. Unlike other consultants and advice-givers, Angela starts with YOU as the individual, and forces you to reflect very deeply about yourself. For her, the process of career mapping is central to the MBA process, and everything unfolds from there. Career mapping should also be fun - and with her, it is! She brings a positive, humorous approach that is incredibly valuable during this often harrowing process. After working with Angela I not only feel crystal clear about my career goals and story, I also feel great about myself and my decision to pursue an MBA. Instead of dread when someone asks me "why do you want an MBA," I actually get visibly excited to share my story. How great is that? Thank you, Angela!

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Highly Recommended
August 01 | 2017
reviewer identity verified by score report
     By ryanf144 0 0
This review is for: mbaMission * School Packages
Consultant: Jessica Shklar

As non-traditional student with very few personal MBA connections, the application process seemed incredibly daunting. After being recommended Jessica by another non-traditional applicant who received admission at Wharton, I was undoubtedly impressed by what she brought to the application process. Not only was I accepted to the school of my (and my wife's) dreams, Jessica brought a layer to the application process I would have never discovered on my own. The sheer magnitude of self-discovery, through her method of consulting, not only helped me evaluate what I wanted from a school and how to write my applications accordingly, but what I want to accomplish both during and post-MBA. Her insights not only helped me receive admission, but helped me draw a better picture of how I want to market myself in my job hunt. I would strongly recommend Jessica to anyone wanting to apply to a top MBA, especially non-traditional candidates.

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She understands!
July 30 | 2017
reviewer identity verified by score report
     By darbylayne 0 0
Consultant: Angela Guido

During an interview at a well known record label, a hiring manager looked at my resume, then me, and said with exasperation, "I don't understand why you are applying for this job. Your path makes no sense to me." While I had a clear vision for the path I wanted to take, I've struggled to help others understand. Angela is the first consultant who has understood my career path and my future goals within minutes. She saw connections that I see, but which I've struggled to communicate to others. In just the first session alone, Angela provided clear advice with tangible action items that gave me confidence to move forward with the daunting MBA application journey. Her passion for learning and understanding others is infectious in the best way, and she is just as strategic as she is warm and insightful. Would recommend her 10/10.

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Admissions Success!
July 30 | 2017
reviewer identity verified by school email address
     By milapplicant2019 0 0
This review is for: mbaMission Hourly Services
Consultant: Katharine Lewis

I wouldn't have been accepted to business school without Katy's advice and perspective. I only applied to four schools (Stanford, Haas, Ross, and Foster) in the 2nd round. As a military applicant deployed to Korea, Katy always made sure to accommodate me despite the fifteen-hour time difference and my hectic schedule. Katy understood and explained how to polish each piece of my application. Katy's insight into translating military experience into essays and in my resume, were particularly helpful.

Ultimately, I was accepted to my top school. I can honestly say that I do not think I would have been admitted without Katy’s help. I strongly recommend her service, particularly to applicants with non-traditional backgrounds.

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