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December 23 | 2013
6 out of 6 people found the following review helpful
reviewer identity verified by membership
     By Anonymous 35 20
The reviewer was admit to the schools that they applied to:

Yes - got into all

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Bill@StacyBlackman for all his advice and guidance he provided during the application process which was invaluable and instrumental to my Kellogg’s admission.

I intuitively felt the connection right after the free consultation. Bill was in fact the deciding factor for me to go with Stacy Blackman Consulting (SBC). Bill was honest with me. As mentioned by one of the previous applicants I couldn’t agree more -- “Bill was indeed a saint”. Bill not only was calm but also made me feel relaxed especially when I was getting ahead of myself.

Bill's approach towards the application process was methodical, thorough, prudent and he was extremely patient. Bill was very prompt responding to all my emails irrespective of the time, day or the week. Besides being prompt, his responses were very clear. The most important thing for me was he believed in me.Without any doubt Bill is invaluable asset SBC can have.

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Stacy Blackman Review
February 18 | 2014
6 out of 6 people found the following review helpful
reviewer identity verified by membership
     By Anonymous 4 0
The reviewer was admit to the schools that they applied to:

Yes - school of my dreams

I am an international applicant, an older candidate and a re-applicant. Though I had a decent academic profile and GMAT score, I was unable to secure admission in my initial attempts. I was desperate and had decided that this was going to be my last attempt at Full time programs.
I decided to look for a consultant, and decipher what it was I was doing wrong. After contacting a few firms, I liked SB for their prompt and detailed response. I also had a talk with Margaret, who was my primary consultant, and felt happy to work with her. She is encouraging and straight-forward. I also liked the fact that SB and Margaret have been working in this field for a number of years, so there was some history there. I had a clear idea of the schools that I wanted to apply to, in light of my interests and age and we started from there.
I had some basic ideas for the essays which we used, but our discussions really helped emphasize the human side of my stories. We also worked on my resume, and I think we went up to 8 or 9 drafts, before it got b-school ready. All of this was really helpful, because I was able to portray a complete picture of myself.
Working with her also ensured that I was completing everything way before the deadlines. This gave me sufficient time for school research and filling out the actual electronic application, things I had neglected previously. Overall, I was very happy with the quality of my applications, and was also quite prepared for my school visits and interviews.
Of the 4 schools I applied to, I got into 2, including my top choice. I will be joining an M7 program this year, and am very happy with the outcome.
Ultimately, a consultant cannot help you gain experience. You have to do it yourself, and depending upon your candidate profile, be realistic about where you should apply. But if you have done that properly, Margaret and SB can definitely ensure that your candidacy is highlighted in the best possible manner and make sure that all parts of your application package are perfectly developed so that your application is in the best shape it can be. My only regret, I should have worked with them earlier.

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Well worth the investment
January 10 | 2018
reviewer identity verified by score report
     By stoneyai 0 5
Consultant: Caryn

After having been dinged from all the schools I applied to for the class of 2019, I knew that I wanted to use an admissions consultant when reapplying for the class of 2020. After evaluating several options, I decided to go with SBC for a couple reasons: their track record and my initial conversation with Caryn Altman.

Caryn was upfront with me and did not sugarcoat things - when telling her which schools I wanted to apply to, she said that they would be stretch schools for me, but did not discourage me from applying.

Luckily for me, I got a head start working with Caryn, signing up in early 2017. Caryn and I hit the ground running; within weeks, my resume had taken shape and, per her suggestion, I became actively involved with a couple of charitable organizations around my hometown.

Caryn was always lightning quick to respond to my emails - whether they be essay draft reviews or random one-off questions, she was usually able to respond within hours. She really went above and beyond when it came to responsiveness.

Beyond working with Caryn, I benefited from working with SBC's other consultants for the flight test and mock group interview.

Ultimately, working with Caryn was great because I trusted her and benefited from her candidness in reviewing and talking about my essays and overall candidacy. All of the essays, resume, work, etc. was mine, but Caryn gave me the tools and advice needed to properly frame all of it into a successful MBA application!

In the end, I was admitted to two schools and am proud to be able to say that I am going to be at Booth (a school where I was dinged without interview last year) this fall!!

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reviewer identity verified by score report
     By haynesju 0 0
Consultant: Caryn

I worked with Caryn to apply R1 in 2017 after having unsuccessfully applied to five schools in the first round of the previous year. Caryn was on top of every detail and made sure that we stuck to our deadlines, which was critical applying to five programs no matter how far in advance we started our planning. She absolutely has a mind for this work and was able to position my experience to fit with each individual school. Most importantly though, she helped me think through where I had been and where I really wanted to go and that made my application all the more authentic and genuine. In the end, I got acceptances from Columbia, Booth, and an interview invite from Haas that I did not move forward with due to extenuating circumstances. Thanks Caryn!

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reviewer identity verified by school email address
     By Flan1177 0 0
Consultant: Caryn

I am very happy with my decision to work with Caryn and SBC on my (successful!) application to an M7 program. Caryn's experience in admissions was apparent from the first time we spoke. She was interested in getting to know my story and helped me craft a narrative to consistently communicate this via my application. The detailed timeline Caryn provided helped me stay on schedule while managing work and other priorities. With that said, Caryn expected my full engagement as we worked through numerous drafts of the application. She was very good at providing timely feedback, which again helped me better manage my time. One very helpful part of the process was the mock interview. Practicing in front of a mirror, or with friends/family will obviously help, but you will not get the same detailed feedback that someone like Caryn can provide. I felt very prepared going into my interview and left feeling even more confident.

Overall I am very satisfied with the services provided by Caryn and SBC. I realize, however, that this does come at a cost, and that people are in different financial positions. My view is that if you are committed to pursuing an MBA at an elite program you are resigning yourself to some level of financial burden (if only in the short term) with the expectation of future benefits. With that in mind I think this service is well worth it.

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reviewer identity verified by school email address
     By niyantha 0 0
Consultant: Caryn

One of the best decisions I made throughout the MBA application process was the decision to work with Caryn of Stacy Blackman Consulting.

Caryn, a former Kellogg Admissions officer, was an invaluable resource to me throughout the application process. She was vital in formulating my strategy that I presented to all schools regarding my future career aspirations. Additionally, she helped me revamp both my resume and my interview responses to specifically fit the business school process.

One of her great qualities as an admissions consultant is her ability to communicate. I never had any worries about not hearing her answers to my questions or seeing her edits to my essays in a timely fashion. Her email responses were thorough, and her edits always went above and beyond. Additionally, at any critical juncture (or whenever I felt I needed guidance), she was willing to jump on a phone call. She maintained this same diligence throughout the waitlist process. When working with Caryn, it is important to reciprocate her communication style and be organized / diligent.

I believe that I maximized my potential to get into a top MBA program by working with Caryn!

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reviewer identity verified by score report
     By xiaoniuzheng 0 0

I am an international applicant with a non-traditional background. I applied to several programs last year, but failed to get admittance. Before approaching SBC, I did not have a good understanding of my strengths or feasible career goal. My journey started with a 30-min phone call with Esther for an initial evaluation. Esther has the talent and acumen to quickly summarize the main issues in my previous applications and point out the key theme to draft my story and career goal. Her suggestions became the foundation of my application strategy. She is the reason why I chose SBC instead of other prestigious MBA consulting firms.
I was then assigned to Maria as my primary consultant and opted for the comprehensive 3-school package. SBC truly cares about matching you with the right consultant as Maria is a former Adcom in one of my target schools. She was instrumental in guiding me to refine my career goals and craft my story from an Adcom’s perspective. She persuaded me to visit the schools and talk to current students, which I found to be very critical in writing a genuine essay that stands out.
SBC’s Flight Tester was a game changer for me. They bring in a 2nd consultant to review the entire application package for my first school. In my case, Caryn, a former Adcom for that specific school reviewed my application. She responded quickly and gave vital advice on my essays. I honed in on her message and made critical changes to my essay based on her feedback, which I think secured my admission for that school.
As a non-traditional applicant with a very niche major and in one of the most competitive international application pools, my problem has always been getting over that initial bump of acquiring an interview invite. I am glad to say that Maria and the team were able to get me interview invitations from all three schools. I was admitted to two schools with a large amount of scholarship to cover 50-80% of the tuition (a great return on my SBC investment)! This would not have been possible without my team of super consultants: Esther, Caryn, and Maria. I highly recommend SBC for applicants like me who have great potential, but do not know how to package themselves well and stand out in the application pool.

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SBC & Shaifali
January 05 | 2018
reviewer identity verified by school email address
     By WPG76 0 5

I had a great experience working with Shaifali and the rest of the team at SBC.

1) As an applicant coming from a traditional finance background, I had concerns about my competitiveness in the application process. Through discussions with Shaifali, I was able to think of the best way to convey my unique story. She was there to provide advice when I needed it but also to let me work on my on pace.

2) In addition to Shaifali's help, I also benefited from the help of Esther (initial contact), Caryn (flight test reviewer), and others.

3) After speaking with several other firms, I decided on working with SBC due to its strong history of success and positive experience I had in my initial conversations with the firm.

Ultimately, I was admitted into HBS, Wharton, and Haas.

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reviewer identity verified by school email address
     By AP777 0 0

I am from Latin America, I had a story a little different from traditional applicants (I know everyone thinks they have, but I really did). My stats weren’t that great and I only applied to CBS since I was already living in NYC and it was the school I had always dreamed to go. From the first call we had, Christine perfectly understood my story, my experience, my strengths and weaknesses and what was the exact angle we could exploit so I could become an attractive candidate for CBS. Very quickly she generated various ideas and proposals which were tailored made to my profile, experience, and goals, giving me a clear direction to follow and the confidence that all the effort was going to be worth it. Her ability to help you during essays drafting was AMAZING, she really helps you get inspired and bring to words the best of your thoughts.

At one point during the preparation of the application, I was very busy because of work and on top of that, I was also studying to take again the GMAT and thank god that Christine was there for me, supporting me with the preparation, accommodating to my busy schedule and delivering an EXCELLENT service. If she had not been there, there was NO WAY I could have made it successfully through the application process. For the interview, her preparation was exactly what I needed and from the moment I applied in about a month CBS had already accepted me.

Christine perfectly knows the culture of CBS, what the AdCom thinks and what is exactly what they are looking for in applicants. I really can’t imagine a better advisor than Christine. It was a pleasure working with her and I STRONGLY recommend anyone to work with her!

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reviewer identity verified by score report
     By SGTD20 0 0

Choosing to sign up with SBC to assist in my B-school applications was definitely the right decision! The perspective & guidance that my SBC consultant was able to offer through the application process was invaluable. While I saw myself as an acceptable MBA candidate before hiring SBC, my applications and essays would have not been anywhere close to the final product that my consultant worked with me to produce.

My consultant was Jessica and she was a great individual to work with during this time. Jessica put in considerable time to understand who I was / where I came from / where I wanted to go, which then helped us to develop my complete profile and highlight my candidacy in the best possible way. We went through multiple rounds for each essay and my resume, getting a ton of feedback from Jessica that helped me to dig deeper within each draft. This led to the final drafts being a collection of refined ideas and themes that had been developed through hours of work between us. After we were through with this part of preparation, we were then able to submit my total profile to their “Flight-test”, where a former MBA admissions officer is able to review your profile and provide any feedback. Getting this final sign-off & feedback from a former admissions officer was a huge win and helps to give a high level of confidence when submitting applications.

Overall, my experience with SBC wasn’t about filling out applications, writing essays, or resume edits…. Instead it was about how Jessica was able to work with me to make me a complete candidate that was able to holistically demonstrate who I am through each & every step of the way. All of this culminated with me being admitted to my dream/target school (top-15 B School) along with a notable scholarship.

If you are like me and want nothing less than your best application possible (no regrets, no what if’s), I highly recommend hiring SBC.

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