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Sia Admissions provides one-on-one MBA admissions consulting, where each client receives unparalleled service and works directly with the founder (for more information on our founder, click here). With that in mind, we take on a limited number of clients each round.
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     By Tetx 6 6
This review is for: Sia Admissions Partner Package
Consultant: Susan (Sia)

I highly recommend Sia Admissions and Susan. It was a great experience from the very start to finish. After working with Susan, I was admitted to one of my target schools with a large scholarship.

To start off, let me explain that this was my second year of applications. In my first year, I applied to eight schools and received zero interviews. With my non-standard background and weak undergrad GPA, I was left questioning if an MBA was feasible for me. During conversations with other admissions consulting companies, I was either told to apply for lower-ranked schools or had a generally negative review of my previous application materials. Susan was different. She was immediately talking about ways I could improve my essays and displayed personal interest in helping me succeed in this application cycle.

She helped me articulate my values and strengths early in the process and, perhaps most importantly for me, she helped identify key stories that demonstrated these values. These were pulled from experiences that I had not included in my previous applications and provided excellent insight into who I am. When I struggled with certain prompts, she went above and beyond. This included reaching out to learn about me from my spouse to find stories that I would not have identified myself. I really cannot emphasize enough how much Susan takes a personal interest in your success.

I was never uncomfortable during the process and truly felt that Susan helped me put my best foot forward while making certain it was my voice and words in the essays. If you are hoping for an incredibly responsive, personalized, and insightful admissions consultant, I highly recommend Sia Admissions and Susan. This was a great experience with great results!

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reviewer identity verified by post count
     By jackjones 62 11
This review is for: Sia Admissions Partner Package
Consultant: Susan (Sia)

The service that SIA has provided to me was simply top notch. From the first moment I got in touch to the final submission of my application I received amazing support coupled with personal touch.

Susan was always there for me when I had queries regarding my application. She always responded within a day with very detailed feedback. When I was working on my essays and application Susan asked the right questions that made me reflect on my past experiences and get the best stories for my essays.

I also received unlimited support from Susan and Sia. Not matter how small the query was, Susan was always willing to help and guide me through the process.

I cannot recommend Susan and Sia high enough. I don't regret purchasing this product from Sia. On the contrary, I can't believe anyone else would have provided me with better support. Sia has exceeded all my expectations.

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Amazing experience
November 29 | 2018
reviewer identity verified by school email address
     By user12u24148 0 0
This review is for: Sia Admissions Associate Package
Consultant: Susan (Sia)

My experience working with Susan was simply amazing. Susan is kind and an expert in her field. I would totally recommend her services to anyone that wants help with writing a concise and impactful essay.

From the start, I liked Susan's approach. We met in person and discussed at length my ambitions and goals. I never considered using a consultant before meeting Susan (honestly I had never heard of the service) but once we had this conversation I was convinced it was the right decision. I felt like she was genuinely passionate about helping people getting into their dream school.

Her approach is humane and extremely personalized, which is what I liked the most. Susan is dedicated and patient and she really takes the time to get to know you before advising you on your application. I was worried to end up with an essay that looked like everybody else's, Susan understood that from the beginning and kept that in mind all the way until the end. She gave advices but never imposed her vision on me, which I greatly appreciated.

I can say with confidence that Susan is generous of her time and her knowledge. She always made herself available. I honestly have nothing negative to say about Susan and her services.

This might sound cheesy, but Susan helped me with much more than my application essay. She gave me sound advices on my career, my aspirations and the strategies to get there. We had really inspiring conversations on a variety of subjects. I strongly believe working with Susan was the best decision I made for my early career development

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Amazing experience !
May 10 | 2018
reviewer identity verified by gmat club tests
     By thegame12 28 3
This review is for: Sia Admissions Partner Package
Consultant: Susan (Sia)

Working with Susan was the best choice I made for my Master in Computer of Science application. I had a very specific background and I interviewed almost 10 consultants before to chose Susan. I decided to work with Susan because she is really smart.

First of all, she spent time to understand who I am and what I was really looking for. She went far beyond what I was looking for right from the start. Susan developed a very helpful strategic plan for my candidacy.

What felt most important and challenging to me in our partnership and something that I will always be thankful for is that Susan gave me the confidence I needed to overcome my undergrad major. I was able to get into a tier-one master in CS after majoring in a non-STEM field with a mediocre GPA!

She was here at every steeps of my application and was really proactive. She is really responsive and every time I needed her help, she was here.

Overall, Susan has shown consistently high investment and engagement throughout the whole process of my application. To be honest, I think Susan is the best choice for international applicants!

You can contact me in private message if you any questions.

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