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Sia Admissions Partner package offers an intensive, full-service program that incorporates all aspects of the MBA application. A partner package covers all development aspects of the essay, resume, letters of recommendation, short answers, interview prep, waitlist (if needed), including brainstorming, review, and editing. Learn more.
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March 26, 2019

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Why you should go with Susan & SIA Admissions


I have tried to make this review informative, clear and most of all authentic because no one has time to read BS. Please PM me if I can be of any help. I recommend Susan and SIA because:

1. Susan went above and beyond to help me. She accommodated me in ways no other consultant will. She understood my life circumstances at the time and was lenient with her service fee and terms.

2. Susan helped me with the entire applications. Such as essay, post-MBA goals, resume, short answer questions, data questions, optional essay, extracurricular activities, awards, relevant coursework, etc. The edits and iterations will go on until each of the application components meet Susan's standard, and her standards are high. After all sections of the application are complete; she will review the whole application and make corrections. Trust me. It takes a lot of iterations, emails, and phone calls before the application is finally complete. Tip: Make sure to either ask a family member or hire a proofreader to double check spellings, grammar, and meaning because sometimes with so much back and forth things can get overlooked.

3. Susan also helped me in my communication such as emails, phone calls and in-person interactions with my target school’s admissions team, professors, and current students as well as alums. She also helped me navigate my way through attending events at my target school.

4. Susan will not write for you, but she will unfold your deepest layers to dig out what matters to you and why are you writing what you are writing. She will force you to add depth in anything you write. Yes at times it will be annoying, but when it's all said and done. You will be thankful and happy that glad Susan asked those questions. Tip: Tell her your complete story as is. All in one go with no fabrication. She will help you project your story in a way that’s beneficial to you.

5. Look there is a sea of consultants out there, and some of them have hundreds of reviews on GMAT club, have glamorous websites of their own, and have ex-admissions officers working for them. If that’s what you are looking for, then SIA is not for you. You might have heard this quote “ Never make someone a priority when all you are to them is an option.” Susan will not treat you like just another number in her client list; you will be a priority. At least that’s what I felt.

6. Frankly, when you call one of these big companies, none of these companies will let you speak to the person who you will actually be working with. Additionally, Some of these well-known consultants won't even work with you if you have low Gmat score, have not worked for a well-known firm and have below average GPA and then they tute about their high admission success rate. I mean, to begin with, they buy gold, and then say that anything we touch turns into gold. I am not trying to undermine the credibility of well-known consultants or companies. They must have their systems and criteria, and for some of the MBA applicants, it might be a better choice to work with a famous admission consultant. Anyways, In the case of SIA Admissions, I directly spoke with Susan, and she is a listener. Look, At the end of the day, it's your application, and you will have the final say. I can tell you all the great things about Susan, but it's you who has to see if Susan can help you prepare an incredible application, prepare you for an interview and give you the time and attention that you need. She did it for me so I think she would do it for you as well. My advice: Give Susan a call. At most, it will be 15mins of your life, and in this long journey of GMAT, Application prep and an MBA degree we can spare 15mins. Just don’t go by reviews and other flashy things these admission consultants show you. See how you feel once you communicate with them.

7. This MBA journey for some of us could be long, tedious and demanding. So try to find someone who can listen to you, pick you up when you are down and guide you on what to write when you are clueless. Keep your head up because one fine day when this GMAT, MBA applications and interviews are over you will step into the doors of your dream school as an MBA Candidate!! Yeah!! Do I see a hopeful smile on your face? Now, stop dreaming and get on with your search and let's get to work!

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February 17, 2019

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Excellent experience and very personalized. Highly recommend!


I highly recommend Sia Admissions and Susan. It was a great experience from the very start to finish. After working with Susan, I was admitted to one of my target schools with a large scholarship.

To start off, let me explain that this was my second year of applications. In my first year, I applied to eight schools and received zero interviews. With my non-standard background and weak undergrad GPA, I was left questioning if an MBA was feasible for me. During conversations with other admissions consulting companies, I was either told to apply for lower-ranked schools or had a generally negative review of my previous application materials. Susan was different. She was immediately talking about ways I could improve my essays and displayed personal interest in helping me succeed in this application cycle.

She helped me articulate my values and strengths early in the process and, perhaps most importantly for me, she helped identify key stories that demonstrated these values. These were pulled from experiences that I had not included in my previous applications and provided excellent insight into who I am. When I struggled with certain prompts, she went above and beyond. This included reaching out to learn about me from my spouse to find stories that I would not have identified myself. I really cannot emphasize enough how much Susan takes a personal interest in your success.

I was never uncomfortable during the process and truly felt that Susan helped me put my best foot forward while making certain it was my voice and words in the essays. If you are hoping for an incredibly responsive, personalized, and insightful admissions consultant, I highly recommend Sia Admissions and Susan. This was a great experience with great results!

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December 24, 2018

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Amazing service and personal touch


The service that SIA has provided to me was simply top notch. From the first moment I got in touch to the final submission of my application I received amazing support coupled with personal touch.

Susan was always there for me when I had queries regarding my application. She always responded within a day with very detailed feedback. When I was working on my essays and application Susan asked the right questions that made me reflect on my past experiences and get the best stories for my essays.

I also received unlimited support from Susan and Sia. Not matter how small the query was, Susan was always willing to help and guide me through the process.

I cannot recommend Susan and Sia high enough. I don't regret purchasing this product from Sia. On the contrary, I can't believe anyone else would have provided me with better support. Sia has exceeded all my expectations.

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May 10, 2018

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Amazing experience !

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Working with Susan was the best choice I made for my Master in Computer of Science application. I had a very specific background and I interviewed almost 10 consultants before to chose Susan. I decided to work with Susan because she is really smart.

First of all, she spent time to understand who I am and what I was really looking for. She went far beyond what I was looking for right from the start. Susan developed a very helpful strategic plan for my candidacy.

What felt most important and challenging to me in our partnership and something that I will always be thankful for is that Susan gave me the confidence I needed to overcome my undergrad major. I was able to get into a tier-one master in CS after majoring in a non-STEM field with a mediocre GPA!

She was here at every steeps of my application and was really proactive. She is really responsive and every time I needed her help, she was here.

Overall, Susan has shown consistently high investment and engagement throughout the whole process of my application. To be honest, I think Susan is the best choice for international applicants!

You can contact me in private message if you any questions.

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